Friday, October 23, 2009

Sora no Otoshimono - First Impressions

Ever since the days when I was first introduced to anime, I had seen crappy shows. In fact, it seems that I take some bizarre, masochistic delight out of tormenting myself with the latest steaming piles of horse manure that the Japanese anime industry produces oh so regularly.

Yeah! Suck it watermelon! Who's king shit now!?

And yet, despite the hundreds of trails by fire that I've endured, never in my life had an anime been so bad that it caused me to physically vomit. That was until that fateful day I saw Sora no Otoshimono.

...I...I don't even know what the say anymore...


Tomoki Sakurai is a normal, boring, ordinary high school student. And if anime has taught me anything about Japan, it's that boring, unimpressive, male high school students who barely have a discernible personality, are the most sexually attractive men in the entire known universe.

Of course, none of the girls even seem to care about the resident bishounen. They like their men plain and boring.

So anyway, Tomoki, in all his boringness, has a super hot neighbour who is obviously wet for him. However, like all Japanese high school girls, she doesn't have the balls to just tell him so, and instead expresses her feelings in the form of physical violence.

She's wet! Heheh, I made a double entendre!

Later on, as Tomoki is walking around, all boring and main character-like, a totally titilicious girl falls from the sky. Like a meteor. With tits. A titieor.


To cut a short story even shorter, the girl then introduces herself as Icarus, and claims to be a, "pet class angelroid," which seems to entail having her wear a leash, grant Tomoki's every wish and act in a manner so subservient it would probably cause an entire room of feminist to spontaneously combust should they ever have the misfortune to see this.

Look at this and weep.

So with his newly acquired wish granting angel, Tomoki proceeds to...commit a wide range of crimes, including sexual assault, public nudity and genocide. And this is all in the first episode...

I must admit that when I die, this is how I want to go.


Sakurai Tomoki
The main character. The typical boring high school student who just wants a quiet life. Slightly differentiated from every other harem lead by the fact that instead of being a celibate virgin, he's actually perverted. The only problem being that he's not perverted as in lovable leech pervert, he's perverted as in registered sex offender pervert.

Aww, doesn't he look adorable molesting that woman?

The main female character, and a 'pet class angelroid', whatever the shit that means. Like Tomoki, she too has no real personality, and simply exists in order to shower the viewer with moe and boobs. May possibly be an alien weapon.

Yeah, real subtle there Japan.

Sohara Mitsuki
Tomoki's childhood friend and neighbour who inexplicably breaks into his house every morning in order to wake him up. Even more mysteriously, she finds Tomoki irresistibly attractive despite his blandness. However, in Japan, one expresses one's love for someone by violently assaulting them.

Goddammit, why don't I have childhood friends like this?

Eishiro Sugata
An upperclassman to Tomoki and Mitsuki and the president of a stupid little club called, 'The New World'. Generally does bizarre things like paragliding off buildings. Is probably a closet otaku...well, not that closet actually.

...yeah, that's just sad.

Mikako Satsukitane
Another upperclassman, and Sugata's hilariously morally ambiguous friend. Seems to own a private army or something. Has the potential to be the best character in the show, but sadly, doesn't get much screentime compared to the rest.

You gotta love a character who'd happily profit from a friend's death.


This is what really surprised me about Sora no Otoshimono; the show is absolutely gorgeous it is. The animation is fluid, and the art is beautiful. Special mention must also be made to the many night scenes, as well as many of the closeups of Icarus; the art reaches eroge level quality.

A show that looks this good should not be allowed to be this bad.

Sadly, I can't really elaborate about the art, as I have no formal training in animation and can't critically analyse it. I can however say, that it's beautiful, and is easily the strongest feature of Sora no Otoshimono.

Hey! Tits!


Despite how beautiful this show looks, this doesn't change the fact that it's absolutely horrible. The characters are derivative to a level approaching satire, the plot looks like it was conceived by a 5-th grader, and the directing is laughably subpar.

Yup, he's leading her along with a leash. This is obviously an equal relationship.

As I had mentioned above, this show is the first and only anime that was so bad, it caused me to physically gag and vomit. If you're curious, this particular travesty occurred in the first episode, which displayed one of the most inept instances of drama in the history of fiction;

Shortly after discovering Icarus, Tomoki learns that she has the ability to grant him his every wish. Naturally, he starts small, by first asking for money. However, this soon spirals out of control, culminating in him turning invisible and stopping time in order to molest and rape women.

Breaking into one's house to perv on someone is obviously what good friends do to each other.

