Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Super Robots are superior to Moe

So I was browsing through the anime bloggosphere when I came across Colony Drop's article on moe. It was a pretty interesting read, but what really caught my attention was the resulting flame war in the comments section.

One thing I noted, was this seeming argument between fans of Manly anime and fans of pedophilic anime, with both accusing the other of shitty tastes for a variety of reasons.

I would like to say that the arguments of both sides are superfluous.

This is not to say that I side with neither one of them; Manly anime is infinitely superior to moe.

However, all the reasons given by it's supporters are ill conceived. The reason why Manly anime is better then moe is so simple, it can be articulated with but a few pictures to illustrate two hypothetical scenarios. So here are the two scenarios, one involving a fan of Manly anime, and one involving a pedophile.

Manly Anime:

Moe Anime:

Anyway, apologies for yet another filler post, I've been having exams for the past two weeks, and literally a day after my last exam, I got hit by a bout of the flu, so as you'd imagine, I'm pretty tired (and still sick). Expect regular posts to return soon, I've got reviews of the Big O and the Girl who leapt through Time coming up, amongst other things.


  1. Haha. Although I'm on the moe side, I found the comic strip really funny, especially the girl, and somewhat true.
    Anyway, I hope you feel better and I hope you did well.

  2. Lol.
    What Yi said.. x2
    Get well soon and hope you get good results.

    That being said, I just finish the first episode of Mazinger. Was actually coming in here to post about it when I noticed this new post.

    Most Overwhelming first episode ever! Lol!

  3. Moe does have its uses. I liked the way the characters of Higurashi started out moe and then killed each other.

  4. each to his own but you were spot on there. Thankfully I am not living in a country where I can be sent to jail for just having tons of moe and giant-robot-piercing-the-sky-with-it's-drill pictures on my disks

  5. Cutting corners eh?
    When you are recycling an image as part of a new one I would recommend to use the same brush strength ^^

    Good Luck with the exams!
    If you fail miserably theres still the option to become an artist

  6. I like some moe shows better than some "manly" shows and vice versa. But as whole, I like the slice-of-life genre, which a lot of moe shows fall under. But again, it all comes down to personal taste.

    Cute comic strip, by the way. Hope you feel better.

  7. Robots = My drill will pierce the heavens
    Moe = My ________ will pierce the/your ________

  8. Oh noes! Get well soon!

    OMG THAT COMIC IS SO TRUE! I totally fall under the manly category. XDDDDDDDDDDD I sing all their songs and love how much it makes me forever young - though some of my friends go "noooo don't sing it, I find it childish" hahahaha.

    And I'm still not exposed to moe's media...yet and don't intend to.

  9. HAHHAHAAH Pictorals = Awesome Awesomness

    The Girl Who Leapt for Time is my favorite anime movie ever. It even surpased Akira, which I thought would never happen, seeing as it's the only anime film that I watched like....12 times.

    I'll probably say the same thing when you make a post about it.

  10. This reads like one of them Fanta commercials, a commercial where the dubbing is intentionally bad and overdone.

    BTW, manly anime doesn't make girls wet, and slash is not manly. It's chicks with dicks.

  11. wewt! welcome to the end of the world a.k.a twitter! haha

  12. well...damn... i fail. haha i posted that^^^ in the wrong post. haha ya i agree with ya tho. while i do like some moe stuff, overall i'll take badassery over it all! a.k.a Fist of the North Star!! awww yeeaahh. haha

  13. @Anna Sagara

    Ehh..You do know that you basically said that Mecha Animes make you wet? XD

  14. mmm, I will be looking forwards to the toki wo kakeru shoujo post. That was a brilliantass movie.

    Get well soon. I've been flu'd like twice since coming here over the course of three months, so I still vividly remember the suckage. Take a break, have a good one.
    We can't have our manly anti-moe crusader down for the count now can we?

  15. Yeah bro, I was wondering what you were upto these days! Yeah, I'll have to check out the comments section of that post, but I think moe is great, but manly anime will always reign supreme. At the end of the day, the best anime, is the anime full of action, and "manly, action-y, stuff." Moe is great too, like Azumanga Daioh, or that kind of thing, but I don't think I'd be able to watch it everyday, though I think I can more than other guys.

