Saturday, October 31, 2009

Megami readers are a bunch of pedophiles

So I was browsing through the scourge of the internet for a little bit today, when I came across a most curious sight; a list of the top 10 anime characters as voted by readers of Megami Magazine.

As you'd no doubt surmise from the title of this post, I do not approve. Nonetheless, I'll write down the list, from 10 to 1, in addition to my thoughts concerning each character.

10) Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)
Pretentious pedophile bait.

9) Misaka Mikoto (A Certain Magical Index/ A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Pedophile bait.

8) Kurimu Sakurano (Seitokai no Ichizon)
Pedophile bait.

7) Horo (Spice and Wolf)
Bestiality fetishists bait.

6) Takamachi Nanoha (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
Pedophile bait.

5) Nodoka Haramura (Saki)
Gambling pedophile bait.

4) Katsura Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku)
Pedophile bait.

3) Yui Hirasawa (K-On!)
Retard fetishists/pedophile bait.

2) Fate Testarossa (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
BDSM fetishists/Pedophile bait.

1) Mio Akiyama (K-On!)
Extreme pedophile bait.

Goddammit Japan, we all know you think with your dicks when voting in polls like this, but can't you at least vote for a few more characters that are above the statutory age of consent!?


  1. HAHAHAH Retard Fetish!! I warned ppl bout pedophiliaism

  2. It's okay, it's just the current trend. I would blame K-ON!

  3. Actually, that there list sums up the current anime character approval demographic, and not just Megami. Imo Megami is pretty open with comforting the non-childfuckers as well,with all their ikkitousen or queen's blade coverage (or lack of cover, hurr hurr). Blame the times.

    So what's your number one slot then dood?

  4. @ GunStray
    If Yui wasn't designed to appeal to people who are hot for retards, then I don't know what she was designed for.

    @ Reltair
    The problem however is that out of 9 underage characters, only two are from K-On! It's still overwhelmingly pedophilic!

    @ Ningyo
    Ikkitousen!? How is that not pedophilic!? EVERYONE in that show is a highschool kid!

  5. This could all be a misunderstanding. Perhaps every voter accidentally fell down the stairs and landed on their mouses while the pointers were hovering over the pedophilic options.

  6. I do not approve of this list. I cannot understand why people accept the K-On! characters design, a huge departure from what I consider "Normal" Bishoujo. And on top of all that, Yui is just mentally retarded, how on earth does she get No.3 spot is beyond my wildest imagination. I hate her with a passion. And Mio isn't doing a whole lot better either, just why are people falling for her is again beyond my capacity of understanding. No, I do understand it, I just cannot accept it. Pedophiliaism is a system designed to make the audiences to feel superior. I have talked about that before, and I say it again now. It's a trap, not the Hayate Trap, but in a much more serious sense. Trap designed to make the audiences to bath in their own dream of feeling superior but lack the means to actually achieving it. This is a serious problem my brother, and it must be cleansed from the system.

  7. @Snark
    Blar - true. Just that the presence of F-cups and etc don't exactly cause me to think about childfucking.
    their age isn't actually given though? I wouldn't put flunking a dozen times past a few of them...

    And you still haven't said who fills your number 1 slot.

  8. yeah, i just saw the results on Sankaku and was about to create a post about how moe is taking over the world one pedo dick at a time when I saw this post.

    We need to fight this war against moe!

  9. Okay, okay, I'm sinful. Every single character of these 10, except Nodoka (because I haven't watched Saki), is source of my sins. I admit to my sins, Father. But I will keep piling them and I will atone for them in my next life XD

  10. I think Senjougahara is pretty okay :<

    But if this poll was for ALL characters, I don't understand how there isn't a single male character.

  11. Well Hori isnt underage but she can be quite a bitch (hohoho see what I did there?)

    I mean what did you expect from a magazine whose posters are mostly useless.When Im buying the Megami Im buying it because of 1-3 posters.


    Thats a great view on the subject!These Characters give the "herbivorus" men a certain sense of self confidence since those seem innocent and dont remind them of their own lack of it.Its easy to feel superior over those than lets say in RL where many of them are considered a failure and arent considered as an option by modern "aggressive" females.

