Sunday, November 16, 2008

Go my minions! Go forth and conquer!

So with this being finals week and all, I sadly do not have the time to dazzle you all with the poignent, fuck-laced poetry that is my written word. Therefore, I shall instead treat you with pictures of my Mighty Revoltech Army, not to mention small glimpses into the inescapably vast sea of pandemonium that I call a room.

So yeah, that's it for now. Expect full posts to return by next week; I've started watching Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, so hopefully I'll be able to write up a review or at least first impressions. Anyway, till then, I'll be here, using toys as a substitute for real human relationships.


  1. man i really dig your collection and i'm loving your posts as well.

    on a related(?) note i'm about to marathon "nabari no ou" OR "kyouran kazoku nikki" starting tonite or, at the very latest, tommorow.. just not really sure which one it will be...

    so looking forward to your next posts..

    keep it up!

  2. @ Paul
    Heheh, thanks XD

    Hmm, I haven't heard of nabari no ou, so I can't really comment on that...but I can definitely say KKN is worth a look!

  3. hmm ... really ahve to get that tengen toppa guren lagann!

  4. @ Acesan
    You really should! It's a fucking epic figure, and a good deal cheaper then the resin kit!