Sunday, May 10, 2009


WARNING: Massive SPOILERS for Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Gunbuster and Diebuster! Proceed at your own risk!



  1. LOL oh so true... yet we keep falling for it XD

  2. the beginning & the journey is always awesome...until you come to the endings. heck, all gainax endings are forked up, don't anybody realized that? LOL even FLCL, LOL. but damn, I still love their works. so addictive.

  3. ps...I don't like it when they didn't forkin' mention kamina-sama & kittan's deaths >F RAWR!

  4. I liked Gurren Laggan until the Timeskip.After that it was meh...
    They love to milk their franchises anyway so were going to see a trillion remakes of any successful series

  5. everybody still love a good ending i guess.

  6. i mean a Happy ending. LOL

  7. no matter how many people die, its still better to have the journey and then people die than have no journey at all.

    *pictures old-kamina beating the kids of jeeha village into submission*

  8. Gainax has a bad rap of givin crappy endings. Exception of Guren lagann, I want moar of it^^

  9. @ Lightning
    And thus my eternal question; WHY DON'T I LEARN!? >_<

    Though honestly, Diebuster's ending might have been the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back -_-

    @ Anna
    Heheh, I was thinking of mentioning Kittan and Kamina's deaths, but I figured it made more kept more in sync with the others to just mention the shit that happens in the last episode =P

    @ Blowfish
    True, but unless they retcon their endings to something a little less suicide inducing, I'm still gonna be pissed off at them!

    @ Leon
    Damn straight we do! >=D

    @ Sneth
    I'd seriously fuck a bear if that was what I'd need to do in order to watch an anime with old-Kamina beating up kids.

    @ Gunstray
    Even Gurren Lagann, whilst fairly happy for a Gainax mecha ending, still had it's share of angst and bittersweetness.

  10. I've actually always liked Gainax endings and never found them out-of-place at all. They deliver exactly what the story has been building up to, even if it's not always the best for the main characters. Most of the time, this involves sacrificing personal happiness for the good of others (Gurren Lagann especially, but also Diebuster and Evangelion), which is a really classic theme which Gainax performs brilliantly.

    And in the case of EVA, even if the plot doesn't really make much sense, the emotional center of the story really delivers.