Monday, September 21, 2009

Another reason why weak willed, submissive moeblobs suck

Regular readers of my blog know that I spend much time hating on moeblobs. Now I know not all moeblobs fall under this description, but I've found many of them to be passive, submissive girls who embody so called 'traditional feminine traits'. And to be brief, that character achtype has always pissed the shits out of me.

Well, in addition to being annoying and useless, it seems that being a passive little moebitch also leads to comparatively lower self esteem. A recent study* found that women who were tomboys in childhood generally enjoyed higher self esteem in adulthood as compared to women who spent their time pursuing more traditionally feminine ideals.

So there you have it. Another reason why being a moeblob sucks! So go, women of both the 2D and 3D worlds! Embrace your inner tomboy, and pierce the heavens with your drill!

* Michele Van Volkom, 'The Effects of Childhood Tomboyism and Family Experiences on the Self-Esteem of College Females' (2009) 43 College Student Journal 736


  1. LOL I am actually a feminine & masculine girl since childhood until now. It just depends on how to channel it & it's all about balancing. Like I prefer punching jerks rather than slapping, wearing dress over pants sometimes, would like to be the lady and let my guy be the man, I like driving but I also cook, I play piano but my soul prefers guitar, wtf. I don't label myself as tomboy, more like a weirdo. 8)

    Yes, I think the ideals are very important in shaping a strong kickass person, though I don't think tomboy has anything to do with it, unless you meant tomboy as in the mentality is towards thinking independently & not following custom cultures which do not work most of the time for rationality. This is cause most (not all) tomboys I know are hypocrites. I know tomboys who turned to moeblobs but rarely the other way around, ROFL.

  2. Tomboys are cool (A+ for GaoGaiGar-tan)

  3. Yeah, I really hate weak, submissive female characters and anime where females are automatically treated as inferior. Fate/Stay Night comes to mind. Shirou is such a retard trying to "protect" Saber just because she's a girl despite the fact that she's more than capable of doing it herself and he just gets in the way.
    It may sound stereotypical but I think it stems from what many Japanese see as an ideal woman...

    Some of my favorite female characters with a bit more toughness and attitude: Balsa (Seirei no Moribito), Amu (Shugo Chara), Haruhi (Ouran), Kagami (Lucky Star).

  4. I agree. I prefer characters with more personality than the submissive Asian girls...
    I like tsunderes or oujo-sama type characters.
    Either way, a stronger personality is better.

  5. DORIRUUU PAWAAA!!! Sry, I just had to say that ^^

    It does make sense that more assertive and hot-tempered girls are better at making their own ways. After all, one just has to be sturdy to fulfill his ambition. And you can't act sturdy if you are submissive or your eyes water on every occasion.

  6. This all applies doubly to male characters possessing "traditional female traits."

  7. "I like girls who can kick some ass"...

  8. Interesting topic again brother snark, but I don't think I agree with a character possesses "traditional feminine traits" is the on the same level as a moeblob, at least on a concept level. In practice, I don't think I have really encountered a 100% moeblob either (I never quite managed to keep myself interested in K-On! I was too irritated to continue). I believe, however, it is possible for a passive/submissive character to have something she believes in and therefore possesses definable character traits, example: Haruka in Beat Blade Haruka. She was very submissive in game but I never once thought she was a moeblob.

    On the other hand, while I would like to see women of the 2D and 3D world to understand why men need their fixes of Giant Robots and Drill, I don't necessarily want to see them turn into a tomboy either, nor do I need a ojou sama to order me around, no thanks, I don't anyone to boss me around, there is a reason why I am a freedom fighting, world traveling Kamen Rider.

  9. This post reminds me that Mikuru is one of the most annoying characters that I've seen....and K-On sucked, I'll just throw that out there....Moe is usually stupid, and in anime, the tomboy character is always better than a moe cluster fuck.

  10. Urghh... So much hate from comments. :p
    Can't help but worry I'll get shot for posting this.

    But.. I'm actually OK with Moe in animes. Just make sure they don't get retarded or too much. I like a balance of both Moe and Gar and others (action, romance, comedy, etc.) between animes.

    IRL however, I have yet to come across a female I can describe as Moe. Although I think I'd stay from one if there were any.
    *Taking a minute to think about this*
    *Goes through my contact list*
    Does Moe even exists irl?

    Some of you already know this but Tsundere's>*! :p

  11. typo: I'd stay *away* from one

  12. @ Wolfheinrich

    "On the other hand, while I would like to see women of the 2D and 3D world to understand why men need their fixes of Giant Robots and Drill, I don't necessarily want to see them turn into a tomboy either, nor do I need a ojou sama to order me around, no thanks, I don't anyone to boss me around, there is a reason why I am a freedom fighting, world traveling Kamen Rider."
    You are the man!! (sorry, just had to say that ^_^)

  13. Tell you the truth, Moe and Tomboys(Naoto is a good example) are my biggest weaknesses

  14. Most interesting... I'll look into that article. Thanks.

  15. I don't get along well with girls who are moe IRL. They pissed the crap outta me. IMO weak-willed women is the worst.

    Hence why I hate moe characters in anime. I don't like Mikuru and have a mighty hatred for Inoue from Bleach.

    So I share your sentiments. *thumbs up*

  16. U just don't like moe in general.
    Nuff said. :P

  17. I wouldn't say I was a tomboy as a child per say, but I don't think I was extremely feminine either.

    <--confident adult...that has a room filled with toys and comics

    I think the fact that I liked anime/manga/video games is what makes me confident. I just got sick and tired of hiding it and feeling ashamed when I was criticized for liking it by my friends. I didn't want to give up my hobbies so I just became more confident in myself.

  18. I would say there are exceptions - I have a moeblob friend and she has alot of tomboyish habits :P She's just quite meek and cutesy, too.

    It's avery odd mix.

  19. con on guys! i like moe characters and i agree to some extent that they are weak-willed and submissive but there is so much you can do with a character

  20. Jim Hawking and Sasami Masaki forever!

  21. So just beause a girl doesn't punch someone's lights out or goes "rambo" on a building that means she's weak, useless, pathedic, and annoying right. This is why I have strarted to not like the "strong female characters" because it implies that the only way for a female character to be loved is by going "rambo" on something. Look true strength comes from how well someone can overcome a situation and help others. Whose to say a housewife character can't be as strong as an action girl character.
    P.s. I'm a girl myself