Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ever bought a figure just because its rare?

So yeah, ever bought a really rare figure only to later realize that you don't really care for the character, and merely bought it because of it's rarity?

Well, I just did.

Everyone, meet figma Hatsune Miku.

By the way, meet Gurren, who I bought at the same time.

Guess who I like better?

And for anyone curious, here are the songs that Miku and Gurren sing, respectively:




  2. Nice comic strip. Getting it cos it is Rarity is a way to the darkside. You will have to face the full effect later. LOL

    btw what font you use to do the wording? Can email me the font? Thx.


  4. HELL YEAH Ive been waiting for someone MAn enough to straighten out the green enemy.

  5. Revoltech declare war on figma! RAWR

    Gurren > Miku. Drill is the best way to pierce through heaven.

  6. Clearly u love both. Seeing miku face get smashed is why u love her. :P

    And to answer ur question, yes I have. ^^

  7. 5 and 6 are epic
    but why all the Miku hate ;_;?

  8. I rather like the one where Gurren kicks Miku's face to the curb. ;D

    I didn't know Miku was so rare, though. I still want a Gurren Lagann Revoltech, maybe I should work on that next...

  9. Shut up and Listen! Miku Face!
    Lol! Photo of the day! LmAo@work..

    But I do love both..
    No Miku-hate here.. :)

  10. I have to admit, I bought a 1/8 GSC Miku without even knowing who she was XD

  11. @ Anna
    Exactly! Long live the Dai Gurren-Dan!

    @ Leon
    The fonts called Anime Ace, you can find it just by googling it ;)

    @ Kodomut
    I wet the pantsu of EVERYONE.

    @ GunStray
    And it was fitting that Gurren was the one to step up to the challenge

    @ B-Mecha
    Figma vs Revoltech would be the greatest battle ever! We should contact Kaiyado and Good Smile to pitch this idea!

    @ Optic
    I must admit, I do enjoy inflicting pain on others

    @ Ningyo
    Heheh, I don't really hate Miku actually, I'm just kinda pissed that she made me waste my money -_-

    @ Emi
    From what I've read from a bunch of blogs, apparently Miku is pretty rare. It was definitely the first time I've ever seen her in a store =P

    And yes! Get the Gurren revoltech! It's the most fucking fun revol ever!

    @ Blur
    lol, good to know I'm disrupting office productivity >=D

    @ Tequila
    Then you know my pain friend. In fact, probably more so given that 1/8 GSC would be more expensive =P

  12. Btw...NO GL cosplay at Daicon ):

    BUT there are some GL myself a couple only XDDDD;; but both are last stock so YEAH :DDDDDDDDD

    oh oh I got a pic of Yomako-sensei cosplayer at Animangaki instead :DDDDDDDDD wish I was Kamina-sama huhuhu...

  13. Should I start with GL or Guren, or Arc?

  14. LOL Miku pwnage.

    I ended up buying the Nendo Miku instead of the Figma. The Figma didn't appeal to me as much D: She's still cute, though!

    Seeing Gurren with a mic stand: priceless.

  15. Oh nooo...!!
    Poor Miku... please, not in the face!!!

  16. I never quite got into the miku fandom, I prefer cybuster more :3

  17. I actually really like my Miku figma. I wouldn't actually consider her rare either since she has had 3 runs.I do know what you mean though, rare figures are just hard to pass up. I love your blog though. You comments on Duckie's always make me laugh^^

  18. How dare you place your foot on my Miku. I'm gonna blow you up with my Bumble Bee. Just be prepared Gurren.

  19. @ Anna
    You bought GL shit? Sweet! What'cha get!? >=D

    @ Gunstray
    Gurren. Out of all the revols, I reckon Gurren's the most fun; he sure as hell is the most expressive with that giant face of his.

    @ Lene
    Heheh, at some point, I'm gonna take a picture of Gurren with a guitar and the mic stand >=D

    @ Phossil
    Bah! She had it coming.

    @ Wolfheinrich
    Damn straight! We need a Cybuster vocaloid. That's what we need.

    @ Gordanham
    Heheh, thanks >=D

    But yeah, she's had quite a few runs, just that I've never actually seen a Miku figma available in a store till now >_>

    @ RyoBase
    Wait, are we talking Michael Bay Bumblebee, or G1 Bumblebee?

    If it's Bay, Gurren would kick his ass. If it's G1, then we surrender.

  20. I'll admit that as a figure gets rarer I'm more inclined to buy it if I passed it up at the pre-order stage. But so far I haven't regretted any of those purchases. The purchases I regret are usually the ones where the price on the figure is REALLY good and I get the figure just for the hell of it. I used to do that with a lot of Kotobukiya figures.

  21. Ahahaha I love that comic :p

    Now I should go watch Gurren Lagann...

  22. Haw! So you bought a rare figure such as Miku to abuse her? :P Oh wait that's what I did to Saber Lily >.>

    Methinks I should get some abuse on Miku as well.

  23. I ended up buying the Nendo Miku instead of the Figma. The Figma didn't appeal to me as much D: She's still cute, though!

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