Saturday, April 18, 2009

K-On! First Impressions

Now I know I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but I'm going to say it anyway; I really don't like K-On!. I don't hate it the way I hated Lucky Star, but moe shit really doesn't do much more then annoy me, and K-On! is no different.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter.


Don't expect anything deep or meaningful here, it's just about a bunch of girls in the school music club, and their day to day interactions. Given how K-On! is essentially a slice of life comedy, that's fair enough.

The girls who leapt through time.

The story revolves around Yui, a special needs child, who in a tragic case of irony, is an essential member of the school music club, as without her, the club would have an insufficient number of members and would be thus forced to close down.

Truly, Yui is the greatest mind of her generation.

What follows are the trials and tribulations of the three other members who are actually competent, and their ever vain endeavors of teaching Yui how to play the guitar. A task made ever more insurmountable given the fact that Yui's musical talents rival her prodigious intellect.

Tsumugi, upon meeting Yui.


Yui Hirasawa
The main character. Suffers from mild mental retardation; a possible first for lead characters in anime. The band's guitar player...technically. Is meant to be the moe moe character due to her airheaded personality, but in a cruel case of life imitating art, Mio appears to be perceived as moe by the general audience, thus proving Yui truly can't get anything right.

Not even Johannes Krauser wants to rape that.

Mio Akiyama
The apparent popular favourite amongst viewers, Mio is the traditional ideal Japanese woman; shy, humble and kind; traits that really do nothing but annoy the shit out of me. Anyway, she plays bass and is generally the straight man, in contrast to her friends' wacky antics. Also, expect many, many doujins to be released featuring her.

How much blander could a single person be!? God!

This picture encapsulates the entirety of Mio's relationship with Ritsu.

Ritsu Tainaka
The band's drummer, Ritsu generally provides the slapstick comedy relief. However, she seems to hide a darker personality, given her propensity to lie and manipulate in order to get what she wants, as evidenced in her recruitment of Tsumugi in episode 1. Because of her amorality, she is far and away my favourite character.

Ritsu has had enough of your shit!

We lie, we cheat, we steal!

Tsumugi Kotobuki
The pianist and token rich girl. She seems to be woefully ignorant of the outside world, leading one to ponder what kind of depraved childhood she must have endured. She generally buys the friendship of others with cake.

Tsumugi making friends the only way she knows how.


Look, it's KyoAni, the people behind Haruhi Suzumiya, what do you expect but top quality shit?

Sadly, no amount of money could afford Tsumugi new eyebrows.

So yeah, it's typical KyoAni obsessive attention to detail, fluid animation, and muted yet somehow vibrant colours.

The fuck? Since when did we move from K-On! to The Shining?

Personally though, I preferred the more serious animation of Haruhi Suzumiya. In contrast, K-On! is more cartoony, with movements sometimes resembling Western Saturday morning cartoons, as well as liberal use of chibis and funny looking faces.

Yui's mere presence is soul crushing.

To be fair however, it suits the general feel of K-On!, it's just not my cup of tea.

Even as a child, Yui had difficulty with even the most basic of concepts. Such as standing straight.

One weird thing that I haven't been able to wrap my finger around though, is that feet are drawn really small. I mean, they are really fucking small! You don't notice it too much, but when you do, it's fucking creepy!

Look at Yui's feet. Seriously, how the fuck do they support the rest of her body?


Look, I don't like K-On!. That should be pretty obvious. However, it's fucking popular as it is, so it's obviously hitting the right notes with quite a few people.

Here. Another Mio picture for the fans to wank over.

I guess if you're into moe and all that shit, K-On! might appeal to you. Personally, it's never really been my scene.

If you're too lazy to read the whole post, just look at this picture. It's K-On! in a nutshell.

Also, Yui's clumsiness and silliness is way, way overdone. I'm presuming it's meant to be cute, but it's not. It's just fucking annoying. Everytime we're forced to endure Yui's antics, I feel nothing but the unquenchable desire to reach into the screen and punch Yui in the face. And then kick her. Continuously. For about an hour.

Another reason why Ritsu is my favourite character.

Ultimately, I might just keep watching K-On!. For what it's worth, it makes for a good, lighthearted alternative to my usual shit of giant robots beating the fuck out of each other. But I'm definitely not going to be following the series with any great enthusiasm.

This picture encapsulates the entirety of Yui's relationships with...everyone.

On the plus side, Ritsu is cool. Also, the show has a bitchin' ending tune; which is my favourite part of the show for several reasons which should be fairly obvious.


  1. HAHAHA!!!!
    U say u don't like it but u managed to watched at least 3 episodes of it. ;)

    Just continue watching it buddy and enjoy it.
    Stop kidding urself. xD

  2. Hmm... I'm nowhere near this extreme of disliking it nor to the extreme of loving it. I'm somewhere in the middle enjoying the series as it is not really caring what others say about it except for my own say. Interesting reading your point of view though.

  3. Im in the middle zone of liking or hating it, but you do have really good reasons to hate the extreme moe level of the anime

  4. it's not that bad...i like it =)
    i don't have the urge to punch yui btw.
    but i've seen worse, so i understand what you mean....

  5. OH wow HAHAHAHAH, this review is just amazing. So much win in just a few paragraphs ^_^, thank you so much for posting this, I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it. Haven't laughed this much in ages!

  6. @ Optic
    Meh, I don't hate it enough to stop watching entirely. As said, it's mainly there as a light refreshment when I don't feel like watching something get hit in the face with a rocket punch.

    That said, Yui still annoys the living shit out of me >_>

    @ Lightning Sabre
    Eh, to each their own really. But seriously though, I honestly can't figure out why it's so popular O.o

    @ Mikee
    Ha! I always have good reasons to hate moe >=D

    @ Zhe
    You've seen worse? Oh poor, poor thing... =(

    @ Michael
    lol, well, I do endeavor to make comedy out of my rage and hatred >=D

  7. LOL Neat review.

    And I won't ever be picking up this series. Not to be bias or anything, but there are tons of other series which is my stuff which I haven't gotten my hands/eyes on yet, so I'm giving priority to that.

    It's funny club...shouldn't it be like a music band? Many ppl? Something like that d'oro series? not like...rock band? I'm confused, huhuhu.

  8. This must be an anime with lotz of music and humour.

  9. Mio is gaining a lot of fans, but my favorites are Yui and Mio. ^^

  10. @ Anna
    Heheh, you won't be missing much ^^

    @ Dennis
    Well...humour...your mileage may vary =P

    @ Phossil
    Personally, I can't fucking figure out why she's so popular.

  11. It's interesting to read a review from someone who actually disliked this show. Indeed, Yui's moe-ism is way overdone. It's so obviously they just created her to excite the fanboys. However, in the second and third eps, so has a little bit of character. I reckon this show's fine, so long as you don't put too much thinking into it =).

  12. Yui just gets more retarded every single episode. Makes me wonder if she really is a high school girl, or even human (Well, she's an anime character, but you know what I'm talking about). But Mio and Ritsu, on the other hand, are awesome.

    And yes, I love the ED. Full version of the OP was a big disappointment though.

  13. I'd say Mugi and Ritsu are the best characters - but yeah, K-on is a tad on the odd side. It's nice for a half hour of absent-minded watching, however.

  14. I know that this shit is old, but to wash the taste of K-On! out of your mouth, watch the new show Soranowoto on Crunchyroll. It might put a certain swelling in your pants. :D