Monday, March 16, 2009

Taikutsu Theater Presents - The Trials of Ryomou Shimei

Proving that I could sink to depths yet further, I have decided to start dabbling in 4-Koma comics. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...this.


  1. This is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. I also laughed very hard. Thanks. :p

  2. @ Reijin
    lol. Good to know my comics induce both humour and fear, hopefully in equal measure >=D

  3. lol poor Ryomo, and poor EVA-00 XD

  4. @ Persocom
    Poor Ryomou and Eva-00??? I'm pretty sure it was Eva-01 that drew the short end of the stick there... =P


    YEAH FOR ALL GAINAX FIGURINES (except the rei look alike hahaha) ksakdjs\pifkok yay!

  6. I meant to say yay to all gainax figs and I do like the rei look alike, I just am lame to remember the series/charac name ^^;

  7. @ Anna
    Heheh, thanks! >=D

    Y'know...I never actually realized they were pretty much all Gainax figures till you pointed it out... =P

  8. Get back to the cloning pool I said,... Lol ^^

  9. @ Phissil
    Shame they didn't have any figures of Kurara from Dancouga Nova; she's another dead ringer for Rei =P

  10. @ Blowfish
    Heheh, thanks XD

    One day, I will collect figures of all of animes' Rei look-a-likes, and it will be glorious >=D

  11. A big part of my Collection consists of Rei + Rei lookalikes ;P
    What can I say?Im a simple man ^^

  12. @ Blowfish
    lol XD

    I'm curious though, has the short blue haired look always been popular, or did Rei start that trend?

  13. I have seriously no Idea...

    Ive once read and interesting interview with the Evangelion makers and they designed Rei to be a disturbing character that the viewer is supposed to fear/hate.
    They were shocked by the totally misinterpreted fandom of the fans XD

  14. This made me laugh XD

    And my officemates are giving me weird looks.

  15. @ Coeli
    Thanks, glad I was able to disrupt office productivity >=D

  16. @ Blowfish
    Heheh, yeah, I've heard about how they actually wanted Rei to appear really creepy and hated by the audience.

    Seriously though, if they wanted us to hate her, they should have just made her exactly like Shinji.

  17. That was funny. You have quite a collection of Eva I must say.

  18. @ Leon
    Haha, thanks! >=D

    Actually, my Eva collection isn't all that; those revoltechs are basically the entirety of my Eva stuff.

    Gurren Lagann on the other hand...I've got a whole shitload of merchandise =P

  19. damn j00, I'm jealous ;__; I only have the revoltech gurren lagann from the rest of your collection in pics. other than that...hmmm...kamina, yoko, chibi gurren lagann, kinon, kiyal figumates. do you collect figumates btw? I WANT KITTAN and do they even have King Kittan THEY BETTER DO.

  20. @ Anna
    You've got a Kamina figure!?!?!? I WANT!!!!

    Oh yeah, I've seen them figumates! Don't have any of my own though...but I was strongly considering buying one when I was in Akiba...perhaps I should have... -_-

    They do! There's a plastic model King Kittan! Except, it's got shitty detail and next to no articulation >_<

  21. Yeah, but the figumate Kamina 1st version, not the big detailed one. ); But still so cute. <333

    you're in luck. I'm planning to sell my figumate gurren lagann, kinon and kiyal. interested or not? if not, I'll sell it to someone else. XDDD

    problem is if you want kamina, you have to buy the full set. if you want, I an help book for you from a m'sian dealer here. (I got my figumates from him)

    I mean I want figumate King Kittan ); it will be TOO CUTE. and I need Kittan too, ;.;

    flashing eyes hahaha. and sooooooooooo cute

  22. It's funny when Ayanami says "No. 18" because I immediately thought of Dragonball's Android No. 18 and I got lost for a second there...