Sunday, February 22, 2009

Congratulations, Seth and Gabby!

I am not a fan of mushy crap. However, sometimes life throws you moments which are so disgustingly heartwarming, that you have no choice but to hug it and say, "Awwww," regardless of how much it's annoyingly adorable cuddliness might spur you to acts of hatred and violence.

This is one such moment.

One of my closest friends, who I have known since high school, Seth Stallknect, has recently gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Gabriel Luck; who coincidentally I also knew through DeviantArt.

Seth and Gaby, I know you're reading this. I know this because I am going to call you after I finish typing this, and tell you to read it. And now that I have your attention, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you two, and best wishes for your life together.

And for those of you who are not Seth and Gaby, who are wondering what the shit this all has to do with an anime blog; they are the one's who are responsible for getting me back into anime.

It was on their suggestion that I accompanied Seth, Gaby and two other friends to the Sydney 2008 Animania, which revived my interest in anime. Therefore, you can thank those two for the very existence of this blog.

So yeah, once again I would like to offer my best wishes to the two of you. Seth, I have known you for seven long years. And your love fills me with joyfulness of a giddy little girl. A little girl who will break your fucking kneecaps if she isn't made Best Man *hint hint*.

So to celebrate this moment, I will like to share with you some of my favourite anime couples. And I hope your love will be just as great as theirs;

Tsukasa and Subaru; everyones' favourite videogaming lesbians.

Haruhi and Tamaki; a love so deep he thinks he's her father.

Shinji and Rei, who is a clone of Shinki's dead mother. Thus being anime's first necro-incesteus couple.

And finally...the most romantic couple in all of anime...

Simon and his drill.

Seth and Gaby, may your love too pierce the heavens, do the impossible and throw reason to the curb.


  1. Simon and his wha- drill?? AHAHAHAHAHA ROFL u got me laughing there real hard XDDDDDDDDD *poor Nia*

    That's nice of you for dedicating this entry to your friends. :) long live them merrily!!

    Now I wish I can marry Sagara Sanosuke ;__;

    This is why I think I'll never get engaged/married...huhuhuhu

    (ignore my sappiness)


    Oh well. Congrats to Seth and Gabby though (even if I don't know you.)

    And there's nothing wrong with sappy anime couples.. Just an issue with Harems. >_>

  3. ill say thanks to start with... then list all the things wrong with you =D
    "Stallknect" tis spelt stallknecHt lol but your surname is a bit easier.... aw....
    i am shocked that you would stoop so low as to not include SILVER KNIGHT in any mention of lady subaru, no matter how one-sided that relationship is. that is true, stupid, ippy-ish love.
    i also get the feeling that you as a giddy little girl would be half military fighter jet built in without pants... or clothing on your bottom half... however disturbing a mental image that gives...
    now i will attempt to draw magic butterfly seth's head in text:
    | |
    | | | |

    i think it was mildly successfull...
    so thanks seb.
    and you had better come visit me down in the little island sometime or else ill break YOUR kneecaps!

    p.s. it didnt work... but ill still leave my attemp here anyway *shakes fist at disappearing space characters*

  4. also bitchit, wheres the loot you got me from japan!?!?!
    your in australia now! GIMME GGGGGIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Let it be noted that Nia Teppelin is almost completely fearless. Her first two episodes demonstrate this quite clearly.

  6. @ Anna
    Well...word round the grapevines been that some very determined otakus in Japan have petitioned for laws allowing them to marry fictional characters =P

    @ Reijin
    Aye, harems are the bane of all things good and happy.

    Unless they're my harem. In which case their good.

    @ Sneth
    Bah, your last name sucks. I'm calling you Seth Luck from now on anyways bitch.

    And yes, I couldn't find a picture of Silver Knight and Subaru. Forgive me for my transgression!

    Ugh, and I still can't find your shit. Maybe Gabby stole it >_>

    @ Izeas
    True. But Simon's heart belongs with that drill ;)

  7. But I want my very own REAL LIFE Sanosuke XDDDDDDD;;; (or Kamina, but too bad I found Sano first) which is no, or rare, so yeah. whee go me! :P

    what about u? :PP

    oh yeah I heard of that marriage to fictional characs. XD

  8. I did not know that Rei was a clone of Shinji's okaasan.... I had no clue... I have only seen the two movies though lol.
    All the more reason for Asuka to be with Shinji. In the 'Angelic Days' manga thats how it goes... stupid Rei... Never liked her.

    Yay for Haruhi and Tamaki!!!

  9. @ Anna
    Me? I'd marry Rei Ayanami. It'd be a comfortable, loveless marriage; interspersed with bad ass giant robot battles.

    @ Meimi
    Really?? How could you not like Rei! She's so devoid of personality; that there's nothing to dislike!

    And yes, Haruhi and Tamaki are fucking ace.



    I'm imma dude, I will seriously HAVE TO SHARE REI WITH YOU I'M SO SORRY.

    oh wait.

    she has many clones of herself anyway, I think. RIGHT. EACH MEN FOR THEMSELVES, HAHAHAHAHAHA. (congrats, Gainax, you've made me insane)

  11. @ Anna
    Excellent! Reis for all to share!

    Dibs on the original though.