Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girl it up! - Fruits Basket #4

Holy shit it's been a while since I've seen an episode of Furuba. Well, I finally got off my ass and forced myself through episode 4, so welcome to yet another addition of Girl it Up!

Experts believe it was these eyes that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Ep 4 opens up in the scenic home of the Sohma household. However, the peace and tranquility is suddenly interrupted by a mysterious stranger at the door.

Tohru's Giant Eye senses are tingling!

Sensing something is amiss, Tohru answers the door, where she meets face to face with a shy, demure, young woman. Tohru however is unfazed; in addition to mass destruction, her Killer Eye has the power to see through lies and deceit, and thus is not fooled by the facade of the woman before her. It is then that the mysterious stranger reveals her true form; a fellow possessor of the Killer Eye.

Before you stand the Eyes that have Felled Empires.

Tohru and the woman then partake in a battle of the Eyes. However, neither woman is able to gain an advantage over the other. Reaching an unspoken respect for each other, Tohru allows passage to the woman, who then...brutally assaults Ichigofrombleach.

Sadly, the anime simply didn't have the budget to animate the apocalyptic battle between the two unholy irises.

Falcon punch!

After the bloodied beatdown (which Ichigo mysteriously survives), the woman introduces herself as Kagura Sohma; yet another member of everyones' favourite family of furries, and Ichigofrombleach's self proclaimed incestuous bride.

What? You don't fling your beloved around like a ragdoll? What are you? Communist?

Seriously Japan, why must every anime romance have incest in it?

Ichigofrombleach however, is less then trilled by her presence. You see, for an unexplained reason, neither Kagura nor the Sohma men change into animals when they touch each other. Yuki and Shigure believe this is just some strange quirk in the curse. But Ichigofrombleach knows the horrible truth; Kagura's a dude.

You feel that Ichigo? That's not a gun.

Kagura don't need no stinking dildo.

Anyway, that's pretty much this entire episode in a nutshell. There's a bit of a stuff where Kagura breaks the Sohma house apart, and has to fix it. Oh, and then Tohru bribes him with riceballs to be her friend.

The wretched union between two bearers of the Unholy Eye. Legends speak that at that very moment, every voice in the universe cried out, "Oh holy shit".

Aside from that though, nothing much really happened in ep 4. It was basically 24 minutes of the same tired joke of, "Hey! It's Kagura! He violently loves Ichigo! HAHAHA!"

Ichigo tasting some Kagura bukake.

Oh, and later in the episode, Tohru talks to Ichigofrombleach and learns that behind his misogyny, he's actually a nice guy, or something. Also, she learns that he was taught martial arts by some master in the mountains. Given the fact that Ichigofrombleach has lost every single fight he's been in, this is not a ringing endorsement for his master.

Dude! You've lost EVERY SINGLE FIGHT you've been in! Your master sucks!

Well, that about covers episode 4. This was pretty much the most boring episode of Fruits Basket so far, which is a shame cause Kagura is actually pretty cool, he's just not that funny when you repeat the same goddamn joke 50 times...

Kagura has several appendages that he can expand.

Oh, and at the end of the episode, Kagura accidentally touches a chick dressed as a dude, and transforms into a boar. It was cute.

Tohru showing Kagura who's boss.

And as always, my thoughts in point form;
  • Kagura's a dude!
  • Despite his hidden dick, Kagura is awesome.
  • ...why do I have a sinking feeling that by the end of the series, Kagura will either be loveless, or at least generally unhappy?
  • Holy jesus shit, Tohru isn't the only one with Killer Eyes!
  • Ichigofrombleach really, really sucks.
  • Still no mention of baskets, or the fruits therein.


  1. aren't all the men in this series useless?

  2. He trained in the mountains and still can't fight? Pathetic.

  3. Finally, another Girl it Up!
    These are just too funny.
    Anyway, first cousins don't count as incest, right? Right?!

  4. Fruit basket used to be my middle school nickname, because I so vehemently argued that fruits basket in fact exists. did you know that?

