Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the Dread Tendrils of Moe #2

A while ago, I posted a message of great importance, called On the Dread Tendrils of Moe. In it, I detailed the ever expanding forces of moe, as well as revealing our last line of defense against them; the MANeteers. Furthermore, I mentioned that the MANeteers were modeled after that greatest of heroic teams, the Planeteers.

Today, I must tell you that the similarities run deeper then the mere fact that they are both amazingly awesome teams of awesome people. For you see, just like how the Planeteers may combine their individual powers to form a paragon of environmentalism, the MANateers can also do the same, only MANlier.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you humanities' greatest defender. The unmoveble aegis who stands fast against the overwhelming tide of moe that washes against us. The culmilation of all the MANly powers of the MANeteers. Allow me to present to you, The Anti-Moe.

Who is that incredibly MANly figure cloaked in the shadows!?


Surprised that the Anti-Moe, the embodiment of all that is MAN is in fact a woman? I do not blame you. But nonetheless, I assure you that Elle Ragu is indeed MAN enough to even outMAN even the MANly Kamina, whose MANliness is legend.

Elle partaking in the MANly pasttime of dressing as a barmaid.

Elle Ragu hails from the manga (and later anime) known as Shadow Skill. A super kickass fighter, she is known as the 59th Sevaar, a title bestowed only upon the mightiest of warriors.

Whilst the Shadow Skill anime came out in the mid 90's. Elle herself first appeared in MANga back in the late 80's. For those of you in the know, the 80's were a magical time; a golden age of anime and manga, where men were MEN and women were also MEN.

A woman so MANly she can actually make a technicolour battle aura look cool.

Adding to her MANliness, is the fact that Elle defies the stereotype of the typical action girl of anime. Unlike her unMANly counterparts, who somehow fight baddies despite having petite little bodies without an ounce of muscle, Elle is buff. She is fucking buff.

Exactly how buff is she?

She flexes her arm in order to shatter her armguard (to reveal her mark of the Sevaar). That's how fucking buff she is.

Yeah, bitch.

Honing all the various MANly powers of the MANateers, Elle Ragu becomes the Anti Moe, the living embodiment of all the is MAN. She is a MAN so steeped in the ways of MANliness, that her (metophorical) dick is so huge it actually has it's own noticeble field of gravity.

The mere mention of her name is enough to turn faceless hentai rapists into little girls.

Dear friends, she is our ultimate weapon. The very last line of defense against the dread tide of Moe that washes over this land. It is by her hand, and her hand alone that we are saved. With each glorious step, she marches our forces closer to victory. Under her banner, the seemingly unending night of Moe will give way to the dawn of MAN.

The blades of Moe crumbling before our saviour.

Behold dear friends. Behold our Messiah. The enemy is cute but deadly. Their numbers limitless. Their cruelty insurmountable. Yet Elle Ragu stands by our side. No matter how many of us fall before Moe. No matter how many of us are crushed beneath their heels. Elle Ragu will always stand by us. Believe my friends. Believe in she who believes in you. Believe in MAN.

Her (metophorical) drill will pierce the heavens.


  1. Sorry, my previous comment on this topic was suppose to be in this post.
    My bad, my feeds are screwing up. T_T

  2. Thats a scary scary arm... specially as I saw it before I read it and didn't realise it was a girls arm lol.

  3. Fuyoh. That's like me. =X (though my appearence is opposite)

  4. @ Optic
    No Optic! Do not let the forces of Moe deceive you! You CAN overcome them! Join me, and we shall walk the path of GAR together!

    @ Meimi
    And it is in the very scariness of that arm that we are given hope of our victory over the forces of Moe!

    @ Anna
    In one sentence, you have become my favorite person. Ever.

  5. It's like. Gar moe.

    Oh shi-

  6. @ Reijin64

    ...oh holy fuck; you've just opened a MASSIVE Pandora's Box. O.o

  7. Snark - thank you so much I am too honored T__T that shall be one of my motivational quote this year HAHAHAHA. (I never liked myself, never know when)


    ^Check this chick out.

    Now consider Nono, the protagonist of Diebuster. Prone to many of the more unfortunate tendencies of moe...but get on her nerves and she'll soak up your giant lasers, blow you up, do a crapload of yelling, and then slice you in half along with the goddamn moon you're standing on.

  9. @ Izeas
    Ah yes! Moribito! I've heard of that! Haven't seen it yet, but fuck it looks promising!

    And I really do need to watch Gun/Diebuster too...curse this procrastination!