Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I'm Watching

So, with new season in full swing, there's a whole lot of new crap to watch. And here's what's eating up my free time:


By virtue of the fact she uses a boomerang, I demand that she be given a hideously over the top Australian accent in the English dub.

Definitely my favourite out of all the new season shows, Shangri-La combines great artwork, interesting characters and an intelligent story to form one hell of a package. Also, it's got Momoko, whose every kind of awesome conceiveble. Looking forward to seeing how this bad boy of a series turns out!

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

Now say it with me; BREASTO FIREEEEEEEEE!!!

It's fucking Mazinger! Is there seriously anything else I have to say!?

Queen's Blade

Given how I try to avoid pornographic pictures on my blog, I had to use the only screencap I had which didn't have tits in it. So enjoy this picture of a giant toad.

Given all the blog reviews I've read so far, I'm beginning to suspect I am the only person on Earth who enjoys this show. Quite possibly because I'm an unashamed lover of pornography.


So yeah.

Ugh, I've never been one for moe moe shit, and K-On! is no exception. And Yui strikes me more as being mildly retarded rather then being cute. At least the show is well animated...oh, and it's got a bitchin closing song too.

Well, those are all the new shows I've seen so far, and here are some of the older stuff I've just started watching:

Black Lagoon

Yes. That is a fucking boat flying in the air, about to shoot a torpedo at a helicopter.

Episode 2 had a boat that flew into the sky and shot a torpedo which hit a helicoptor pilot in the face. That's all I needed to know this show is awesome. Also, the opening song is tits.

Bamboo Blade

Fucking backlights!

A cute show that's actually done right! Tama-chan is possibly the only moe moe character who I don't want to skewer with a stake. Also, it's got badass kendo fight scenes. And it's got Dan-kun, a pimp in the making with an acorn shaped head whose 2 feet shorter then everyone else.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Final Fusion, bitch.

One word; Subaru. Or as she is more aptly known as; GaoGaiGar-tan.


  1. I may not have blogged about Queen's Blade but hell, that's one enjoyable show XD

  2. I enjoyed queen's blade as well XD, so... you're not the only one at that, hahaha.

  3. I won't be watching anymore Queen's Blade, but it's fine if you're liking it ;).


    My favourites this season are K-On!, Cross Game and Eden of the East.

  4. The Fifth Element kicked ASS!! It doesn't have to have jack artistic value!! You think movies like transformers have artistic value? Or some anime. Artistic value is overated... A Scanner Darkly had it... but it sucked... even RDJ and Keanu Reeves couldn't save it...

    Shangri La, K-on! and Bamboo Blade, thats what I'm watching out of your choices, but there are at least 5 more aswell as the two new ones lol

  5. I knew you would be watching Shangri-La and Mazinger, but you watching K-ON was a surprise :P

    Have yet to watch Queen's Blade, but all I know is that there are a lot, and I mean, a LOT of tits.

    Oh, and you're watching StrikerS as the same time as me!

    Bamboo Blade is somewhere in the virtual dark corner of my hard disk...

  6. "Given all the blog reviews I've read so far, I'm beginning to suspect I am the only person on Earth who enjoys this show. "

    I am hear to reassure you that it's okay. I'm watching it too. :P

    Watching or have watched all of the shows here. Black Lagoon and Bamboo Blade are great shows, and I liked StrikerS, though people pan it more than praise it. And yes GGG-tan is awesome. :3

  7. Im about to start to watch Strikers. I fully downloaded the show.

  8. Man you sure follow many anime. It quite hard for fan in Sg tho...

  9. FUYOH!!!!

    shiat, interested in black lagoon HAHAHA. have yet to see it too.

    I'm catching up more towards manga than anime, sigh.

    nice brief review hahaha XD now I know what to pick up next ;)

  10. You are watching a lot of anime bro. Queen's Blade seems very interesting. I just finished watching Scrapped Princess & Orguss 2. Now watching Gundam Seed for the 2nd time.

  11. @ Lightning Sabre
    A fellow Queen's Blade fan! Ebullience! And yes, it is a very enjoyable, if somewhat guilty pleasure >=D

    @ Kazetora
    Ahh, to know that there are others who like the show too, it proves that the world hasn't gone entirely insane ;)

    @ M12
    Cross Game and East of Edan eh? I've heard of East, but not Cross Game, what's that like?

