Friday, December 26, 2008


So I've been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the holidays, and managed to go to a anime convention called Comic Fiesta which was held on the 20th and 21st.

Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera on both days, and will thus have to deprive you of the plethora of masturbation inducing photos I surely would have taken.

Instead, let me present you with pictures of the cool shit I bought.

In terms of figures, these two now adorn my room;

L Nendoroid. I'm not a fan of Deathnote, but that nendoroid L was too fucking awesome to not buy.

Yuki Nagato (wizard ver.) Figma. That guiter sold it, seriously.

I also managed to snag a couple of posters. Haven't hung them anywhere yet, but I will...eventually.

Ryu and Sakura poster to the left, and an awesome guitar swinging FLCL poster to the right.

Being a bit of a bookworm (of the sexy variety), I did not pass up on the oppertunity to get a few more bookmarks. Sadly, I may have gone slightly overboard.

These poor orphaned bookmarks need a new book to call home. Can you help them?

This Fuuka Yamagishi bookmark is the only one in use at the moment. And for those interested, that book she's in is fairly typical of the shit I read.


  1. Nice loot, and I think I've read a couple of Andrew Sullivan's books, though it's been a while. I'd gladly give your bookmarks a new home, especially the Rin one, though I love TTGL as well. Are the other things just big bookmarks or postcards? I have a bad habit of going places and leaving the camera behind too, or not having extra batteries on hand.

  2. Next time please try to take your camera with you! ^_^

    I just added to my blogroll!!

  3. Well, in case u have spare bookmarks lying around, they can be used as posters. ^^
    Just another way to put them into use.

  4. @ Persocom

    Actually, the bigger ones are postcards, but I was too lazy to have a separate photo for them =P

    @ Phossil

    And I reciprocate by adding you to my blogroll!

    @ Optic

    Heheh, think I'll be able to find use for all of them; got a lot of books to get through >_>

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  6. So you finally got sucked into the non-mecha figure world huh? Haha! Anyways that sounded like a fun trip! Hope you had fun .. and yeah that Nendoroid L is too awesome.

  7. @ Acesan

    Agh! Though I may have relented slightly, I shall never bow fully towards human figurines! MECHA FOREVER!!!!

  8. Sorry but...Your figures are bootleg.Escapially L.L isn't supposed to get those yellow-ish shadows on its hair and Yuki's paint job is too messy.Also both of them have dust in their paintings.