Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gurren Gakuen Hen Chapter 2

So the mindblowingly sexy people at AnimeCouncil have just released the second scantalated chapter of the shamelessly camp Gurren Lagann Spinoff, Gurren Gakuen Hen. For those of you unfamiliar with Gurren Gakuen Hen, it's a alternate universe spinoff of Gurren Lagann, where the characters exist in a high school setting.

This is a principal. He does principal things.

Chapter 2 opens a day after the events of the first chapter, first with a hilariously omminous discussion in the principal's room between Lord Genome, headmaster of Teppelin High (our heroes' rival school) and Viral, who apparently is the school bitch or something.

And he had just cleaned those sheets too.

Following which, the scene shifts to Shimon waking up to find a suprisingly little bundle in his bed - Nia. Ignoring the obvious conotations of underaged sex, the scene is typical shonen romantic comedy fair. From Nia's innocence to Shimon's panicked reaction, the concept is nothing new, but the artwork is cute enough for the reader to at least pretend s/he hasn't seen the same situation in like 50 other mangas before.

Kamina approves of Shimon's sexual exploits.

As chapter 1 served to introduce the main characters, chapter 2 focuses on laying the groundwork of the story - introducing the sinister plot, developing the main characters, exploring the setting and introducing the supporting characters.

Yoko's slutty dresses transcend realities.

Because of this focus, nothing much really happens in this chapter. Shimon and Nia do run away from Kittan's gang for some bizarre reason, but aside from that, it really just serves to introduce the reader to the manga's universe.

Yoko banging her head at Dayakka's blatant pedophilia. Seriously, why the fuck do I keep coming across mangas and animes with child fuckers?

I am still unable to decide on whether non-Gurren Lagann fans will be able to enjoy Gurren Gakuen Hen. It is laced with numerous in-jokes that only Gurren Lagann fans will appreciate, however, it also serves as a fairly enjoyeble parody of the high school romance genre, and it is in that fact that the manga might still appeal to those unfamiliar with Gurren Lagann.

No clothes can constrain the Chest of Kittan.

Anyway, there's really nothing more for me to say about chapter 2. It's fun, cute, and you get to see Viral stepped on a couple of times. If you're a Gurren Lagann fan hungry for more, then you could consider checking out Gurren Gakuen Hen. The scanlation group AnimeCouncil is doing the translation that I'm reading, and you'll be able to download a copy from their website.

Like Yoko's clothes, Kamina's epic manliness also transcends realities.


  1. The system is down, yo.

    Specifically, AnimeCouncil's website. And Manga Fox doesn't have chapter two yet, and doesn't even have chapter one.

  2. @ Izeas gt
    Their forums are still up, and there's a link in the 'Releases' board to download Gakuen Hen, including chapter 2

  3. Ah, tha- Kinon drawing Kamina/Kittan doujinshi? o_O

  4. Gotta respect that - the girl knows exactly what she wants =P

    ...though sexually fantasizing about your own brother is kinda fucked up, even if she's pairing him up with another dude.

  5. i've read thru chapters 1 and 2 and i'm liking it so far.. got few chuckles out of it as well. it's gonna be interesting to see how this one develops.

    anyhow, spread the word, bro!!

  6. @ Paul
    Yeah, it's been a pretty fun comic so far. Still, bit too early to call a verdict on it; let's just hope it grows from strength to strength =)

  7. "mindblowingly sexy people at AnimeCouncil"

    Yup. Now that would be us. lol