Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy birthday, me!

So it was my birthday yesterday, and it was awesome. To be honest, I've never really been all that big on birthdays, but its a great excuse to ask people for free shit.

Anyway, I figured I'd show y'all a comic of the first present I got for the day;

So yeah. On my 21st birthday, my parents decided to buy me a toy. Admittedly, it was an awesome toy though, cause it was this guy;

I actually have no idea who the hell he is, but we're both named Sebastian, and he looks badass.

And then some of my friends gave me presents too, but their presents sucked, cause they were dirty communists.

Oh, and while we're at it, Taikutsu Remedy has also turned one year old recently! It was on the 12th of October last year where I made my first ever shitty post.

So yeah, I'd like to thank all my readers for pretending to care about the stuff I wrote about for an entire year. Anyways, I'd like to write more, but I'm suffering massive writers block right now, so I'll just leave it at that. Thanks y'all.


  1. Well, congrats and be careful if people start trying to introduce you to new German friends called Goldschlager and Jagermeister...

  2. Happy birthday ^.^ And thanks for visiting my blog too.

    That's a cute Sebastian figure. He's from Kuroshitsuji. I've never watched it myself but I recognize him.

    And congrats on the 1 year anniversary.

  3. Happy birthday ^^. And that's an awesome birthday present :D

    And it seems legal drinking age in Australia is 18 so I take it you've already been drinking for a few years xD

  4. Happy Birthday Seb. Funny comic btw. Were you expecting your dad to buy you a gal to you know? LOL

  5. Well whoop-dee-doo Mr. Birthday Boy. My birthday was three days ago, but you don't me throwing a party about it.

    So it seems you founded your blog on my birthday. I can only assume it was intentional. That is a cause for celebration. I'll buy you a cake, except I won't be able to ship it all the way to Australia, so I'll eat it myself and be sure to tell you just how delicious it was.

  6. Happy Birthday Snark. I usually give people a lap dance on their birthday but since you're too far, I'll just give you an *e-hug*

    Your parent gave you a Sebastian!! Let's swap! All my parent ever gives is money... >_>

  7. lol it is sebastian! that nendoroid figure is hot cakes in singapore, lot of otaku girls looking for it!

    maybe u can exchange it for a girl friend that drive super robots, like Latooni.

  8. Happy Birthday Snark!!
    The cake is waiting for you!!

  9. Happy birthday, Snark!!

    Congrats on getting Sebastian! I know a lot of people who would kill to get that~

  10. Figma for a toy? AWESOME. Happy belated birthday man!

  11. Happy belated, Snark. Yaay for october birthdays.
    mine was on the 5th, which was celebrated by myself in my jolly lonesome basement. It was so wonderful.

    You're welcome for our pretending to care. jk jk.
    I've no qualms with kuroshitsuji, as it's so utterly fabulous.

    And that comment you got for your first post...

  12. Nice, your dad knows what's up!

    21...I went to Las Vegas to gamble when it was my 21st birthday. =X

  13. HAHAHA nice comic; ITS A MANS' TOY

    congratulations on your 21st! have a great year!

  14. Grats on Adult-hood!!

    Got Sebby? ^^; Don't get crowded with fujyoshi-es!!

  15. Don't hide you disappointment, we all know you secretly wanted a real life Mazinger (:

  16. 21 is awesome. I remember way back when my old ass turned 21 (last November). What days we had back then!

    I remember going to the package store to buy beer for the first legal time. The I remember not going back because I had no money. What days we had back then!

    You know what I got for my 21st birthday? A lot of parties that involved heavy drinking and peer pressure to drink by neighbors, friends, friends parents, my parents, and others. Needless to say I probably had a good time I think.

    Anyway, happy birthday, go get hammered you legal buyer of alcohol. (I don't even drink much anymore.)

  17. Hahah, Happy B-day, and grats on the 1 yr anniversary!

    Too bad your in Australia, I would have given you an arm that could rocket punch >=]

  18. Dude, I've not been getting birthday presents for years already. A toy, or even communist goods are better than nothing.

  19. OMG OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. That's proof ur parents understand ur hobby. :D

    Happy Birthday mate. I hope the new club will get u just the slightest interest in moe. :)

  21. Sebastian is a cute nendoroid, many of my friends swear by the anime, so I'll probably check it out one day.

    Well, happy birthday youngling, and now we know your name!
    *Twirls his greybeard, cause he's OLD*

  22. Let's swap parents. -.-"

    No offense, but I thought you were some cool old fart. ^^p
    Now... you're just cool. Pppfft!

    Anyway.. Sebastian huh? Lol...

  23. Shit.. Forgot to mention...

    Otanjobi Omedeto!!!

  24. Happy birthday Snarky Snark! And Happy blogday as well! Jeez seems like there was a huge of anime-type bloggers influx last year if everyone's having their first blogday this year XD

    Welcome to adulthood Mr. New Toy Owner!

  25. Happy belated birthday brother snark. And long live to the Moe Resistance Force!

  26. Oh crap that makes us now three Sebastians.
    Shall we combine into Giga-Sebastian and drill what has never been drilled before?

    So now that youre turned 21 does that mean youll grow a mustache like your dad?

    Anyways happy belated Birthday!

  27. Happy (belated) 21st Birthday!! ^^ Love the Sebastian Nendo (but be forewarned: a legion of Kuroshitsuji fangirls would kill for it)- it's cute that you and the Nedo have the same first name. And Happy Blog Anniversary!

  28. Happy birthday and congratulations on your blog anniversary.

  29. Happy 21st Birthday for the 14th! Now you can do most things in most countries legally ^^
    lucky you got Sebastian - he's no 1. on my nendo Get list for Xmas.
    And I would still like to hear about the sucky gifts from your communist friends xD

  30. Happy birthday. You should look into Kuroshitsuji when you have the time. It's gayer than a May Pole, but fun.

  31. Happy birthday and yay for the first year of your blog!

    And oh, I really love Snark's Room. Cosy little place. Must've been fun to receive presents from others too!

  32. Happy belated birthday and blog anniversary!

    How thoughtful of your father to give you a Sebastian for your first step into adulthood! I don't know much about Kuroshitsuji, except that it's quite female-oriented. Butlers are what girls are hyper over with, just like guys over maids. I may be digressing, but apparently there are butler cafes somewhere out there just for girls.

    With all that bombshell, I do hope that you've had a kickass birthday!

  33. Happy birthday man ^^
    (sorry late 4 days~~~~)

  34. That's cute! My mom has absolutely no idea I own figures, I can't even imagine getting one as a gift. Although in 5th grade my mom bought me a Sailor Moon doll...although to ask for it at 24 hhmmmm....

  35. I show my nendoroids to my mom, and she commented all my figures have large breasts, which is not my fault...

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