    In the end its an escape from reality and probably one of the reasons many people have a "2d complex" since they cant succeed in RL.

    The male dominance theme isnt of course limited to Japanese Media.Its visible in nearly every "adult" media

  12. @Snark
    "Ikkitousen!? How is that not pedophilic!? EVERYONE in that show is a highschool kid!"
    Technically, that would be ephebophilia. So, there.

  13. @Anon
    I dont that that would be the case either.

    Pedophilia,Ephebophilia etc. are all based on the physical apperance of someone and while the Ikki Tousen cast may indeed have the age of people that would fall into the ephebophilia group their build clearly isnt so.

    On the other hand people that dig 30 year old chicks that are looking like a loli...Yes,those are pedophiles.People that dig a 11 year old girl that looks like Angelina Jolie? Nope no pedophile even though the age may suggest that.

    Sure,its against the moral to date a 11 year old sexbomb but from a scientific standpoint theres nothing wrong with that

    I didnt know that either until I made a post about it

  14. @Blowfish:
    How about a hundred year old loli? @_@

  15. @Konadora

    Like I said as long as it looks and feels like a loli the age doesnt matter.I am of course only speaking of the sexual attractivity for those people.

    Just take a look at all those goddesses,mystic beeings that float around in Anime.They are usually hundreds of years old but their bodies are emitting pedophile approving signals

    In real Life youll usually wont encounter a 100 year old with the look of a loli though but I think you get my point right?

    If you care about it you might wanna read abit about it here:

    Its not the bext written piece ever but for my standrts it was actually pretty,pretty good

  16. haha, I agree. Megami readers and editors are a bunch of pedophiles (myself included because I like Nanoha, Fate and Mikoto) lol.

  17. That's a photo of Misaka Imouto. You're slipping, Snarky-chan.

    Also, over the age of 16 are underage, but it's not pedophilia. Heck, it's not underage in more than a few segments of the world. Including the west.

    Also, some parts of the hyperbole are understandable, they're part of your writing style, but others are inexcusable, just as the point you pointed out with homophobia in anime. Well, you're lampooning too much here. And impugning too many.

    Also, two more things:
    1. Top ten characters. No one said the list was for "Ten hottest characters."
    2. Much depends on the age of the voters. I liked Lindsay Lohan when she was 13, well, I too was 13 at the time. That's not pedophilia.
    Which brings me to:
    2.5. Rei Ayanami is not on this list, this means most people who voted on it were too young to catch Evangelion when it first came out, and are probably 12-14 year old children :P 16 at most. Heck, there are no old characters here at all. Maybe it was just last season's characters, or something?

  18. @Blowfish
    I am glad you see it my way as well brother. The problem is not the moe character themselves, it's the overwhelming acceptance of them as mainstream that is the problem. For the record, I do like Fate Testarossa, but I enjoy her grown up body more :P
    Now, instead of just bashing this so called Top Ten Anime Character list, we lack the "average voting age" here to properly understand what's going on in Japan. Let's say the average voting age is 10, then this list isn't overly pedo because the age of the audience is most decided under the age of the characters they are voting for. But what I am afraid to hear is that's not the case, I suspect the average voting age here to be in the high teens to low twenty.

  19. Mio!? The fact that Mio is even on the list makes this list completely void.

    Yui - Retard fetish is dead on. She's a fucking moron.

    That picture of Horo is great.

  20. Megami "readers"? I just like the pretty pictures xD
    This post is an obvious troll. Only about *half* of those characters in the list are actual pedophile bait ;)

  21. If you can't beat them, join them, as I have. I love many of the characters on that list.

  22. Btw. love the picture you chose for and the caption for spice and wolf.

  23. @ Baka-Raptor
    Well, it has been scientifically proven that computer mice gravitate towards pedophilic links when left unattended.

    @ Wolfheinrich
    It's a trap!

    @ Ningyo
    I could see the main character flunking more then a few times, but wasn't Ryomou meant to be reasonably non-retarded?

    @ Kluxorious
    Exactly! You must join me in the battle to vanquish the dread tendrils of moe!

