Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taikutsu Theater Presents - The Fanfics of Haruhi Suzumiya

So Animania last weekend was kinda...bleh. It was fun, but the event seemed kinda underwhelming, and queuing outside for two hours under the hot sun was definitely not a high point.

Also, Optic and I had planned to meet up for Animania, but due to a comedy of errors, we never actually found each other. And most horridly, only a single person commented on my sexy Gurren Lagann shirt!

Still, I did manage to get a Genshiken dvd boxset though, so not all was lost.

Anyways, that's it for mini Animania, see y'all at the big one in September.

And now, we return to your regularly scheduled program of...this.


  1. Dam, 2hrs. 0_0
    And I thought I had it worst with an hour and a half. -_-

    It's a shame we didn't get the chance to meet up. Hopefully at next event. ^^

  2. Sound interesting. It is a regular thing that is going on for such event?

  3. I think It could be worst.. ^^

  4. @ Optic
    Tell me about; it was horrible >_>

    But yeah, hopefully I'll see you round main Animania!

    @ Leon
    Well, it's sorta regular. Twice a year, with the bigger event happening later in the year.

    @ Lightning Sabre
    Hey, some of those fics are pretty...creative =P

    @ Phossil
    Oh it'll get worse. Oh it'll get worse >=D

  5. Omigosh! 2 hours =o
    Was that with pre-reg or normal entry?

    I wasn't able to go, what with being half a world away atm, lulz~ I should be able to show up at the next convention though... just have to find out which one's coming up first ^^;; Hope to see you at the next one~

  6. @ Koshiko
    Ugh, it was horrible >_>
    Admittedly it was normal entry though, I think the pre-reg line was quite bearable...though I really didn't expect the normal line to be so long, especially for mini Animania >_<

    But yeah, hope to see you at big Animania! If memory serves me right, that's on the 5th and 6th of September =D

  7. Is the Eva 00 Idea really taken from a fanfic or just your ill mind? ^^

  8. Nice, Haruhi impregnates Eva 00 XD I'm surprised to see Haruhi in one piece actually. Sucks that you didn't get to meet Optic, and had to wait for 2 hours in the heat for a subpar event.

  9. Looks like I'll be at SMASH! first on August 8 & 9. Will be heading to the main Animania too though, so I'll see you when I see you x3

  10. @ Blowfish
    I can't lie; it was from my ill mind ^^
    But then again, there ARE some pretty fucked up fanfics out there...

    @ Persocom
    Heh, yeah, the queuing really did suck massive shit. Though it did give me time to think up a comic that could include Haruhi, giant robots and babies >_>

    @ Koshiko
    Actually, there's a pretty good chance I'll be heading to SMASH! too! Maybe we should try arrange a meetup with all the Sydney based bloggers, it'd be all kinds of awesome! >=D


    I WANT ONE TOO ;__; somewhere in the future, most definitely!

  12. boldy going where noone has dared to go before!
    me, not you snark....
    i shall now proceed to accuse you of.....
    "whats the worse that could possibly happen"
    i dont give a shit how original or entertaining your strip is, im the QC around here! QFC!