Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Japan, An Open Letter Regarding the Sale of Pornography

Dear Japan,

Please enforce clear and rigid separation between your normal pornography and the fucked up shit.

I recently visited your fine country, and before long found myself in an adult comics store in Akihabara. There, I browsed through the store's wide and varied merchandise, admiring the fine quality of the adult entertainment in your country.

Until suddenly, I picked up what looked to be a perfectly innocent hentai manga. Only to notice the picture on the cover was that of a crying woman clutching her still bleeding chest as her freshly disembodied tits lay idly on the ground.



Now I understand people have all sorts of fucked up fetishes. I for one, masturbate to old re-runs of the West Wing. But that doesn't mean everyone else has to see what kind of messed up shit gets you off!

While exploring Akiba, I came across a store that according to my Japanese friend who was with me at the time, catered specifically to people with a muscle fetish.

Please take a page out of that store's book, and get specialised stores for all the wacked out shit people get aroused by.

When I browse through porn, I want to get a boner, not a permenant mental scar.

So please Japan, let's see two seperate stores for different kinds of pornography, one that caters to good, wholesome, family-friendly porn, and another that can also double up as a gas chamber.


  1. holy shit, I hereby declare this my official signature, this should be a real petition.

  2. This is a pretty good one. :P So many varieties around, hehe.

  3. OMG you are so right +_+; They DON'T even seperate them online too! When I wanted to read my fave (hentai) doujinshis, I stumbled upon some where after whoever is having sex with some chicks, they blow 'em up and pierce them with so many bullets afterwards, and blah blah somebody's gonna get sick when I explain more, so yeah.


  4. LOL
    But seriously... cutoff-eye fetish?? Thats just wrooooong!!!
    I can't wait to go to Akiba!! I will definately be visiting the numerous adult stores, even though the likelihood of my buying any hentai is slim lol. Unless its To Heart 2 themed and not too hentai... lol I'll definately get a bunch of doujinshi.

    And regarding blogs, likewise! As for a link exchange, sure sure!!

  5. @ Persocom
    Perhaps we should start a real petition then! Truly it would change the world for the better!

    @ TechnicalSolitude
    They say variety is the spice of life...but then again, I fucking hate pepper =P

    @ Anna
    ...I must wonder why you read that far to even know that much =P

    @ Meimi
    You'll love Akiba! It's plenty fun! One thing though, the place (and Japan as a whole) is really foreigner unfriendly, it'll be a lot easier going if you can speak some amount of Japanese, or if you go with someone who can. >_<

    and excellent! A link exchange it is!

  6. That's a sign saying "Welcome to Japan mate" xD
    Don't be too surprised when u go to Hong Kong. >_>

  7. LOL Trust me, just one page or a double page spread of scans, clicked by curiosity or browsing of thumbnails COULD GIVE U THAT MUCH IMAGES/DETAILS. Picture tells a thousand words, yeah, they nailed it well. Curiosity kills the cat too :D; (now I am more picky, hur)

  8. @ Optic bad is it in Hong Kong? >_<

    @ Persocom
    A brilliant suggestion! With this petition, a new age of Porn shall begin! An age of enlightenment!

    @ Anna
    Oh poor thing... O.o

  9. Oh, urgh, wow. Now I know why Japan is into so many weird fetishes.

    Couldn't find such shops when I went to Akihabara though.

  10. @ Konadora
    Heheh...Japan probably has even more fucked up fetishes festering in it's seady underbelly, but I'd personally rather not find out >_>

    And that's the scary part! They don't have specialized shops for this down at Akiba! Instead, they lurk in seemingly good, wholesome porn stores, waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting prey!

  11. Yea, the manga covers seem innocent. Just wait until we see the content...

    P.S: Add me to your blogroll please :D

  12. @ Konadora
    So be it! Your blog shall grace my blogroll!