Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girl it up! - Fruits Basket #1

As I had mentioned prior, I wish to expend my anime horizons and have begun a venture into shoujo anime; a most unfamiliar territory.

In my aforementioned post, I had asked you all to vote over what shoujo show for me to watch from start to finish, and Fruits Basket had won out. So today, I, Snark, present to you, my first episode impressions of Fruits Basket!

Ok, from what I could gather from this show, Fruits Basket is the story of the disproportionately manly named Tohru Honda, a homeless, orphan girl with ludicrously large, soulless eyes that suck the life out of all foolish enough to stare into the eternal abyss of her retinas. Also, she's an Ordinary High School Student.


Anyway, the story opens with a close up of Tohru's saucer dishes of ocular despair, as she exits her little tent and gazes up to the sky while talking to herself.

Hello blue sky! I WANT TO EAT YOU!!

After the obligatory info dump to explain to the viewer who she is and why she's in a tent, she decides to walk around the forest for no adequately explored reason. A minute into her little jungle track, Tohru spots a house in the distance.

Figuring that squatting on someone elses' property wasn't rude enough, she decides to approach the house, presumably to break in and steal their stuff.

A house! I must steal from it!

Like taking candy from a baby. Except the baby has furniture. And people living in it. In fact, its not like a baby at all.

As she approached the house however, Tohru notices a bunch of painted rocks. Studying the painted rocks, she ponders for a moment over who the shit would want to waste their time in such a colossally stupid fashion, when said painter of rocks mysteriously appears.

Works of frickkin art.

If I ever met someone who talked to me like that, I'd spray him with mace and run the hell away.

Anyway, it turns out that the house is owned by two cousins; Shigure Sohma, the aforementioned rock painter, and Yuki Sohma, a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy who is the most feminine looking character in the show, and is apparently so girly that he also needs to be voiced by a woman.

Beauty! Thy name is Yuki!

So Tohru meets the lovable duo, and as she and Yuki go to the same school, they decide to walk to school together. Apparently, walking to school with someone is a grave, unforgivable act of deviance in Japan, and a bunch of jaded girls harass Tohru for daring to associate herself with Yuki. Suddenly, Tohru is saved by her friends Arisa and Saki, a gansta chick and a weirdo respectively, and also the coolest characters in the show.

They're just angry at Yuki for being more womanly then them.

Best. Character. Ever.

Not as cool as Arisa, but awesome by association.

Yeah girls, I'd get the hell out too.

After school, Tohru walks home with the beautiful Yuki, when he suddenly tells her an Earth shattering truth; he hates cats.

You hate cats!? You heartless beast!

Yuki's cat hatred revealed, he takes a moment to further dazzle the already stunned Tohru with his beauty, her horrifying eyes sparkling an unearthly glitter at the sight. After that, they go home.

Yuki stares slack jawed, as Tohru's eyes consume his soul and devour yet another victim.

Later in the evening, Yuki and Shigure walk around the forest round their home when they stumble upon Tohru's little tent. Realizing that Tohru is homeless, Shigure does what any decent person would do; laugh at her plight.

It's funny cause she's poor!

...ugh, I'm too lazy to write up the rest of what happens. So let's fast forward a little; a bunch of shit happens and Tohru has to stay in Yuki and Shigures' house. Not like you didn't see that coming.

A roof over your head, for the price of Shigure watching you while you sleep.

Shigure putting on his rape face.

So its the next day, and Yuki shows Tohru her new room from now on. However, as the two were talking, Ichigo from Bleach jumps through the roof and into the room.

Doors are for wusses.

His ludicrously undersized shirt is the source of his POWAH.

Startled by the intruder, Tohru does what any sensible young woman would do in this situation, and gropes Ichigo's manboobs.

Tohru putting on her rape face.

Which promptly turns him into a cat.

Who's king shit now, bitch!?


And then, Yuki and Shigure also turn into animals.

...yeah, I don't even know what to say anymore. that's my write up of Fruits Basket episode 1, which is apparently not only the first shoujo anime I've ever seen, but also the first furry anime I've ever seen as well.

Anyway, for those too lazy to read the whole post, here are my thoughts on it in easy to digest bullet points;
  • Furries? What the shit?
  • Yuki is beautiful!
  • Instead of simply trespassing on peoples' property, Tohru should have opened up a goddamn law book and adversely possess their land.
  • Why is this show called Fruits Basket? I have seen neither baskets nor the fruits therein.
  • Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with her eyes?

Stare into these eyes, ye mighty, and despair!


