Monday, June 1, 2009

My Anime Harem - Second Phase

Not too long ago, I listed my five picks for my personal harem. Upon retrospect, five is a rather lonely number, so here are a few more girls to keep each other company.

Noa Izumi
The original five girls were mainly pilots of the super robot variety, so in other to balance it out, I figured another spot should be held by a real robot girl. And you don't get more real then Patlabor, and you don't get more Patlabor then Noa. As a nice bonus, being a police officer, Nod would be able to get us a parking spot pretty much anywhere.

Noa - Making otaku tomboy sexy since 1988

Guian Tees
Easily my favourite minor character in any series (bonus points if you can guess where she's from). Guian shares similarities with Subaru in that neither of them have a giant robot to call their own. She makes up for this however, with the ability to summon giant monsters to do her bidding. Also, she's got a laser sword or some shit.

Oh poor Guian, you were too beautiful for your 5 minutes of total screen time.

As was your monster, with his 20 seconds of screen time.

Kurara Tachibana
The second half of my harems policewomen duo, Kurara is the cocky pilot of the Nova Liger. Also, if my girls ever figure out a way for their bots to combine, we're gonna need someone with experience in piloting giant robot feet.

She also has no qualms with firing her gun, which may or may not be a good thing...

Kusuha Mizuha
After much deliberation, I finally came to the decision that I would go against principle and allow a shy, moe moe girl a spot on my harem. There are however, visual clues in her picture that may hint as to my reasoning for her inclusion, though I expect only the most observant of you to pick it up...

Now if only there was a giant hand that could point us towards the aforementioned clue...


  1. Hehehehe.


  2. @ Anna
    Yes, yes they do >;)

    I am however rather impressed, you commented like 3 minutes after I made this post! o.O

  3. I think its strangely you pick Izumi Noa. Well, maybe not entirely strange. This selection pick includes girls with short hair.. ^^

  4. I've yet to come up with my own anime harem, though I'd likely come up with a few surprises even though I fall for the moe girls more than I should XD It really sucks when awesome characters get minor screentime. Guian looks pretty cool

  5. @ Phossil
    Heheh, Noa might not be as badass as the other girls, but there's a certain nerdy charm to her =P

    Also, Alphonse is fucking tits

    @ Persocom
    Oh god, Guian's utter lack of screentime was depressing >_<

    Oh and by the way, I'm looking forward to your post regarding moe >=D

  6. Really? Hahahaha.

    That must mean I am a stalke...I mean, regular visitor?? In a way... XDDDDDDDDD;;

    Now I can't stop imagining a female Kamina...grrrrrrr.

  7. I knew it! U DO like moe. :D
    When u starting liking one, u will eventually pick up others. xD

  8. I am however rather impressed, you commented like 3 minutes after I made this post! o.O

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