Friday, January 30, 2009

Japan Rundown #1

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.

Anyways, the photos from Japan still aren't ready yet. Long story short, I forgot to bring my camera but had asked my friends who went with me to send me their photos. As they are lazy bastards, they have yet to send the photos to me yet.

So for the meantime, I figured I'd show you all some of the awesome shit I bought.

Yuki Nagato Nendoroid

L, angry at Yuki for her blatant chair theft.

I fucking love my Yuki nendoroid. She's been pretty much impossible to find anywhere online, so I was really happy to get her. Anyways, she's now sitting in my room, still on L's chair, not giving a shit.

Fort Bragg Busou Shinki

Fort Bragg searching for her sister, Guantanamo.

In an attempt to humanise my figure collection, I'vee been getting a couple of Busou Shinki figures. I just had to get Fort Bragg cause of her name. Also because she's essentially carrying a fucking tank as a backpack.

Hayate Yagami Figma

Hayate, preparing for her dual against Moses.

I must admit that whilst I haven't seen the Nanaho series, Hayate's design was so ace that I had to get her. Also, I bought her the first day she was released in Akiba, so booyah all you preordering bitches.

Mini Katana

I also got this cool katana thing. Not much to say about it though except for the fact it's cool. Also, the blades made of metal, which is pretty awesome.

Other Stuff

I've also got two more Busou Shinkies; Arnval (left) and Harmony Grace (right), and some cool pvc figure (middle) that was going for 50% off! I haven't opened them yet though, so no cool pictures for now.

And finally...


My drill has never felt harder, longer or more heaven piercing then when I wore this shirt.

Never in the history of mankind has there been a shirt as mind bangingly awesome as this one. Admit it, you want to sex me now don't you?

So yeah, that's all the anime related shit I bought. Pretty awesome huh? Oh, and here's a few pics I took of my Yuki figma. I didn't buy her in Japan, but I liked the shots and decided to share anyway. Aren't I nice?

Yuki Nagato. The only Haruhi character I do not want to bludgeon to death with a rusty spatula.


  1. nice loot indeed, I'd like to get a Shinki some day. That Gurren Lagann shirt is awesome! I feel inferior not owning a shirt as awesome as that. XD I like the way L is looking at Yuki for stealing the chair too.

  2. Welcome back, and man love the photos, like the L angry at Yuki one heheh

    Man, that shirt is also AWESOME .. the little slogan is the best motivational line ever.

    Can't wait to see pics, it'll be my goal someday to visit Japan also, but I don't really wanna go till I can speak passable Japanese heheh

  3. This was such a funny loot post. "booyah" I only hear that on "Deal or No Deal" but yeah, it's kool. ^^

    Love the shirt. Ur a big hit for the ladies now. xD

  4. Sweeeet. Oh and no, I rather molest your shirt not you WAKAKAKAKA XDDDD better yet I'LL GAWD DAMN STEAL IT!!! jk

    awesome collections :)

    I can't wait for my time! XD

  5. Welcome back from your trip~, I missed a whole bunch of posts since my net was so slow >.<

    Love the chair swap, L looks a bit peeved, hehehe~

    I'd have been so annoyed if I forgot my camera >o<;; Will be looking the photos once your friends get around to sending you a copy :3

  6. Yuki Nendo looks exactly like the figma version!!

    Cool stuff you got in your trip!!

  7. @ Persocom-san
    I think you'll like them shinkies; they're a bit more expansive then figmas, but they come with a crapload of stuff! Though the bodies aren't on the same level of quality as figmas, they're still great toys overall.

    And yes. You should feel inferior for not owning this sexy shirt ;)

    @ Acesan
    Heh, it's a damned good idea to go to japan only when you have some understanding of japanese; the place isn't very foreigner friendly. The only reason I got by is that I had a japanese friend with me.

    @ Optic
    Bah! The shirt makes me more then just a hit with the ladies! It now allows me to have sex with whoever I want, whenever I want.

    @ Anna
    Yeah, I know you can't resist the shirt ;)

    And I think you'll love Japan, it's a fun, if quirky, place!

    @ Koshiko
    Ugh, slow internet is the bane of all existence =(

    And yeah, I was kicking myself for not bringing me camera. And those lazy bastards still haven't sent me pictures either! >=(

    @ Phossil
    I know! Think Im just gonna sit figma and nendo Yuki next to each other to make it look funny =P

  8. Warning: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha relies heavily on "moe" for its appeal. That and the whole concept of a magical girl series done as a mecha series.

  9. @ Izeas
    Gah! Damn the forces of moe! They have hijacked a series I would have otherwise watched!

    I am undone!

  10. Busou Shinki's!! Gotsta love 'em. I have 4. That Arnval box looks different to mine... re-release maybe?

    'Some cool pvc figure'? Shuraki trinity much??? I think thats it anyways lol.

    Props to the moe-hating, but I don't mind it lol. I can sympathise though.

  11. Where the hell did you get that shirt, I need it so I can feel really manly and so I can quote Gurren to random people.

  12. @ Meimi
    Yeah, that's the new re released Arnval; she's got a whole slew of new stuff ^^ So what shinkis do you have?

    And yes, Moe is teh enemy >=(

    @ J Hicks
    The mighty Gurren shirt was bought at Akihabara! Though I think Hobby Link Japan is selling it too.

    And yes, you should buy it; never would your dick feel as mighty as when you first don the shirt.

  13. That mini katana looks awesome!

    How big is it?

  14. ill trade you a pigmole steak for your shirt....

  15. @ Coeli

    It's not too big; about 6 cm or so. It's got great detailing for it's size though =)

    @ Sneth
    Fuck off.

    TWO pigmole steaks however, and we've got a deal.

  16. Well, it's still the only magical girl series you're likely to find where the main heroine's solution to everything, including the problems of making friends, is blowing up everything that can be blown up. ("befriend (v.): to use mecha-class beam weaponry to inflict grievous bodily harm on a target in the process of proving the validity of your belief system.") And season three hints that she's sexing the secondary female lead. Though said secondary female lead is pretty much thoroughly infested with moe, at least in season one.

    There's also a chick who's basically GaoGaiGar in a girl's body.

    But yeah, the series was a spinoff of an eroge series that, Tenchi-Muyo-style, recast the hero's little sister as an improbably mature magical girl. Any awesomeness that resulted from THAT is purely the product of some guy on the staff thinking that Nanoha's magical girl outfit made her look like a Gundam.

  17. Forgot to mention, talking about Nanoha's "befriending" reminded me -- "Tabitha Smith possess the mutant powers of blowing things up and stealing all your stuff."

    Have you read Nextwave? If not, do it. Two volumes, the first of which is titled "This Is What They Want" and the second of which is titled "I Kick Your Face." It's rawk.

  18. @ Izeas
    Yeah, the promise of all sorts of shit being blown up did entice me...but the repugnance of watching 8 year old girls in nude transformation scenes is too overpowering >_<

    That said however, I did give StrikerS a look-see. Can't really say I like it yet, but Subaru/GaoGaiGar-Tan is fucking awesome.

    And no, haven't read Nextwave, I shall look into it!