  1. Lol! Another epic review as usual.I am so looking forward to watching Fruits Basket now. -.-"

    I kind of accept that Eyes are now a bragging right among anime producers/artist/studios/etc. Almost to the point of overtaking oppai's.

    A: My character has big Eyes
    B: Oh ya?! Check out this character!
    C: Omg! Eyes bigger than her boobs!

    I'll leave the A,B,C, and characters to readers discretion. I'm too lazy to think.

  2. hahaha this got me rolling my ass off me chair! You are GAR. I stopped after 10 minutes in.

    Ichigo coming down from the roof. shit that was EPIC! lmao

  3. Back when it first came out, its animation was pretty good for the time. But yeah i see what you now mean about her dead eyes

    Btw i just remembered one of my favourite shoujos. Full Moon Wo sagoshite. However its 50+ episodes.

  4. "His ludicrously undersized shirt is the source of his POWAH."

    ROFL. You had me smiling at everything but that's the line you actually got me to laugh out loud at.

    I still say Skip Beat! over Fruits Basket!

  5. I repreat. For something with depth go for Honey and Clover. For something that is funny and good, go for Lovely Complex. These two can't phail.

  6. I must've missed the filler episode when Ichigo learned Yoruichi's transformation technique.

  7. Not really furries.

    There's no sex of animals in their animal form, nor were-animal forms, as in, hybrid forms ;)

    Now you know why Yuki hates cats though.

    I went to the comic book shopS yesterday, and found out about manga omnibuses, turns out Fruits Basket has them too, so I might go out and get the omnibuses. So much better than buying each book on its own, saves space and money.

  8. From what I remember, this was the last anime I watched in Phil dub, and it fits well

  9. LOL - actually my wife is head over heels in love with this. We got the anime and she is collecting the manga, hats, purses, keychains . . .

  10. Could this be Ranma for Girls?
    I bet they all fell into a Fruit Basket where ages ago stupid animals starved to death because they were stupid.

    So they transform when the horribly disfigured girl touches their moobs?

    Great Review!
    Im still as baffled as you about those transformations

  11. It gets explained, don't worry.

  12. hey snark! great review! haha i've never actually watched fruits basket because i firgured it'd start a downward shoujo spiral and the next thing i knew i'd be cosplaying as inuyasha. but maybe i'll check it out^_^ haha oh hey i'm gonan add you to my blogroll since this is a great blog you got goin. lol it'd be awesome if you could do the same^_^ well take it easy!


  13. Ok, maybe not all is lost for Tohru, but maybe it is for those manly angry students.. Lol.

  14. So I guess this is the shoujo anime you decided to pick up. Despite all the "wtf" momments, it's actually a great series.
    Anyway, I actually kind of like Tohru's eyes.

  15. I wish you'd read the manga before watching this, the story is substantially different/better in the manga.

    My fave characters are as so, Arisa Uotani, Kureno Sohma, Kyo Sohma.

    Uotani ftw.

  16. @ Blur
    I've seen some freaky eyes, but Tohru's could kill a man.

    @ Kluxorious
    Ichigo only ever enters through roofs. Doors are for mere mortals.

    Oh, and I actually have seen a bit of Lovely Complex; not really my thing though -_-

    @ Acesan
    They're more then dead; they are doorways, beckoning their victims to a darkness that should never be known by mortal men.

    @ Lovelyduckie
    I must admit, Skip Beat looked pretty decent from the stuff I've read about it. I might give it a shot if Fruits Basket turns out well

    @ Baka-Raptor
    It was between the episode where Ichigo had to help Chad open a pizza stand and the one where his shirt shrank in the dryer.

    @ Guy
    Omnibuses are pretty sweet; generally you pay slightly more then the cost of a single manga for the equivalent of three. Shame that they're fairly rare though

    @ GunStray
    Did Yuki sound as womanly in the dub?

    @ Bluedrakon
    Holy shit, that's a lot of merchandise O.o

    @ Blowfish
    I'm willing to bet the title will never be explained. Personally, I'd prefer your theory.

    @ Domo
    K, added you to the blogroll ;)

    @ Phossil
    They're not really manly...unless we're talking about Arisa.

    @ Yi
    You LIKE those eyes!?!?

    @ Meimi
    Arisa is totally the goddess of Fruits Basket. I'd propose to her if I was a cartoon character.

  17. I saw that the Rurouni Kenshin omnibus is $25 for 3, so you save $5 overall, Fruits Basket is only the equivalent of 2 volumes, and I didn't compare prices.

