Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My first ever gunpla

So gunplas were one of those things I always wanted to get into, but was too lazy to be bothered. However! Those days of procrastination are over! Behold! My first ever gunpla! The awesomely gruntish Zaku-III!

And as these pictures will no doubt prove, I had no fucking idea what I was doing. Nonetheless, it was pretty fun, and I'm planning on trying some more advanced techniques with my next gunpla (which is almost guarenteed to be another Zaku), such as using cement to get rid of the seam lines.


  1. I dont do kits because i tend to do them in the wrong way,..

  2. that's sick. :D

    although I'm never into Gundam, but I'm longing to own one of these type of figurines, build from scratch method. (which I think I'll suck eventhough at easiest levels) I'm locking my eyes on the slick EVA-01. and King Kittan. :3

  3. Kittan would be quite cool to build. :)
    Very nice work! Looking forwards to seeing more.

  4. @ Phossil
    Aww, but the trial and errors part of the fun!

    @ YCfH
    Thanks >=D

    Hehe, join the club; I've never watched a Gundam series from start to finish, and I don't think I ever will =P

    Eva-01 would be fucking ace! There's a King Kittan kit too, but it's pretty poorly made, sadly =(

    @ Reijin
    Indeed! Now if only there was a good King Kittan kit to actually build... =(

    And thanks! I'm already working on my next gunpla...which is unsurprisingly, another Zaku =P

  5. You did that battle-damaged look all by yourself or does it look that way because it's old?

    My first gunpla is a 1/144 scale Sword Strike. I had two more 1/144 scaled ones before I built my MG Shin Musha. It was pretty successful save for the cuts on my fingers XD

    Right now, me and my boyfriend are trying to complete the SD Sangokushi line. They're so cute!! (And samurai-looking too!)

  6. @ Coeli
    Did the look all by myself! ;) Do you like it? It's the first time I've tried my hand at weathering =P

    Heheh, I think I've seen the Sangokushi line before. I must admit super deformed samurai robots are fucking awesome >=D