Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So I called Japan...

I have accused Japan of pedophilia many, many, many times. And whilst the numerous loli and shota titles that come out of Japan every year seem like irrefutable proof for my accusations, I figured it was only fair that Japan be given a chance to defend itself. And so I decided to give Japan a call...


  1. Which one of Japan's little sisters is that? She kind of looks like the Senkaku Islands. It is indeed a controversial relationship.

  2. LOL. It's Takeshima if you ask me, or Tok-do as Korea calls it.

  3. I thought it was Sumisujima or Torishima, Sumisujima's twin sister.

    Japan should be on the Megan's Law Registry.

  4. Oh Japan...maybe someday you'll learn that it's no fun unless she actually knows what she's doing.

  5. Lol. Stickman/women's never looked so hot. -.-"

  6. unsurprisingly, this happens ALL THE TIME whenever you watch any erotic or non-erotic anime. LOL

  7. Your comic arouses me.

  8. Oh no!!! In the bed!

  9. I am amazed that you have no defining characteristics snarky-kun and are replaceable by all those other stick dudes.
    If your are such a plain character atleast wear a funky hat!

    So Japan prefers the Missionary?

  10. Dammit, my message from before didn't get posted, it seems:

    "LOL!" it was.

    zh3us, it should've been on the desk, honestly. Maybe it is.

  11. I think I actually caught onto something this time brother snark. Just why has Japan gone the way of pedophilia, I might just have a better answer this time around. Seriously, I believe it has to do with the following factors:
    1. Japanese women in general rise to power, become more independent, become working class, capable of making a living on their own, less reliant on getting marry, becoming housewives.
    2. Japanese men in general still want to "think" they are living in the male dominant society, or like to believe, or both.
    3. Moe/Pedophilia gives Japanese men a sense in superiority over their counterpart. I explained why Moe is a trap before.

    In conslusion, the only way to save Japan is to make them watch more Queen's Blade, more GAR shows and more Giant Robot shows, shows such as Shin Mazinger Z. Moe stuff will only sink Japan even more than what it is now.

  12. I'm likin' them hand drawn strips for more reasons than one.

    Yeah, Snarky-kun is way too plain, I suggest a white suit and fedora.
    Interesting how Japan's secretary has a default western secretary name.

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  14. Guy - I thought the crime scene was on a desk/table too =S

  15. To be fair though, when I studied abroad in Japan in high school, it seemed that the average person there (i.e. non-otaku) was pretty off-put by the anime fan culture precisely because of the...creepier corners of the fandom. (Otaku seem to be commonly viewed in Japan as socially maladroit at best, and really freaking creepy/potentially criminal at worst. -_-; Which is sadly understandable.)

  16. Just have to come back and add a tad bits into this. Just why hasn't any feminist group taken up the great evil of Moe? Because it's obviously discriminating/belittling/stereotyping women in measurable ways. Just where are the feminist group when you need them?

  17. There "might" be a bit of irony in your understanding of jap, true moe and some other lacky Shit has cause may problems to them, particularly the decline of population, and you know what there planning, there replacing the lost percentage with robots...

    The irony is, you still dont get your super robot

  18. Haha, that 12 year old imouto scene is just too funny. Oh Japan, I love your incest and your pedophilia. I just can't get enough!

  19. @ Baka-Raptor, Animekritik & Glo
    ...why do I have an uneasy feeling that you guys have birthed a terrifying new sub-genre of moe anthropomorphism?

    @ Kluxorious
    And I bet you he'll find a way to stick guro in there as well.

    @ Sniffits
    Ah, but if she knew what she wasn't doing, Japan won't be getting any. Also, Japan would likely be in prison.

    @ Blur & bokunobibletoads
    Of course. Did you not know that my stick drawings are one of the main features of the premium stick figure porn site, hotsticks.com?

    @ Anna
    There are reasons why I'm so disillusioned about anime. This is one of them =P

    @ zh3us
    Better then in the office.

    @ Blowfish & Ningyo
    Stick-Snark is actually wearing a white pimp suit. The suit is simply made of stick. Black stick.

    @ Anon_Object
    Very disturbing.

    @ Wolfheinrich
    I support any venture that entails Queen's Blade and Shin Mazinger Z.

    And the feminist groups are busy fighting the portrayal and trivialization of rape in eroge. Which to be fair, I see as more discriminatory and insulting then moe.

    @ Katherine
    That is true. And having known a few Japanese friends for many years, I can vouch that they are not pedophiles. They might be horrible people in other ways, but child fucking is not one of them. Still, this post wouldn't be as fun without a bit of hyperbole ;)

    @ Gunstray
    Bah! I have faith that somewhere in Japan, some mad scientist is insane enough to build a robot that can shoot fire from it's breasts!

    @ Yi
    Well...I think I've had enough. The last time I browsed through a Japanese hentai comic store, I was nearly driven insane by the sheer volume of loli and guro shit there was >_<

  20. seriously, you should publish a manga book about loli culture, or create a totally opposite loli manga where anime theory get a big slap.

    I love your stick man art lol

  21. At least you got an answer, Lol. Its worst when you get the answer machine: dial 1 for your inquiry, and so on..

  22. "kluxorious said...
    pedo AND incest... *facepalm*"

    Hmm... Pencest?

  23. DUDE, THIS SHIT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like omfg, crazy funny. I guess the Japanese gotta hookitup too right? lol, just playing. Anyways, nice fucking post.

  24. I told my co-worker that I wanted to visit Japan someday and he lowered his voice and informed me that "Japan is full of perverts". I told him I was more aware then he probably realized about how perverted Japan can be (*points to comic)*. But I feel like they're just as perverted as every other country, they're just more open about it.

  25. I agree with lovelyduckie there, there's plenty of perverts in every country but some people just don't hide it at all. over here there's plenty of cases of pedo/kidnap/rapes/etc but the country as a whole condemns it more. I mean, we got a tv show where underage girls hunt down pedos and get them arrested on camera..