Sunday, June 14, 2009

Enough with this moe shit!

Ladies, gentlemen, friends all, I will not lie to you; the situation is grave. The Dark Tide shows no sign of stopping. Many believe that the end times are upon us, and that resistance is futile. All our courage, all our strength, all our determination, they are swept aside by the Dread Tendrils of Moe. And so, it is argued, that rather than fight in vain, we should lay down our arms, surrender and embrace the despotic dominion of moe.



No! A thousand times, NO!

Brethren! We are few! We are surrounded! And we grow weary! BUT! We are still strong! Our hearts remain resolute! Our Savior still stands with us!

And therefore friends, we shall fight.

There was a time, spoken in legends long ago, where our people roamed freely, free from the dominion of Moe.

These times were known as the Golden Age.

But then, came the Dark Times, when from the shadows crept the Dread Tendrils of Moe, their sickening appendages slowly enveloping us, devouring us, till but a few of us were left.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning of the Dark Ages. Some believe that the early to mid 90s were the start of the End Times, where the dread forces of Moe rose from the shadows, led by their Avatar and prototype, Rei Ayanami. Others believe it was yet earlier, even in the 80s, when the darkness of Moe first began washing over the lands.

Nevertheless, what is clear however is that this assault that we are besieged by has been a war many years in the making. This was a war that has seen many casualties, and doubtless more will follow.

But! Hope is not lost dear friends!

Once there was a time when we were free of the shackles of Moe! One day, we shall be free again! The coming of the New Age is upon us! Gather friends! Gather under this banner of MAN! We shall stand firm, we shall fight! And together, we shall overcome the Darkness, and witness the Dawn.

And so dear friends, on this day, in this place, I make this pledge most solemn:

I, Snark, shall outlast Moe!

I know not when the day shall come when we savor final victory over the dark tides of Moe. But I promise you, until that day comes, I shall blog, and I shall keep blogging, until the war is won!

Hear me, Moe! I care not how many more years your forces continue to dominate the anime industry! I care not how many of my friends and compatriots you kidnap and brainwash! I care not how many derivative shows with no actual appeal aside from four moeblobs playing instruments I will have to endure! I. WILL. OUTLAST. YOU.

And so begins my solemn pledge. Until the day when Moe is no more, Taikutsu Remedy shall stand at the forefront of this battle. And we shall blog against your darkness, until the light of the new day shines upon us.

Bring it on.


  1. you have Kodomut and his Nendoarmy's support ^^

  2. You should have become a dictator.People would have loved ya ^^
    Its good to see some people voicing against the flood of moe thats been polluting the air for quite some time now

  3. I feel like I just read the bible :p

  4. I've finally become sick of the Moe that has taken over and soon, I predict, we will be free of it.

  5. HOLY OMFG!!!!

    That is such a nice piece. You can do novels or something. Or some script introduction hahaha.

    You can rejoice because Moe does not fucking exist in my world or brain. (in my future graphic novel, you will see that moe actually states something else and not this japanese moe HAHAHAHA)

  6. Some degree of moe is fine, like having a little bit of it. But having a whole anime selling on the moe factor alone is indeed poison that must be exterminated. I shall just you with my braveheart style costume, and yell Freedom!

  7. @ Kodomut
    Excellent! We shall have Rin lead the vanguard in our decisive strike against Moe!

    @ Blowfish
    Heheh, I would totally be an awesome dictator. I would rule with an Iron Yet Caring Fist!

    @ Baka Raptor
    He's helping Kogarashi scrub the deck. As they say, cleanliness is next to MANliness.

    @ M. Flux
    Hatred of Moe and the Divine are one in the same ;)

    @ John
    Honestly, I don't think we'll be free of it anytime soon. But one day! One day we shall triumph!

    @ Anna
    lol, actually, when I was younger I wanted to write novels, than I realized I'd rather make money =P

    And when is your comic coming out? I wanna see it! >=D

    @ Phossil
    Indeed! Oh! And I bags being the King of Braves!

    You can be Might Gaine or something =P

    @ Wolfheinrich
    Excellent! Stand with me brother! And together, let us fight the good fight! FREEEDOM!!!!

  8. Very well my brother, I shall add you to my blogroll so we can join force together to combat this virus.

  9. What are you talking can make $$$$$$$$$$ from novels! (I don't need to give samples, right) But also, it depends on A LOT OF UGSDAJHDJSH LUCK. So relying on a field that can gurantee $$$ is indeed wise. (don't be like me)

    I'm so afraid to release it, it's so st00pid, but don't worry, you'll be one of the first to know. XD;

  10. Heh! Personally, I enjoy moe, but that does not mean I am against your cause-- not at all! I grew up watching non-moe anime like Dragonball, Space Battleship Yamato and Voltron. I am very interested in the Taikutsu Remedy movement! Well done.

  11. aaaahhhh pooor sebby baby has had too much studying for one semester and is getting a wee bit crabby
    heres your bottle, now go have a nice nap and while you sleep ill wrap you in your new moemoe blankey

    thats what you get for not being in trucking sydney when i come to visit. even when brandtman AND hurel AND samurai will all be there. so ner. (nevermind the fact that i still am ignorant of the true meaning of moe....)

  12. A war against moe?

    This will be fun to watch XD

  13. I'm down with it I guess. I think it's not the anime that needs to be exterminated, it's the people who make it that need to wake up and realize that women aren't inferior.

  14. Battle report^^;(Im not one to give) The "Moe" danger lvl has increased, horrifyingly. 0x0

  15. yo! Great blog you have here, your content is sweet! I touch on anime and a few other films on my blog, swing by if youre ever bored and I would be honored if I had a spot on the blogroll! Keep up the good work!

  16. Did I tell you how much I love you and your blog? XD

    Jokes aside, the Anime world needs more drills. Still in awe after watching TTGL the movie :P

  17. As long as there are severely-introverted omega-male milquetoast otaku who couldn't get laid even in a whorehouse with a fistful of 20's, there will always be Moe.

    That, or something even worse would replace it, like Guro.