Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holy hell it's been ages

Attention! To the two people who might actually still care, I, Snark, have returned from the vast sea of obscurity!

And so, let this land be awash with cheering and dancing!


Anyway, so I'm back, it's been months since I've last posted, and for once, I've got a decent reason for that; it looks like I've entered the fabled burn out phase that every anime fan inevitably faces at some point in their life, where they simply don't have the same passion for stupid, big-eyed Japanese cartoons that they once had.

Over the past few months, I have essentially watched close to no anime whatsoever. For a while, I tried to complete Eureka Seven, but then gave up when I realized that I hated Renton, even after character development, and wanted nothing more then to see Eureka get run over by a truck.

But never fear dear readers! That isn't to say I've given up entirely on anime! For you see, rather then watching crap, lately I've been wasting my money on anime related crap of a different variety; childrens' card games.

Over the holidays I had been introduced by a friend to a Japanese TCG (trading card game) known as Weiss Schwarz. To the uninitiated, Weiss Schwarz is a shitty card game where two players command their legions of moe blob characters from shitty moe shows to do moe battle with one another.

Naturally, I was first repulsed by the idea of playing such a moe-fied card game with people who I could only assume were pedophiles. But then, I had an epiphany; this was probably the only avenue where I could beat moefans and not get arrested for it!

And so began my wretched journey into Japanese card games.

In order to make sure I wouldn't be ensnared by the dread tendrils of moe, I made a promise to myself to only play the Manliest cards I had. And so, I present to you, my deck of moe destruction; the Mighty Junpei Deck!

It is with this indomitably masculine deck that I lay waste to all other, lesser, school-girl infested, unmanly decks.

But yeah, aside from Weiss Schwarz, I haven't really been doing anything anime related to be honest.

Luckily, the manga side of things are looking a bit brighter as I've been closely following Legend of Koizumi and Hayate X Blades; both awesome manga that I'll hopefully be reviewing soon.

Overall though, I've been going very light on anime and manga in the past few months. Coincidentally enough however, my interest in pro wrestling has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance, with me watching a lot more of the WWE as well as independent promotions such as Ring of Honor and Shimmer.

So if anyone is curious about what I've really been spending my time on lately, I've been hunting down videos of the now sadly retired Rebbecca Knox.

In closing, I figured I might as well address something; some of y'all may be wondering how the hell I transitioned from anime to something so disparate as wrestling. Well...LuFisto here may help answer that;


  1. Lufisto look moe in that Alice in Wonderland outfit :P

    I still can't get into card games properly. Just can't understand it... Sure I tried to learn, but if I don't play it that often, then I kinda forget how the hell it worked.

    Oooh Reading Hayate X Blade too?! It's the best yuri manga posing as a non-yuri manga!

  2. I see you are playing those anime deck card. Hope to see more of your post and you funny comic drawing. LOL

  3. HO-LY-Shit. It's about time.


  4. FFFfffuuuuukkkkaaatssuuuu-
    I'm glad what took your time was a children's card game. But luckily, not THAT children's card game. Fck that game. Destroyed my life so many times until now when I finally realized how many more times it'll destroy my life if I keep playing.
    To it's credit though it is on a whole manlier than Weiss Schwarz. I never understood how moeblobs could battle one another.

    This LuFisto blows my mind. Is that what stands in wrestling now? no more robocop?

    The Legend of Koizumi is awesome too. I mean, the freaking pope RECREATES GENESIS WITH MAHJONG and by the end of the story causes his opponents ears to bleed. Holy crap. Anybody who calls it racist drivel is not reading that right.

  5. Good news: The first Google result for Weiss Schwarz has a banner with Queen's Blade characters.

    Bad news: It's underneath three Da Capo banners, one Haruhi banner, and a banner with pink hearts fluttering around.

    I can't endorse your new hobby just yet.

