Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taikutsu Remedy - The Official Soundtrack

In correspondence with the coming movie about the life and times of Taikutsu Remedy, here is the soundtrack that shall accompany what will surely be the zenith of cinematic creative expression.

We would also like to take this moment to extend our guarantee to you that listening to this soundtrack in full will cause your dick to grow at least two inches. This guarantee also extends to women.


There. Doesn't your dick feel longer and more powerful already?

As an aside, if anyone is wondering why my post haven't been as lengthy as of late, it's because I'm in the midst of exam week. Today I just finished my advertising and promotions (bullshit) exam, tomorrow I've got property law (Sir William Blackstone is sex), strategic marketing (bullshit with theory) day after, and next week I've got public relations (more bullshit) and law of equity (law for douchbags).

A word of advice; if you want to have any form of life outside the confines of either home or university, stay the hell away from doing a double degree course of law and commerce. In fact, just stay the hell away from law; it's shit.

Now stop reading this and go listen to my soundtrack again. You could use a few more inches.


  1. I feel indestructible again after listening to the SF OP.
    I feel like smashing some bricks. xD

    Got luck in ur exams matey. I just don't get why u picked it if it's shit. ;)

  2. "In fact, just stay the hell away from law; it's shit." That just made my day^^

  3. Wait what? Women will grow a 2" dick? o_O

  4. women will grow an infinite dick... if they listen to it enought T_T
    why are you so disturbed seb!?!?!
    also.. could you come to my uni and beat up the dean or something?? cos the internet here is so painfully slow!
    its been almost an hour and ive only got one of the garuanteed two inches!

  5. EH?! Where's the original Mazinger Z theme song? Nothing says penile extension like "Roketto Punch" and "Breasto Fire"!!

  6. OST volume 1?? I think there will be more. lol ^^

  7. From your list, the only one that do auto wonders to my imaginary penis is LIBERA ME FROM HELL!!!!!11

    I like all, I'm disappointed with only one, which is Street Fighter. The new one still cannot beat the nostalgic guitar only theme. XDDDD But that's just my preferences.

  8. HAHAHAHA I forgot to say GOOD LUCK to all the...exams. It must had been some battlefield. XDDDD

    I didn't know you're doing double, wow! I took Commerce back in Highschool. I actually think it kicks Economics and other misc. blah blah blah Business subject asses. Law...NO COMMENT. I'm glad I never had interest in it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  9. Yep, the original Mazinger Z theme is still the best ! :]

  10. @ Optic
    Brick smashing is to be expected after listening to the SF4 theme >=D

    And as to why I picked shit...in the great words of Laurence Olivier, "money, dear boy." ;)

    @ GunStray
    Its funny cause its true =P

    @ Michael Flux
    Yes they would! My soundtrack goes beyond the impossible and kicks biology to the curb!

    @ Snethx
    Bah! Go do it yourself bitch! I've got my own deans to beat up!

    But seriously though, hurry the fuck up and get yourself some fucking internet!

    @ Lightning Sabre
    I know...it was really tough picking the Theme of Z over the opening them, but the sheer awesomeness of Sasaki Isao singing in English just won out in the end =P

    @ Phossil
    Oh there will be more! As long as manly music exist, there will be more >=D

    @ Anna
    Really? I quite like the new SF theme, if only for how unapologetically cheesy it is XD

    And I remember doing commerce back in high school, I hated that subject...just as I hate it in uni too =P

    @ Blauereiter
    Hehe, anything related to Mazinger Z is awesome! >=D

  11. Maybe cause I live in outdated generation? Hahaha, yup.

    Oh ho. May the force be with you 'til you graduate then. XD

    I can NEVER do something I hate. I will fail miserably. (even this spelling is fail I guess)

  12. Oh my, you've got Airman ga Taosenai? The most epic song, ever!