Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is how Real Men fight

And it is beautiful.


  1. Lesson learned: Never piss off Girly mechs piloted by Hotblooded pilots.

  2. Hmm... So... they fight by throwing Christmas lights at each other? :p

  3. This is one long hell of a game battle scene! Pretty cute and drama but seems a bit gayish. Are these men in cute lady-like robots attacking in synchronized ballet stunt. A last thing! No doubt the attack is really powerful!

  4. @ Gunstray
    Never piss off hotblooded pilots, ESPECIALLY those in little girly mechs

    @ Michael
    MANLY christmas lights.

    @ Dennis
    Of course it is powerful! It is an attack of girly, hotblooded manliness!

  5. bah! theyre just amnon scouts in disguise! didnt you see that phallic projectile attack???
    youve been phallus'd in the face enough times to know that seb!