  6. I thought when you spend money, It would have been mind blowing, it is, but what the hell, I feared for the life out of me that the /M/anly Snark would get sucked in the most S#ittiest fad ever.

    Oh hey its Junpei, never mind you make shit manly anyway.

  7. Hehe,

    Welcome back. I did not post anything on my toy blog for quite some time too. Rarely had anything to write on my toy blog.


    Hooray!! New post!!

    Honestly, SAME HERE!! I haven't watched anime since Mazinger Z, and I'm still stuck at epi. 1. DDDD: Only managed to re-watch Rurouni Kenshin hahahaha. That's considered outdated, so I'm considered not watching anime too. 8)

    As for manga, yes, much brighter! I'm into GS Mikami, and my new manga love is Zettai Karen Children. You must read it! You will like how the main charac totally objects pedophiles and that he's the only normal & genius character around, LOL.

    I'm also...pretty...hiatus...hahahaha. XD;

  9. Oh, about wrestling...used to watch it, I miss The Rock era HAHAHA!! WWE has never been the same since then. Japanese pro-wrestling not bad too. :D

  10. Hey Snark! :) Good to see you back!

  11. Yo! Long time no see and welcome back!

    Burn out is normal, especially facing lots of unpleasant element everyday (in your case it is moeness). There are times where I was really tired to update my blog as well... that's why sometime I'll disappear 2-3 weeks hahahaha

  12. @ Lightning
    Sure. Moe. Especially when she's hitting people in the face with barbed wire.

    And if you value your money and your dignity, stay the hell away from card games!

    And yeah, Hayate X Blades is fucking awesome, wish Seven Seas would license that shit faster.

    @ Leon
    lol thanks. Hopefully I'll get back to regular posting soon.

    @ Glo
    Bah. I can slack whenever the hell I want.

    @ Ningyo
    Yeah, the number of moeblobs in Weiss Schwarz is pretty disgusting. But thats what makes it all the more satisfying when Junpei bashes their heads in with his goatee of awesomeness.

    @ Baka Raptor
    I won't deny it; there is an uncomfortably large amount of moeshit in Weiss Schwarz. But to its defense, they also have awesome stuff like Sengoku Basara and Persona, its just that everyone in Japan is a pedophile and so they have to advertise accordingly.

    @ Gunstray
    Junpei is awesome. His goatee negates all shitty moe in its vicinity.

    @ Willie
    Thanks ;)

    @ Anna
    What the!? Go and finish Shin Mazinger!

    And yeah, I've seen some of the Zettai Karen Children anime, but didnt really like it. I've heard from quite a few people though that the mangas better.

    @ Katherine
    Thanks, good to be back!

    @ B-Mecha
    lol, yeah. Personally, Im amazed that I even managed to withstand the moe tide for so long.

  13. i don't care about the reason. I'm just glad you are back.

    That's me kissing your ass.

  14. And here I thought you turned Hikkikomori Pedophile and were busy looking at pics of girls that "are over the age of 18".

    Hmmm...Cards Games...I had a Deck of Magic The Gathering but I totally sucked at it.I didnt really feel like spending a shitload of cash on cards though and so I simply dropped it.

    HLJ had a Sale of the Queens Blade Card Game on Sale for about 3,50€ though and I bought two Decks ^^;;;

    So how are you playing?
    If Weiß/Schwarz is as complicated as Magic its nearly impossible to play without translation.


  15. I've experienced something like that as well, although it's mostly because I didn't really have much time to sit down and watch episodes back-to-back.

    Surprised to hear you're playing Weiß/Schwarz, I was hoping I would pick it up... once I start getting some money.

  16. Welcome back. Thought you succumbed to moe and got drowned in it.

    Now and then we do get oversaturated with things, even if it's related to things we like or enjoy. Taking a break or having something else for a change is a good idea sometimes.

    But didn't really expect you to fall for Weiss & Schwarz (white & black?) card game there, and isn't that Quattro from Nanoha StrikerS on that picture? (I know she's very deceptive and evil, but manly as well?)

