Friday, May 15, 2009

Sengoku Basara - First Impressions

Conclusively proving that the effeminate gay stereotype has no grounding in reality, Sengoku Basara is both the manliest thing I've seen since Gurren Lagann, as well as the gayest thing I've seen...since that time in Akihabara when I bought a yoai porn manga in the mistaken belief that the two feminine characters on the cover were actually women...


So what exactly is Sengoku Basara? It's about the Warring States period in Japan. On crack. Massive amounts of crack. And gay overtones. But mostly crack. Gay crack.

Why do the soldiers even try?

The show is unashamedly over the top; whilst some drama does exist, it's mainly an excuse to watch cool characters do really batshit insane stuff. Physics is optional in the world of Sengoku Basara, as is historical accuracy.

Noble warriors of the 16th century.

And while it's a little hard to describe the gay undertones, trust me. It's there.

Even the grunts are gay.


So a bunch of crazyass warlords with magical powers want to rule the land, and therefore fight endless battles with each other, much to the chagrin of their soldiers, who get killed in the hundreds everytime a plot important dude takes a step, let alone swing his weapon.

Obviously a battle between evenly matched adversaries.

Anyways, amidst all the fighting and manloving, Oda Nobunaga, the granddaddy of all evil bad dudes begins amassing his armies, slaughtering generic townspeople the world over. Apparently, whilst it's ok to indiscriminately kill thousands of peons per battle, it's a mortal sin to burn down defenseless villages, so most of the other warlords form a temporary alliance to oppose Nobunaga and his peasant burning.

Once you see this man's ride, you'll understand why he's so happy.

So yeah, that's about it really. Mainly, this show is about crazy cool shit happening, and that's all it needs.


Sanada Yukimura
One of the two main characters, serves the warlord Takeda Shingen with fanatical loyalty/lust. Has a habit of getting punched in the face by Shingen. Harbors a similar mancrush/rivalry with Date Masamune. 7.5/10 on the gay scale.

You want phallic imagery? How bout two long, hard spears!?

Masamune Date
The other main character. An cocky warlord called the One Eyed Dragon, who wields six katanas simultaneously and rides a Harley Davidson horse. Immeasurably cool and leads an army of rejects from Cromartie High School. Speaks in Engrish. 9/10 on the gayness scale, also a textbook seme.

Are you ready guys!? Put the guns on!

The Elvis cut was all the rage in 1580.

Date's my favourite character. Can you guess why?

Takeda Shingen
A cunning and powerful warlord known as the Tiger of Kai. The constant recipient of Yukimura's mancrush. Has a habit of punching people in the face, particularly Yukimura. Stands on two horses when riding into battle. 7/10 on the gayness scale.


Shingen dickslaps physics.

This picture pretty much encapsulate Shingen's relationship with everyone.

Uesugi Kenshin
Exceptionally effeminate warlord and rival of Shingen. Known as the Dragon of Echigo. Skills include sword fighting, impeccable fashion sense, and the ability to make Kasuga orgasm on demand. Probably the only straight man in the entire series.

He's also voiced by a woman, thus adding to his manliness.

The only female character in the show (Oichi's there too, but no one cares about her). A ninja who is helplessly aroused by Kenshin. Seemingly straight, but she's probably under the mistaken impression that Kenshin is a woman, thereby proving she's a lesbian, or at least bi.

I do wonder how many times she has to change her pants per day.

Goddammit woman! Get a hold over your libido!

Sarutobi Sasuke
A ninja in the service of Yukimura. Has a friendly rivalry with Kasuga. Generally plays the straight man. Tries to tell people that he's straight by constantly hitting on women, but we know he's faking. 8/10 on the gayness scale.

Jeez, I'm getting serious Naruto vibes from this guy.

Katakura Kojuro
A calm and levelheaded retainer of Date's. The uke to Date's seme. 8.5/10 on the gayness scale.

It's kinda sad when the background characters look cooler then you.

Maeda Keiji
Scion of the Maeda clan, who are allied to Nobunaga. However, he simply travels the world as a wanderer. Not particularly gay, though he did get awful friendly with Kenshin once (prompting much hostility from Kasuga). 4.5/10 on the gayness scale.

Normally I'd say Kasuga would be overreacting, but given the context of the show, her resulting antagonism was probably justified.

I have strong suspicions that the monkey is also gay.

Tokugawa Ieyasu
The patient and honorable lord of Mikawa. Despite his friendship and admiration of Shingen, he is allied to Nobunaga. Commands the mighty warrior, Honda Tadakatsu. Also has a sexy midriff. 6.5/10 on the gayness scale.

Ieyasu, in the arms of another man.

Tadakatsu Honda

Listen Honda! Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!

He'll be back.

Azai Nagamasa
A JUSTICE obsessed warlord and brother in law to Nobunaga. Is happily married to Oichi, so he might not actually be gay. But then again, his wife has all the personality of a log, and they've got less chemistry then those two kids from Twilight, so it might just be for show.

Fear his bangs of JUSTICE!


(Insert something interesting here)

(Insert caption here)

Oda Nobunaga
The big bad dude. Want's to, "spread milatarism," across the land for vaguely defined reasons. Sits on a thrown of skulls. Is followed everywhere he goes by his evil posse and latin chanters. Like Nagamasa, he's married, but doesn't really care about his wife.

Did you know? He's the badguy.

We just want to make sure you know that these are the antagonist.

Akechi Mitsuhide
Evil, effiminate right hand man to Nobunaga. Actually doesn't seem that gay, but given his status as the show's white haired pretty boy, he'll invariable wind up in yoai doujins the world over.

Spikes. Because all evil people wear spikes.

