Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Japan - An Open Letter Regarding Mouse Pads

Dear Japan,

Please stop selling oppai mousepads.

For the uninformed, oppai mousepads are gimmicky mousepads where the wrist rest is shaped like a pair of tits.

This is quite possibly the single dumbest idea I have ever encountered.

End the Stupidity!

When I buy a mousepad, I want something simple that has a comfortable rest, and let's me use my mouse efficiently.

If I really wanted to spend money in order to enjoy the soft feel of breasts while I play my favourite FPS, I'd hire a hooker and rest my wrist on her tits while using my mouse.

Support your local hooker; help her put food on the table!



  1. Wait what, so you are actually supporting the prostitution industry? Shame on you. :(

    That being said, yes, oppai mousepads are rather too gimmicky and costly for such things.

  2. But some oppai mousepads are ergonomic, right?? They're good for your hand resting needs.. lol.

  3. @ Panther
    Well, hookers need to eat too! =P

    ...unlike oppai mousepads.

    @ Phossil
    Tits are ergonomic too! And they too serve well for your hand resting needs!

  4. My friend has a boring black mousepad with a wrist-rest. I'd much rather prefer one with Haruka-chan on it! lol.

    Annnnnd as for where you nominate, on that post is good. Long as I can find the nominations lol.

  5. I dont know if I should be angry of you or whatever.. But.. Whatever..

  6. No! Don't get hooker! (you can get STD or Aids) GET A REAL CHICK (girlfriend/wife), and she can be your loyal whatever multi function use WAKAKAKA. XDDDDDDDDD Or an android...wait, we don't have yet. ):

    Prostitution are actually legal in some European countries. (here? nah)

    Ppl shouldn't take this post too seriously, chill :P I think it's more in support of the REAL thing, hahahaha.

    sorry I crapped too much. ciaoz

  7. WH00PS. my previous comment does not make sense XDDDDDDD;; maybe I think too far =X

    (ok, so if I'm a dude, I won't just hire/have a girl to have my palms on her boobs *cough*)

    I'm sorry D:

  8. Hah, well said. I guess I can't talk though. I just use a pair of socks rolled up. Works for me :P

  9. @ Meimi
    Nuuuuuuuu! Join the side of the plain mousepads! Our side is in the right!

    @ Kairu
    Meh, if you wanna be angry at me, you've got to join the queue ;)

    @ Anna
    A fair point; but if I really had to spend money to feel tits, I'd rather real ones over wrist rests ;)

    @ Reijin
    Socks are an admirable wrist rest! You have my respect good sir!

  10. This post is so funny. LOL. I agree with you about the mousepad. It's pretty lame and not a lovely sight to see someone using it.

  11. @ Leon
    Indeed those mousepads are a hideous visage upon one's eyes.

    Tits however, are a much more appealing sight.