Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taikutsu Theater Presents - The Next Generation

Following last week's episode of this, we now bring you the thrilling conclusion...


  1. That last picture is so very true.

  2. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I love the cast in the photos XDDDDDDDD

    only Haruhi feels VERY off XD;

    and last photo = FTW.

  3. Haw so many possibilities. I gotta wonder how you got that puchi Eva Unit 00. It's random trading figure, right?

  4. Lol ... and didn't know u had a figma Haruhi!

  5. @ Persocom
    lol, tell me about it XD

    @ Anna
    Heheh, I only noticed after I took all those pictures that Haruhi was the only human character present, by then, I was too lazy to change it =P

    @ Lightning Sabre
    Yeah, I think it's a trading figure. I bought it at some store in Akihabara where it was in a transparent plastic bag, but I'm pretty sure she originally came from a gacha machine or something.

    @ Acesan
    She's a recent acquisition. Given how my other figmas (Hayate Yagami, Evil Witch Yuki Nagato and Ryomou Shimei) were all a little unwieldy, I wanted a more basic figma who I could play around with a bit more easily.

  6. UNLESS Haruhi is A mecha herself o.O;;;;;;;;

    android mecha HAHAHA *nuts*

    what's the model of the chibi rei?

  7. OMG, now this all makes sense. xD

  8. @ Anna
    Mecha Haruhi!? We never saw it coming!!!

    Also, that's not chibi's CHIBI EVA-00!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!

    @ Phossil
    She's got a skirt, so I'm gonna take a guess and say girl =P

    @ Optic
    lol, how does it all make sense? =P

  9. Nice comic strips. hope to see more.