  16. LMAO - the ending of the Moe strip was so dead on. With some of the laws going into effect, watching K-On! may lead to a jail term now a days. MECHA RULZ!

  17. Of course we're just waiting for the next big thing... Giant Super Moebot Shows! Giant robots that look like high school girls who starts up a band. One of them has only just joined the band, but they need to urgently combine to fight the evil Emperor of Evil and his Evil Empire of... EVIL! It'll result in a spectacular musical battle that'll make the whole world cream!! And can't forget about the Rokketo Kasutanetto!

  18. I hate exams so much. Ganbatte sir.

  19. Kenshiro +Giant robot+Rider Black kick= Super,Manly,Awesomeness

  20. I too have been wondering what you have been up to, get well soon!

    For the past few days I have been watching a series call White Album... why do I watch something like that you said? I mean I actually hate the show a lot, the main protagonist, Touya, rated as the worst ever male lead before Makoto of School Days. But the show does have it's saving grace, it's all because of Ogata Rina, one of the most awesome character I have come across in recent memory. She is beautiful, intelligent, talented and have more balls than all the men combined in the show! I have a feeling you might like to see a buckle in the moe trend and see a character as awesome as Ogata Rina.

    Note: The rest of the show really sucked, do be careful if you choose to watch it.

  21. Looking forward to the new reviews! (Although I like K-ON! and Ristorante Paradiso...) I thought The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was excellent, but I haven't seen The Big O.

    And I hope you feel better soon! From an optimistic pov, at least your exams are finished and you didn't get sick before or during them.

  22. Looking forward to Girl who Leapt review... haven't seen it yet myself >.>
    I'll add that to my holidays To Do list.

    Hope you feel better ^^ drink lots of fluids! Watch lots of anime xD
    and good luck with exams~

  23. I like moe as a troll technique (like how baka raptor mention higurashi) and as a usage for characters it applies to (generally just cute ones) but so many shows take it over the top and consider it sexy. As a female, I guess I can get away with thinking 12 year old girls (that act like girls and aren't annoying, mind you) are cute, but GOD DAMN it Japan doesn't freaking over do it with moe, these days.

    I'd take a manly show over a moe show, just because I hate being bored. I watched one episode of K-On! and thought I was going to die. I'd rather be tortured than sit through the whole series, god damn...

    Also, Big O was awesome. have resurrected them.

  24. Rest well ya.

    I'll make more moeru (burning) mecha post to assist your manly anime > Pedo anime theory :D

    Btw, I watched Big O but I couldn't get what is the ending all about xD Maybe I should rewatch it

  25. This means I should focus in mechas and robots instead moe girls?? Lol.


    This is just great!

  27. oh lol... died laughing ORZ

    and hey... how have u been up to XD

  28. Wow, I didn't expect to find someone that has such extreme tastes, like me!

    I have zero tolerance for moe, and I fucking adore shin mazinger but that's cuz I'm also a big nagai and ishikawa fan. Imagawa rocks as well.

  29. Well, hope you get over the flu soon. Though the comics are funny and I agree that moe is overdone and all that, I don't agree with the outlook on everyone that likes moe being childfuckers, my son likes moe because he's 5 years old and surely he's not one. I know I sure as hell don't fuck little kids or have sexual attraction to them regardless of being a moe watcher, but I know well why moe lovers would have such a horrible reputation. I do plan on writing a post on my views regarding the moe/childfucker issue one of these days. In the meantime I need some suggestions for big robot anime that I could watch with my son.

  30. I have major exams coming up soon too...sigh. WEll anyway I prefer fists and swords to giant robots in most situations.

  31. I think a good balance of both do me well XD

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  33. Hmm... Seeing how you are having a great time elsewhere. I thought I'd try to start something here to spam your mailbox while you are at it.

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    Don't mean to sound lame and all, but maybe the three word game? Lol.

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  35. Lol. I'm gonna accept that. Not because I can, but because no one seems to be here... :p

    Snark went to final anime stop and found some...

  36. Lol. I got bored of the 3 word game.

    In case you didn't know, I just called you a pedo. So are you gonna come out of hiding and retaliate or what? Lol...

  37. D00D I had plans to Wake(nuke) your blogs and Im dropping it off

  38. "Come back you pussy"

    I will when I feel like it.

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