After his joy filled romp of sexual deviancy, Tomoki jokingly tells Icarus that he wants to conquer the world. He then wakes the next day to discover that Icarus has destroyed every single human being on the planet, so that he may rule it. This is then played completely seriously as a tragic turn of events. Uh...what? Tomoki you dumb shit! You already knew Icarus was powerful enough to MANIPULATE SPACE AND TIME! WHAT THE SHIT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!?

This is a chicken. It too was destroyed. You should feel bad.

So anyway, the earth is now a dead planet, and Tomoki in his grief commands Icarus to kill herself. He then changes his mind 3 seconds later, and lunges at Icarus to try prevent her from blowing her brains out, and cries like a little bitch.

Oh, the angst!

The drama!

Will she do it!? WILL SHE DO IT!?

Nooes! I didn't think you'd try to kill yourself after I ordered you to kill yourself!

Eventually, Tomoki manages to convince Icarus not to kill the shit out of herself, and wishes that this had all been a dream. Lo and behold, the next day, Tomoki wakes up to find out that Icarus had reversed it all and the world is back to normal. And again, he is utterly amazed at her power. Wow, how dumb is this kid?

It reads "Icarus + Master = Fun" I think it was meant to be heartwarming, but I just found it creepy as hell.

Now in writing, I realize that whole sequence doesn't sound quite as horrible as it was. But I must remind, the stupidity that unfolds in those 5 or so minutes are played completely seriously, with naught a hint of acknowledgement at the idiocy or predictability inherent in it. And if anyone is curious, the bit where Tomoki told Icarus to kill herself and then cried like a little bitch when he found out she was actually going to do it was the bit that made me puke out my lunch.

Tomoki, this is you. I crush you! Crush you like a bird!

That little bit of drama aside however, Sora no Otoshimono doesn't really offer much except predictable ecchi humour. You know, the type that has been coming out of Japan for the past 20 years. About the only instance of actual creativity in Sora came in episode 2, which featured a flock of flying...panties. No, it wasn't a high point in the history of anime, but at least I didn't see it coming...

It is my dream to show this to Hayao Miyazaki. Mainly because I want to see a grown man cry.

Another thing that drives me crazy is how intensely dislikeble the main character is. At first, I was happy to see he wasn't another hopelessly shy celibate, but seeing a man commit hundreds of sexual offenses with not a care in the world isn't endearing either. Goddammit Japan! Do you have any other male personality types besides 'eternal virgin' and 'serial sex offender'!?

I feel sorry for Icarus. I feel so sorry...

And yet, despite how utterly horrible Sora no Otoshimono is, I can't quite get myself to completely hate it. As mentioned before, this is a beautiful anime to look at. And perhaps more importantly, there have been brief hints that the series may grow into something far more watchable.

Macross missile massacre! ...either that, or tentacle rape.

The scene where Icarus first falls down from the sky in episode 1 is breathtaking. It is beautifully animated, from the initial explosion, to the falling sky pillars, to Icarus soaring through the night sky. For that brief moment I had forgotten how bad the rest of the show was, and was genuinely enjoying what was unfolding on screen. Similarly, several scenes in the opening suggest that a far more inspired sci-fi epic might be waiting in later episodes.


This of course, does not change the fact that Sora no Otoshimono is currently an uninspired, derirative, ecchi comedy that sets back the feminist movement by 50 years. Yet, I can't help but hold out on that faint glimmer of hope that it might grow to be something more. It is likely that I'll regret this decision, but like how I believe in God, I'm going to believe in Sora no Otoshimono, despite all evidence to the contrary.


  1. LOL What beautiful anime ;__;

    So sad the content/story/caharac have to be that bad.

    I might puke too V__V I can't stand some st00pid shit in it, LOL.

  2. This season has a lot to offer in terms of fanservice/yuri/ecchi anime. And Queen's Blade makes them all irrelevant.

  3. Prancing around naked pretty much ruined it for me. Though it kinda hilarious to hear Soichiro Hoshi goatish-like laugh

  4. The animation looks great, that's true. If only some other producers such as DEEN learned from them and made their works visually as stunning as whoever did Sora no Otoshimono. It's sad that such a crappy series like this has great animation, while a masterpiece like Umineko looks so mediocre, maybe even low-class.

  5. "It is my dream to show this to Hayao Miyazaki. Mainly because I want to see a grown man cry."

    LMAO :D

    BTW, it's "Celibate", not "Celebrate".

    And, well, "Boobies!" and honestly? It looks much better than most eroge...