  17. Never been good with TCG games but I like Weiss Schwarz mostly because the quality of the cards and characters. ^^

    Nice to have you back bloggin Snark.

  18. What!? You dropped anime for WWE? How could you forsake the moeblobs? >_<
    Well, it's a shame you've lost interest in the anime... Sometimes a break is a good thing. I've had spells over the years where I watch little or no anime for months at time. Then I find a good series I missed and my interest re-awakens. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your card games =P

  19. Lol@Weiss!!! One of the last thing I would expect.

    TCG's are the very definition of EVIL!

    Magic the Gathering sucked my wallet dry in school. VS System sucked my wallet dry after college. And now, my friends are trying to get me into WoW. Smart enough to not even touch the cards now. Lol!

    Do you have a list which translates the Japanese to English (like most of the players here do) or do you just know how to read Jap?

    But hell, Welcome back man!

  20. ABOUT TIME! Rawr! Adding you back to my blogroll. Also I don't know much about trading card games *kicks childhood Pokemon card binder under the bed* BUT I love seeing those images of characters from Persona 3.

    I've had a period of time where I was reading a lot of manga. And all of a sudden, I decided I wanted to read real books again. I wanted to try out the horror genre (haven't read any horror books since Fear Street as a kid). Currently reading Pet Semetary, not really scary so far but it's an interesting read.

  21. Whoa there, welcome back!

    Is Weiss playable even if I can't read Japanese? =O

  22. I missed you mang. I missed you. Not that I have much of an excuse. I haven't posted in a while because of a multitude of real life crap.

    Still, good to see you again, and be careful of children's card games. I once watched two marines nearly kill each other over a technicality in Magic the Gathering :\

    *psst* join the dark side and play Dungeons and Dragonssss...

  23. So many people are here welcoming you back!
    Being occupied by card game for three months is pretty unique ;)

  24. That's an interesting motivation.

    Are you going to put up an in-depth review of the game?

  25. well at least you're being true to yourself and not playing a bunch of characters you hate, beating them up sounds like a good way to go ^^ I'm going to steer clear of it for now, but just like Blowfish, I'm tempted by the QB decks. I still have an assload of MTG cards sitting around.. haven't played much in the last couple years though. Nothing wrong with wrestling, I enjoy it from time to time.

  26. You're finally back!
    Maybe you would enjoy anime more if you stopped watching terrible ones... Or if you force yourself to like moe. ^ ^
    Anyways, agreed about Eureka 7.

  27. Welcome back! I don't think I've posted on here much, so my greeting might seem weird to you (but to me it's not, I'm kind of a stalker haha), but I mean, it's good to see you back! ^^

    I've heard from a lot of people that Eureka Seven was amazing, but you might be the first person that I know who doesn't like it. O: I've been meaning to check the series out, though, so gotta get onto doing that.
    But I mean, epic Junpei deck! :D I see some Akihiko in there, too.

  28. So it wasn't just me who left the blogosphere for a while then lol? Weird that we left around the same time lol.

    And similarly, watched little-to-no anime in the past few months haha. I feel kinda bad for no doing so.... but theres so much else to watch&do... buttloads of US tv I have to keep track of too... its on hellatus atm tho, so I've taken to the J-drama's LOL.

  29. YOU DOUCHE!!! i thought you were just dead to australia but nooooo, you were dead to the internet too!!!

    theres an anime con on this weekend in hobart, im going on the sunday, you should come!!!

  30. For a moment, I almost believe you stopped caring! Welcome back!

  31. hey yo!!!!!

    long time no talk =D

    well lately just started WS and i just remember you say you play WS.. so yeah.. lets join for a game someday XD

  32. hey yo~~ we gonna go to GG on friday and sunday this week~ wanna join?

  33. haha, Hit it girl! Nice video :b

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