    @ Blowfish
    I could see how they'd be intimidated by so called 'aggressive' females, but you'd think they'd move on to shy girls rather then kids -_-;

    @ Anon
    Bah, they'd get arrested for statutory rape either way.

    @ Konadora
    Here's an illustration of my opinion of that.

    @ Phossil
    Fate and Nanoha are acceptable as long as they're the adult versions >_>

    @ Guy
    Dude, Rei's from a series that's like 13 years old or something, most otaku have probably forgotten her since they're too busy jerking off to whatever's the latest manufactured 'sexy' kindergartner the machine's pushed out.

    @ Glo
    I should totally be the lead character designer on Spice and Wolf.

    @ Anon_Object
    I once called Japan to clarify they're position on pedophilia, but they couldn't answer the phone because they were busy fucking children. True story.

    @ Yi
    NOOOOO! You must fight the darkness! REJOIN THE LIGHT!

    @ Flux
    Same to you! Don't become lost in the nadir of pedophilia!

  24. This list is BLASPHEMY!!

    HORO SHOULD BE NO 1! Lol!!

    Instead of fighting moe, I decided to embrace it a long time ago. Lol!
    And so, I absolutely approve of Mio, Yui, Hinagiku and Mikoto!

    Horo... come on! Horo actually has brains! And USES EM! To analyst "real" business dealing situations... to make money (in the anime anyway. Lol!).
    If anything, I'd say Horo is actually far from moe. The only moe about her is... her tail?

    Mio and Yui, for the moe that they are.

    Hinagiku ONLY because of the ending theme of season 2.

    Mikoto is tsundere. My no 1 weakness. -.-"

    As for the others, I haven't even watch the anime yet. Lol! But seeing your pictures, I already think I'll be enjoying them. Xp

    But still, I'm not saying they belong in the list cause there are so much more great characters out there. I'm just saying they are not that bad. Xp

    Horo, however, absolutely belongs in the top 10.

  25. whats wrong with them? we all know the pen takes about 10 years off so i thought they were all older than me!

  26. Ok, first I need to know, do the readers have to vote on characters based on the megami magazine serilazation list, or general animanga series?

    If the first option, then I can clearly understand. However, are megami mag's content mostly consist of shoujo shiat? Also, is it compulsory to vote for females only? Where's the dudes?? (or traps, or whatever others) If the second option = I totally agree with you, what bullshits are these.

    Btw, who's that girl for no. 10? Do she like...shit sharp things? Whoah, what, whaaaaaaaa??!!

  27. Snarky-chan. There's this magazine that does "The best anime female characters", every month, every year, don't recall. Rei was in the top 10 every single year since the listing and NGE were both out.

    Heck, where's Yuki Nagato, who had also been on the list since the anime of Haruhi came out? That list you posted is totally bogus, and likely only covers the last year or two's worth of characters.

  28. @Guy,
    I would like to see this magazine that does "The best anime female characters" every month, every year to see if any of my harem girls make it on the list.

  29. I am sorry, I meant "Every month OR every year" and not "Every month OF every year".

  30. Uh, I need to check the dictionary for the word "Pedophile". HEhehe

  31. LOL, this debate will never end. :P

    I'm not gonna bother too much as my comment will get swamped with the other more appealing ones.

    Just wanna say, I'm happy Yui and Nanaoha made it and Megami is still doing great in the bishujo world. :D

  32. Maybe this has something got to do with the national age of consent in Japan being only 13 (prefecture laws aside)?

    "As expected of Megami, the “moe blob” factor is exceedingly pronounced…"

  33. @Guy:
    Yeah, where's Ayanami Rei ;o

  34. #10 doesn't look much like pedophile bait to me, in fact she looks pretty curvey. She definitely has the most body out of everyone on that list from the google images I just looked up. I haven't seen the anime yet but I plan on it.

  35. Well, there are the occasional Queen's Blade posters, although considering Megami takes in flavour of the month shows, it does highlight what the trend is these days.

  36. What the?! Where's my moe bestiality fetishistic picture of Horo? I am appalled!

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