Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Isshoni Training - Fitness, Otaku Style

As some of you all might know, Primastea is releasing a dvd that will attempt to do what was once thought impossible; getting otaku to exercise.

The video, called Isshoni Training, features 16 year old Hinako; a big-titted girl who incongruously enjoys both anime and fitness.

Even more mind bogglingly, is the official description of Hinako, who whilst, "originally a human, was turned into an anime character during junior high 2nd year."


If anyone could explain to me what the fuck that's meant to mean, I'll be eternally grateful.

Anyway, the video features a 30 day basic fitness program with Hinako, in a variety of slutty costumes, leading the audience in various exercises.

So would this be something you might consider forking cash out for (for girls, assume there's an equivalent video with a well hung dude)? And if so, for what purpose?

Personally, I'd buy it. But only because I want them sweaty tits.


  1. My pants are already off in sweaty anticipation.

  2. A human who got turned into an anime character? That's pretty damn funny.

    I don't really follow videos when I exercise, so I probably won't be getting this.

  3. Anime and Fitness finally together!! Yeay.. Could we ask for more??
    Now you can watch pantsu while doing some exercise at the same time.

  4. I think what it mean is they use a human female to take as reference and produce this anime. Or it can be a case of "Lost in translation".

  5. I wonder if the male testosterone level will skyrocket at the end of the 30 days? xD

    This by far the weirdest fitness program I've have seen.

  6. See, this is one of those things where you really DON'T want to go for "moe." Do it tongue-in-cheek, but simultaneously earnest about the exercise. Have "Hinako" be fully aware of what a sizable portion of her viewers are probably using her video for, and not adverse to making fun of OR reprimanding them for it. Go on, give her a personality. I can see it now...

    "Hello, everyone! Well, since you're watching this, most of you probably already know the drill, but for those of you that don't, I'll fill you in. It seems that the folks at Primastea have decided that the only way most of you otaku are gonna get off your butts and do some exercise is if a pretty anime girl tells you to. So, naturally, they came to me! I'm Hinako, and you're watching 'Issho ni Training!' And yes, I know quite a few of you bought this without intending to exercise more than your hand -- can't blame you, honestly -- but rest assured...I'm going to everything in my power to get you moving."


    "...five...six...hey, quit spanking the monkey! Yes, I'm talking to you, you know who you are! Back to the crunches! Eleven...twelve..."


    "Oh, and don't forget the deodorant. Seriously, real girls are NOT going to tolerate unmasked male BO. Actually, we anime girls don't like it much either. Hell, I must've heard Lum complaining about Ataru's bathing habits half a dozen times. ...All right, break time's over. Let's work on the legs."


    "And down...and up. By the way, don't worry if you're sweating and shaking and breathing hard with these deep-knee bends. I may not be, but for one thing, I've been doing this a lot longer than you have, and for another, I'm animated. The animators aren't going to bother making me do that. You know, 'animation' actually comes from an English word for movement. But if there's one thing we're good at, it's staying still. And down...and up. Plus I do a lot of my more intense workouts in shonen series."


    "Seventeen...eighteen...nineteen...yeah, I see where you're looking. I said NO private furi-kuri. You know, if I were real, these would get pretty uncomfortable. For a lot of us, they are anyway. Some things apply less to me because I'm not in an actual story. Keep those push-ups coming, now."


    "Whew. Don't worry, it all pays off sooner or later. Look how well it did for me! ...Like what you see? Well, you'll never be able to touch it. Not physically possible. 2D girls are the one kind you are absolutely, 100% guaranteed never to have sex with, or even watch moving at more than twenty-four frames per second. And odds are, they don't care about you. Our in-story versions don't usually know about you, because of the fourth wall, but if they did, most of them would freak out. Out of story, it's a love-hate thing. Most of us don't like to say it, but it's probably a good thing we can't really interact with you. And if you COULD be with the made-for-idol kind, or with most of the girls stamped from the moe molds? Trust me, it'd get old fast. ...Well, you're not here so I can be all gloomy. Back to work."


    "French maid costume! Très sexy, non? Now, I don't recommend you exercise in this unless a prospective girlfriend is into that. But as for me...well, being an anime girl has some benefits. For one thing, these outfits are easier to find, maintain, put on, wear, and so forth. Plus the animators don't have time to draw my zits! Okay, enough of that, let's do those stretches."


    "Seriously, interacting with other people in your own dimension? It's good stuff. Really. I'm glad you like us -- it pays the bills -- but we're no substitute for your own kind. So get out of the house once in a while. Go for a run. Live a little. You won't regret it, I promise. I'm Hinako, and you'll see me next time!"

    Sadly, judging from the eyes, the moe stare, and the obvious otaku surrogate factor of specifying that she likes anime, I don't think they're going for that.

  7. I will so buy it if it's my fave guy characters' doing the fitness guide for us. Hmmmm, Sousuke....military style, grrrrr.

  8. @ Jackie
    Whilst funny, your comments left me with...less then desirable mental images >_>

    @ M12
    Funny wasn't really the word I'd used to describe it...more like, completely fucked up =P

    @ Phossil
    But the great question remains! Would anyone seriously be exercising while watching this shit???

    @ Leon
    Hmm, that may be right. But that makes the, "junior high, 2nd year" portion all the more mind wrecking >_<

    @ Optic
    lol, somehow I doubt people would even wait the full 30 days to watch it XD

    @ Izeas
    Whilst incredibly funny, I somehow get the feeling that might not sell all too well with the otaku market =P

    Also, +5 coolness points for TV Tropes.

    @ Anna
    An idea! Perhaps we should start a petition then? >=P

  9. I afraid I might do more than just normal exercise!

  10. This could become a huge phenomenon if they kept making them, and introduced more characters and put more effort into it. I don't think it's a bad idea at all.

  11. This might work...

    On the other hand, it might flop completely and just spawn more otaku.

    Either way... odd.

  12. Ah so its basically 30 6 minute work out thing?
    Ive seen the first one and they already messed up one excercise.
    Its selling as good as freshly baked bread as expected.

  13. they should make something similar for computers like those little people who walk around in your screen except they intermittently yell through your speakers "GET BACK TO WORK!" or "GO OUTSIDE!" =D

  14. Ahahahah... See what I meant with guys are simple-minded creatures? *^^* And you defintely can sell anything to otakus as long as there's some moe characters in it. *snickers*

  15. I think what it mean is they use a human female to take as reference and produce this anime. Or it can be a case of "Lost in translation".
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