Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Anime Harem

Generally, I'm not a fan of harem anime; I find them to be sexist, wish fulfillment fantasy. Also, the girls I like never win.

That said however, whilst I don't like harem animes, I am quite fine with the double standard of enjoying the company of a harem of cute anime girls myself, so without further ado, my anime harem:

Takaya Noriko
The 'main girl', Noriko is pretty much the grandmommy of female super robot pilots. Takes hot blooded yelling to such ridiculous extremes that even relatively silly attacks such as shooting missiles out of your fingers or hitting a baseball at an enemy seem awesome.


She also has a tendency to rip her shirt off, which is definitely a bonus.

Katina Tarask
The 'rival' to the main girl. Katina is another crazy hotblooded mech pilot who essentially has only a single emotion; anger. Given how hotblooded both she and Noriko are, it was a tough pick choosing between them; but let's face facts, Noriko's Gunbuster kicks the living shits out of Katina's Gespenst.

Awesome woman was let down by a less then awesome mech.

The mature, oneesan character; Viola possesses darker, more contemplative qualities to contrast her more hotblooded and genki counterparts. Also she can be revived as an A.I should she ever get killed, which I guess can be pretty handy.

Who cares if she can't get pregnant? She's got a giant robot!

Ibis Douglas
The token flatchested girl. Hides behind a quiet and contemplative facade, but is actually just as hotblooded as Noriko and Katina; just watch her let loose on a missile massacre or a Gespenst kick!

One day, you too shall have a rack. Believe in me, who believes in your tits!

Nakajima Subaru
The more observant of you will notice that there's something...different about Subaru. I speak of course about the fact that she does not pilot a giant robot. That said however, I'm pretty sure we could borrow GaoGaiGar for her; GAR though he may be, Gai knows it ain't a good idea to fuck around when Gunbuster, Gespenst, Nephtis and Hyperion all rock up on your doorstep asking for stuff.



  1. Subaru as ur lucky last, I'm not surprised. xD

    How about her older sister? They both share something in common. ;)

  2. Su-su-su su-su-su Subaru! This is probably the most dangerous harem I've seen a fan assemble.

  3. Hmm! I do quite love that last pic, makes an absolutely wonderful iPhone wallpaper :)

  4. Nice. :D

    They all kickass! Although I know none (sob sob sob!), I think I'm liking Ibis, Noriko and Katina. (strike: Viola just looks a bit creepy like she-male or something)

  5. I remember watching gunbuster sometime back but hardly can recall much of the storyline. It was pretty hot during that time. LOL

  6. @ Optic
    Well, Ginga IS cool, but she kinda has a poor man's Giga Drill Breaker. Subaru on the other hand, has a pretty dead on Broken Magnun >=D

    Also, if it wasnt already evident from my harem, I like girls with short hair

    @ iknight
    God, I spent all day humming a Subaru remix to the GaoGaiGar opening XD

    And of course! What good is a harem if they aren't needlessly dangerous!? >=D

    @ Michael
    Subaru doing a Broken Magnum looks good on any appliance wallpaper >=D

    @ Anna
    What!? You don't know them!? Noriko is from Gunbuster, Ibis and Katina are from Super Robot Wars (@2 and OG respectively), Subaru from Nanoha, and Viola from Zone of the Enders! I command that you go watch/play them now!

    And yeah, I wasn't very happy with Viola's picture, but pics of her are exceedingly rare -_-

    @ Leon
    Gunbuster is ALWAYS hot ;)

  7. This Post has shown me once again that i know jackshit about Mecha Animes.Not that i care

  8. I know, I'm so sad, rite? D;

    I really can't wait to watch Gunbuster when I get my dirty hands on 'em. ;)

  9. "Also, the girls I like never win."

    Aww, haha.

    Glad to see Subaru there! Still have yet to watch StrikerS.. T__T

  10. @ Phossil
    Heheh, in all honesty, I'm not too big on Asuka; mainly cause I didn't really enjoy Eva in general -_-

    @ Blowfish
    Bah! How could you not like mecha!? They are the soul of a man! >=D

    @ Anna
    Oh god, Gunbuster is so fucking amazing! The first three episodes are pretty slow, but from then on, its orgasm inducing!

    @ Konadora
    StrikerS ain't bad; its not as good as Nanoha As, but Subaru herself is fucking insane!

  11. She's one of the very few figures which I bought without knowing who the character was. She just looked that awesome. Expecting awesome stuff from her.

  12. As long as it's Gainax, I'm fucking watching it :)

    How was Gunbuster 2? Wow, didn't get to complete the first saga, and already have a second one! Saw the orange hair girl figurine, looks so awesome!

  13. Wow~! Those are some characters that I haven't seen before. ^.^;; But yeah, Nanoha Fans here~! Subaru is great!

  14. @ Konadora
    Haha! Subaru IS that awesome! And just wait till you see the shit she does in the show! >=D

    @ Anna
    Gunbuster 2 is fucking awesome! As is Nono (the orange haired girl)! However, you NEED to watch the first Gunbuster to really get 2

    @ Shinky
    GaoGaiGar-tan is indeed very great! >=D

  15. ...put Katina in Gespenst S.
    Than we'll see whi kicks out what out of who.

  16. Even rainbows are straighter than Subaru though...

  17. my own personal harem anime would feature a normal guy named Adam Manson who lives in the year 3333 he lives in futuristic city of new Luna city on earth in this time humanity created a paranormal investigation agency when various monsters and other strange events have occurred due to mysterious black holes would open and close releasing bizarre things upon the world.