    And they are neat.
    I am so happy they're relasing the books of Glen Cook in omnibus form :)

    Snarky-chan, regarding your answer to Meimi.
    What makes you like Arisa is the same thing that'd have her neuter you if you were to propose to her ;)

  18. @Snark: Ahhh yus, Yuki and his loathing of cats. Never much liked Yuki. Prefer Kyo from the beginning lol.

    And as for Cat Paradise, there are big freaky monster/demon things, if that appeals, no lesbians as of yet I'm afraid, and I doubt there'd be any robots of any kind, unless it changes genre mid-series lol.

    You should like King of Thorn though, if you haven't already read it, tis brilliant, post apocalyptic type thing, scifi etc. I love it to bits. Tis all monsters n violence n despair lol.

  19. This is WHY I'm not keen in watching this show XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD;;
    (yes, the art of so.... .......)

    I hope Shinobi Life can be adapted to anime, that will earn a kickass shoujo label from me ;__;

  20. This was one of the very few series I watched with my sister in dub ages ago. The plot was good until it came to the ending and my god did it go downhill from there.

    Thinking back, I don't even remember why I watched it to begin with. lol
    Maybe the brother and sister time was lacking then. lol

  21. Apparently this series left my sister with a big "WTF" expression on her face; a first of the kind for her.

    And wow those eyes are like black holes sucking everything out of us; I don't think I can sleep so well tonight @_@

    Had a good laugh reading this, especially about beautiful boy must be voiced by woman part. Nice one there!

  22. @Snark: Well, I don't mind the eyes. I guess I got used to them, or maybe my soul has already been eaten...

  23. YES! I'm satisfied that it's a potential consideration for you :) it's ranked as the #15 highest rated anime on anime planet right now! One of the few shojo to be highly ranked on the site.

  24. I need a Tohru figure so I can dig the eyes out.

  25. I almost lol'd at the review. I'm glad I got some insight into this show now, because I can now even more-so easily avoid it's clutches. Every time I go to the bookstore Fruits Basket manga is everywhere to be seen, right alongside Naruto and the likes. It tries to sneak into my life but I turn it down just because it feels like it's being shoved in my face every time I go. If you're going to start watching Shoujo anime, I'd consider NANA.

  26. Lol epic review, loved every part about it (not that I don't enjoy any of your reviews rofl)

  27. @ persocom/snark - I think NANA is considered Josei? I don't know what makes something more of a Josei then a Shoujo...maybe just the 18+ age of the character? Either that or all the sex and exposed breasts!

  28. ...

    All I can say is, you've got balls of neosteel, snark. for venturing where no man has gone before.

    That said, this Tohru fellow sure provided hefty sustenance to my daily intake of fabulous.

  29. I so love you for making me feel better today after reading this review.

    And congrats on getting through the first episode of Fruits Basket!

  30. Those other anime ppl are recommending are pissing me off. Fruits Basket is definitely one of the best shoujo and you should stick with it. The eyes dont bother me as much and the man who decided to draw big eyes in anime is freakin brilliant. As for the title of the show you will find out later.

  31. Reading this post was 5000 times more enjoyable then actually watching this show. I love those captions for the pictures. Awesome.

  32. LoL! Even though I love Fruits Basket, your taken on it is just HILARIOUS! Really nice to see your perspective on this series. I knew you'd say something about the transformations but caught me off-guard with the eyes thing XD

    It's actually the transformation that got me hooked on this series, it's just so bizarre. Oh and the title sorta gets explained, but much later in the series.

  33. Ohh my god... I have never legitimately LOL'd like this at a blog post in a long time. Best write up of a shoujo anime I have ever read! ^^

    And Tohru's eyes freak me out too o_O

  34. Such a damn, damn shame. All these people thinking Fruits Basket shit either because of the anime or because it's a popular shojo title. Let me tell you, the anime is shit. But the manga is the deepest and most amazing story you will ever read. It's not all a bunch of gushy crappy romance either. I mean, man, it's amazing. You only get a glimpse of that in the anime, which is why a lot of people liked it. And you haven't got their yet, that would be Momiji's story. But really the anime is a horrible redetion of such a great manga. They twist around all of the plot and actual meaning of the story. Change characters, personalities, scenes are just made ridiculous that weren't in the manga. They aimed more for the funny and cutey romance than the serious aspects of Fruits Basket. And the actual conclusion/explanations are changed as well. It's really horrible that you're going to have a bad impression of Fruits Basket because you're watching the shitty, shitty anime adaptation first. I feel sorry for you and the Fruits Basket manga alike.

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