    ...Yeah, middle school blew in that sense >.>

    Not just incest, but yaoi incest.
    Despite its facade of KAWAII~ness, fruits basket sure has got a pair of big, round ones.

    I wonder how the killer eyes would stack against the eyes of death perception. honest fanboi curiosity.

  5. the peace and tranquility is always interrupted by something or someone.. Lol.

  6. Holy shit, after this review, I NEVER knew that Fruits Basket is this forked up...


    and glad I ain't the experiment viewer *pat pats you*

  7. I've been waiting for one of these.

    Fruits Basket was one of the most perverse anime ever created. I still don't know why I didn't like it.

    Here's a question: If someone were to somehow replicate themselves, and had sex with their other self, would that be incest, a form of masterbation, or just really really homosexual?

  8. Damn it, there's a Trap, Now I ll have to re-watch this in subs, and I can't find the dub versions

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Glo - about the question, freaky, but that would actually make that someone...pansexual? ROFL!

  11. @ kluxorious
    Pretty much. But its not like the women fare much better...those that actually are women anyway.

    @ Baka-Raptor
    I'm willing to bet it wasn't a real mountain to begin with. Probably a hill or something.

    @ Yi
    Y'know, despite Girl it Up! being voted my second most popular segment, it generally gets fewer comments then most my posts =P

    And yeah, cousin/cousin is incest. I'm pretty cool with it actually, but I'm still gonna make fun of it.

    @ Ningyo
    Wow. I'm sorry to say, but that is possibly the lamest nickname I've ever heard O.o

    @ Phossil
    True. But its normally godzilla or something mundane like that, not the Eyes that could bend time and space.

    @ Anna
    See what I go through just to review this series for you guys!? >_<

    @ Glo
    Jesus christ...sounds like it'll constitute all three. And now that you mention it, there's probably a fetish for it somewhere out there...

    @ GunStray
    EVERYTHING is a trap. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the grand reveal of the final episode is that Tohru is actually a dude.

  12. Hahah! Kagura's a dude XD So according to your last post about homophobia is that you shouldn't hit a lesbo/gay but vice versa is ok ^^;;;

  13. @Snark: That's probably because few words can describe the awesomeness of Girl it Up!

  14. YES!! I've been waiting for the next instalment of girl it up xP
    LOL as usual
    and for some reason, despite Kagura obviously being a Sohma, I never picked up on the incest. Not surprised about it though.

  15. "You feel that Ichigo? That's not a gun."

    That was pretty perfect caption and picture combo.

    "Seriously Japan, why must every anime romance have incest in it?"

    You probably shouldn't watch Angel Sanctuary...

    Oh ya Kyo is also supposedly strong, it's just that Yuki is that much more stronger.

  16. Whenever i see tohrus face I dont know if i should cry or laugh

  17. Fruits Basket anime is a peice of shit. The manga is a peice of pure gold. Seriously you're going to have a horrible view of this wonderful story if you just watch the anime. The manga goes father, is much better, deeper, and makes a hell of a lot more sense. The anime basically fucked the manga up.

  18. Oh, oi, Kyo didn't actually train up in the mountains. See, it was when he was 14 years old and after he'd seen Tohru's mom died. He could have saved her but didn't and afterward felt like he'd basically killed her. So he ran home to his foster dad, his master, and when he saw how Kyo was all messed up he took him into the mountains to get away from the world for a while. Kyo wanted to commit suicide but ended up blaming everything on Yuki to make himself feel better because since his mom committed suicide and father wished Kyo would kill himself Kyo feels like everything is Yuki's fault because of the legend he became an easy person to blame for his shitty life.

    Oh yeah, and there is a character that says they're a boy but it really a girl, but it's not shown in the anime.

  19. Ha, and yeah, Kyo can't beat Yuki because of the curse. It's impossible or the cat to ever beat the rat.

  20. I wonder how the killer eyes would stack against the eyes of death perception. honest fanboi curiosity.ritestart menscor kvinder

  21. leather bedsBYou probably shouldn't watch Angel Sanctuary...

    Oh ya Kyo is also supposedly strong, it's just that Yuki is that much more stronger.

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