    And yes, ROCKETO PUNCH!!!

    @ Meimi
    Yes Fifth Element kicked MASSIVE ass! I heard there were plans for a sequel a while back, but they were sadly scrapped :(

    And oh you'll love Bamboo Blade! It's a great, if tragically underrated series.

    @ Konadora
    Heheh, I generally have K-On! as a light alternative during those few times I don't feel like getting the adrenaline pumping while watching giant robots beat the fuck out of each other =P

    And excellent! A fellow StrikerS viewer! Given that you know I'm a lover of super robots, I'm reasonably certain you can figure out why I like StrikerS =P

    And you really should give Bamboo Blade a shot! It's moe done right!

    @ BigN
    You know, perhaps we should form a club for all the people who enjoy Queen's Blade and are proud of it =P

    And yeah, stupid people who don't like could you not like a show that features GaoGaiGar reincarnated as a teenage genki girl!?

    @ Phossil
    You'll enjoy it! And three guesses on who my favourite character is :P

    @ Leon
    Heheh, there are people who watch a shitload more then me =P

    But yeah, after those law suits a few years back, I'd imagine downloading anime would be a lot harder in Singapore now won't it? How do you guys get by it?

    @ Anna
    YES! Please, please, please watch Black Lagoon!

    If not in anime, then in manga form!

    Speaking of which, I'm missing the Borders bookstore in Midvalley...the manga selection in Sydney sucks T_T

    @ Katsuden
    Haha, Queen's Blade is quite interesting! But given the fact that according to your blog, you've got two adorable little kids, I'd be a little careful about watching it while their around... =P

  12. Ha! Ha! I have to lock my bedroom door and watch late night. Like a thief!!!

  13. You seen New Getter Robo? From what I've read, you should. And...well, you can guess what ELSE I want you to get your butt to watching.

  14. Got me hooked on Black lagoon, a flying boat shooting torpedos at choppers, is insanely epic^^

  15. I somehow haven't gone into K-On hype. Is it actually really good or has KyoAni done a really good job at drawing the crowd? The magic hasn't really worked for me at the moment :\

    Oh that pic of Subaru... Is that ep17 of StrikerS? Just watched that last night and it's a nice highlight of the series after having a slow start with a lot of characters being introduced.


  16. lol accidently left a bunch of numbers on the comment. Don't worry about it :P

  17. Dam, ur pretty late in getting into Bamboo Blade. But still, glad ur liking it. :)

    I still haven't gave Queen Blade a go yet but there's no rush. It's not like I'm missing anything special :P

  18. Subaru is awesome.
    Gin-nee... Gin nee... KAESE

    Good times. Glad to hear you're finally catching up on stuff. :P

  19. We just don't watch it. :) Let SG anime and product die off. :D

  20. what? they have manga too? MUST READ, MUAHAHAHA.

    oh and yeah, borders are awesome, last checked. I think I'm gonna go there instead of Kinokuniya, lol.

  21. @ Katsuden
    lol XD

    Desperate times call for desperate measures eh? >=D

    @ Izeas
    Ugh, haven't gotten around to New Getter...another one of those that I keep saying I'll watch but never do >_<

    On the plus side, I have started on Gunbuster! I'm up to episode 4 now! >=D

    @ Gunstray
    Oh shit yes! Black Lagoon is stupidly epic! >=D

    @ q
    Eh, K-On really isn't all that. Guess it's not bad if you're into moe shit, but as far as I'm concerned, it's pretty much just well animated shit >_>

    And yes! Subaru in episode 17 MADE StrikerS for me!

    @ Optic
    Heh, yeah, I took forever to watch Bamboo Blade...I think I had the first episode sitting in my hard drive for over a year before I saw it >_>

    Well, if you're into nudity, bondage, lactation or urination, then you really are missing something special =P

    @ Reijin
    Oh god Subaru was so fucking awesome! My only regret, is that she didn't grab Graf Eisen off Vita and dish out a massive Goldion Hammer on someone T_T

    @ Leon
    Wow, that's tough =( I think I remember reading that Singapore is the largest consumer of anime outside of Japan, so that must be a real sea change O.o

    @ Anna
    Yup! I haven't read the manga, but I'd presume it's pretty decent!

    And yes! Borders is stupidly awesome! Do you live anywhere near Midvalley? If you do, you might as well do all your manga shopping there!

  22. Well they just kill their market.