  6. Also, it has a lot of chibis. I love chibis. Maybe someone should screenshot them all so I wouldn't have to watch the show? :D

  7. If I only saw the last series of screenshots with the angel, I might have watched it.
    Good thing I got the heads up on what the anime is actually about...

  8. This sounds so utterly wretched that I might actually check out the first episode out of morbid curiosity. :) Thanks for the review!

  9. Somehow I don't hate this show as much as you do, the first episode was a turn off but it got a little better in 2nd, 3rd wasn't too bad either. My other reason for watching the show is that I really dig Sohara Mitsuki.

  10. I too vehemently hate the show. it's derivative, and calling it satire would be a compliment.

    rofled at t3h angst and t3h drama. But I feel really, really sorry for Miyazaki.

  11. i don't really know where this story would go. It just a cluster of shit from end to finish. I think they purposely made this show to torture someone like me who can't handle stupidity in an anime that wasn't even funny -__-

    what has the wurado become to?!

  12. Wow... it really is gorgeous. Your prompted me to dl to see how pretty and fluid the animation was. And your bloody right, its gorgeous, of all the autumn anime I've seen so far this season, this is the best looking. Shame its so ecchi really...

  13. Haha, this show looks so bad that it might actually be good? I might watch an episode sometime, but I highly doubt it.

  14. your blog never fails to entertain, inform, and enlighten; ill definitely be checking this one out soon

    and shieeeeet, your commentary is the best by far on the internet- always makes me LOL. LOL HARD

  15. @ Anna
    Yeah, save yourself the heartache; don't watch this shit >_>

    @ Baka-Raptor
    Bah, Queen's Blade makes ALL anime irrelevant.

    @ Reltair
    Making your audience cry is NOT fanservice!

    @ GunStray
    Bah! I'd rather hear him as a gay samurai!

    @ Matteas
    It's the great tragedy of anime T_T

    @ Guy
    Celebrate!? What the fuck!? Ugh...that's the last time I use blogger spell check without actually reading it's suggestions >_>

    @ Yi
    And this anime will make you hate them so much more...

    @ Katherine
    WHY!? The very purpose of this review is to make people NOT watch this! Don't make my suffering be in vain!!!

    @ Wolfheinrich
    Really? The first episode was the only thing that was vaguely watchable in my opinion.

    @ Ningyo
    Dude, you should feel sorry for me; I watched this shit >_<

    @ Phossil
    Yeah, so do the rest of us. Just don't touch these ones; they're dirty.

    @ kluxorious
    I have a theory that Sora was actually commissioned by the Japanese military as a secret torture device.

    @ Meimi

    @ Glo
    No...I'm pretty sure this show is so bad its horrible -_-

    @ ifizzy
    lol thanks. But always remember, my commentary comes at a price; the suffering I endure watching these things is unimaginable. >_<

  16. @Snark

    Well, this show seems to be building behind some of a story so it's something to look foward to. In contrast to "moe" anime such as K-On! Silly behavior is not necessarily being condoed or encouraged. Yes, Icarus is annoying right now for her lack of common sense but it seems to be some sort of an artifical restriction. Did I mentioned I really dig Sohara? No, I am not saying I like the killer chop. Her character design fall inline with my bishoujo taste (K-On! girls fail miserably in my criteria).

  17. @Snark
    Well I watched it too, so I feel about as sorry for you as war veterans feel for one another >.<

  18. @Snark

    your dooooin the loooooorrrd's work!

    man, i just finished the first 3 not sure why i kept watching. it hurts a bit...

  19. add some h scenes and this will be one of the epic hentai isn't it?

    As i read from somewhere regarding anime culture, Anime sometimes tends to portray something that the people couldn't have in real life. like what u mentioned, a hot neighbourhood girl, girls with big boobs, boring guy that become a saviour, and most importantly a girl friend for some poor otaku that think their future wife will drop from sky and allow them to join the swap wife club.

    how do u think?

  20. Looks funny, but I know I could never finish a series like this.
    You're a dude right Snark?^^;

  21. Ahh the tragic that come with good looking crap anime.
    Ive watched about half a year ago a Lupin special called Red Vs Blue and it was absolutely horrible,okay not as horrible as the legend of the gold of babylon but still...Yet it looked so fucking delicious for a Lupin Movie I watched it completley.

    So is that dude actually really molesting women or is this just a tad exaggerated?

    As far as Harem Leads goes the Dude from Akikan and the Dude from Fight Ippatsu Juuden Chan are probably the best from the last few seasons

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