Sengoku Basara is produced by the lovely people of Production I.G, who were behind Ghost in the Shell S.A.C and that anime scene in Kill Bill. Unsuprisingly, Sengoku's animation is very, very good.

Production I.G utilises a lot of CG, particularly for when animating large numbers of soldiers, but do it in a way that is far subtler then the CG work of studios such as Gonzo, whose CG often contrasts horribly with the hand drawn characters.

Also, in keeping with the over the top atmosphere of the anime, the animation often takes stylistic bents, such as dark, jagged lines and other cool effects.

Just incase you didn't know; they're rivals.

I am honestly kicking myself over not watching this sooner. After watching but a few episodes, Sengoku Basara has already overtaken Mazinger Z and Shangri-La as my favourite anime this season, and it looks like it's going to go strong all the way to the end.

By the time you see this scene, it really doesn't come as a surprise.

The sheer manliness is insane! It's basically a show with an entire cast of Kaminas! And the action is as creative as it is irreverent to the most basic rules of physics and even common sense.

I so fucking want to be Shingen.

And I know I do spend quite some time making fun of how gay the show is, but really, it is incredibly gay. I personally find it good fun, but the homophobic may find the overtones a little overbearing. Yaoi fans however, will find plenty of top grade masturbation material.

The best part is that Shingen does this immediately after lecturing Yukimura on the preciousness of life.

In conclusion, WATCH THIS SHIT! It's unapologetically the craziest, manliest and gayest thing on TV, and is unlikely to be surpassed for quite some time.

Huh? Women exist in this show??

Shingen punch!


  1. OMG!!! A REVIEW!!! YEAH!!!!

    I've always wanted to check this shit out, but doubt it a bit since the original game (I think) look much stylish but...

    oh damn. even if yukimura is not that hunky as the ori, I'll still watch, actually for the sake of him (yeah, my only fave charac from this series, but who knows after I watch it).

    yesssss, I'm so putting this in my future watch list :DDDDDD

  2. btw...GAR and GAY put together doesn't sound right...but I think it will be very amusing, ROFL. alrite!!

  3. LOL

    Though I hardly agree with the gay part, because it is so damn MANLY. You are so late in watching this show indeed. And Kasuga and Nou Hime are <3.

    The only gay in the entire show is Kenshin. Period.


  4. What?A Motocycle Horse?
    Im In!

  5. honda.... makes me wonder if somewhere on chouginga gurren laggan is a little fiat badge or something. i swear laggan was made from parts taken from a fiat 500. why else would it have lasted so long?? and be so cool??

    the gayness does seem to rather prevelant in this anime... i mean.. its you thats reviewing it...

    umm... your gay....

    aaannnnddd.... you know that puchuu that plays with someones destiny then gets kicked in the face?? thats you too... *puchuu yaoi o_O???*

    and thats about all the senseless seb-bashing i have in me today =D

    p.s. just watched the first ep of mazinger Z. w.t.f. T_T i understood NOTHING.

  6. Heheh interesting review. I was curious about this show but never really got around to it. And are you sure those are women that you have in the screenshots? Not some shemales? ^^;

    @相楽エンナ: GAR + GAY = ...GARY?

  7. I am greatly amused by your review!

    And I'm such a fangirl of Sengoku Basara!

    (Date Masamune's the only one left before I can complete my Kotobukiya set T^T)

  8. You are so good at making people watch series.

    I'm going to watch this after I'm done with my delayed animes (hopefully this doesn't get delayed too.)

    Screw the gayness, it looks awesome. :3

  9. I havent watched this show yet, but Somehow it reminds me in Samurai Champloo sort of way...

  10. Im suprised you see gay properites despite the sheer manliness of the anime. Somehow Honda looks like the bastard child of Gundam and Lagann

  11. @ 相楽エンナ (not sure if your names gonna show properly, the computer I'm on doesn't recognize characters -_-)

    Yes! You seriously need to watch this shit!

    Yukimura is fucking awesome! As is basically everyone else in the show!

    @ Panther
    Really? Kenshin seriously strikes me as the only straight man in the whole show!


    @ Blowfish
    Not just motor horse; an entire fucking battalian of motor horses!

    @ Sneth
    Bah! Shut the fuck up and come to sydney again you slut!

    And who cares if the pilot episode of Mazinger made no sense; it was cool!

    @ Lightning Sabre
    lol, they might be shemales, it wont suprise me -_-

    And yes, GARY shall be the new term we use to discribe GAR + GAY XD

    @ Coeli
    Holy fuck! They made Sengoku Basara figures!?!?

    Do you have any pictures on your blog!? I must see!

    @ Konadora
    Excellent, my master plan is thus set in motion!

    @ Phossil
    Yeah, I haven't seen Champloo, but I've heard it has similarities ^^

    @ Gunstray
    Hey, being gay doesn't mean you can't be manly as hell >=D

  12. im surprised you havent found some anime like battle royale but pre-pubescent and they have to kill each other by sex....

    im sure you will one day... your headed that way anyway :P

  13. As soon as I get around to taking pictures. I'll try this Saturday.

  14. oh, sorry. I'm actually anna sagara ;D it's just my kanji name +_+;

    ROFL u guys, GARY is an awesome new term.

  15. At least now I have another piece of series to watch next week... Oh man, this greatly reminds me of Ouran (well, the gayness part that is ^^), but judging from your review, I guess I'm gonna take my chances at this.

    Medieval + GAR = WIN!

    I was looking for something Gurren Lagann-nish, since most of the series I've watched after Gurren Lagann were love-and-hate stories (call me a lovesick bastard, but what am I to do?) and I just think that some manliness get into my life. This can be the antidote!

  16. Lol! Kick ass review!
    Can't stop laughing @ "Even the Grunts are Gay.."