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Gravion - Review

With the current season approaching but not quite reached its end, I've been rather bereft of any anime to review. So instead I've decided to review something from a few years back; Masami Obari's Gravion.

Pimp? Check. White Suit? Check. Pimp cane? Check. Awesome? Check!

Now before we begin, I'd like to state that when I mention Gravion, I refer to both Gravion and Gravion Zwei. Gravion was a 13 episode series that basically ended with no real conclusion, and Gravion Zwei was a 12 episode direct sequel that finished the story.

Eiji approves of this review.

Anyway, for those of you too lazy to read this review, I'm gonna say this right now; Gravion is one of my favourite animes of all time. There. That should give you a pretty good idea of how the rest of this review is going to play out.

The undisputed best way to threaten a man.


Space monsters attack Earth and a bunch of kids have to pilot a giant robot to defeat them. Also, all the kids live in a giant castle staffed by maids, owned by the enigmatic pedophile Sandman, who also owns Gravion, the giant robot. That's pretty much it.

Eina actually looks half decent without her glasses. Too bad she's still completely worthless.

There are some side stories, such as main character Eiji's search for his missing sister, but for the most part, the story takes a backseat to the giant robot battles.

Eiji shows his stuff; Sandman is unimpressed.


The characters are one of the areas where Gravion really shines. They are by no means deep or unique, in fact, all but a few of them are recycled anime stereotypes.

Witness the ferret of censorship!

Despite this, they remain surprisingly likable; Eiji is easily one of the most relatable male protagonists I've seen in an anime, Luna is surprisingly funny despite being a standard tsundere, Sandman essentially steals the spotlight whenever he appears with his hammy lines and even walking fanservice Mizuki has a surprising amount of characterization.


Eiji Shigure
The main character; a hot headed kid searching for his missing sister who sneaks into Sandman's castle, where she was last seen. Has a tendency to get raped by loli maids, but to his credit, he doesn't enjoy it in the slightest, thus lending credence to his insistence that he is not a pedophile. Also, despite being the main character, he is not the main pilot of Gravion; a first in combining giant robot anime. Instead, he pilots the comparatively useless right leg.

You know you want this.

Honestly, I feel sorry for this guy.

Toga Tenkuji
The main pilot of Gravion, Toga has been raised his entire life for the sole purpose of fighting the Zeravire aliens. Because of this, Toga has exceptionally fighting skills, but is also a massive dumbshit and socially retarded. For some bizarre reason, the girls all have a thing for retards and are seriously wet for Toga. Is horny for Eiji.

Hey, it's my giant robot. You telling me I can't pilot my giant robot naked?

Oh Toga, you tease!

Luna Gusuku
The main female character and token tsundere, Luna is a rather unique example of her achetype as she's basically completely tsun towards Eiji and completely dere towards Toga. Pilots Gravion's left hand, which includes steering Gravion's rocket punch attack, which is the coolest job ever in the history of anime. Is horny for Toga.

Luna lost her nipples in a tragic chaffing accident.

It is a scientifically proven fact that clothing hampers giant robot piloting.

One of the many, many, maids working in Sandman's castle and the pilot of Gravion's right arm. Cowardly, clumsy and essentially useless. Is horny for Toga.

This is pretty much Eina's life. It's not a great one.

She doesn't show it, but Eina's loving this.

Mizuki Tachibana
The pilot of Gravion's left, and far more awesome leg who also serves as the show's primary fanservice chick. Has boobs the size of Eina's head. Despite her fanservice nature, she's also one of the smartest characters on the show, and has considerable skills as a hacker. Is pretty much the only adult woman Sandman associates himself with for most the show. Makes a rather disturbing cameo appearance in the hentai anime, Angel Blade Punish. Is possibly horny for Toga.

Mizuku showing an uncharacteristic amount of modesty.

A quite and reserved young girl who pilots Gravion's chest plate. Aims and fires the Gravity Crescent, one of Gravion's more powerful attacks. Has a pet ferret, cause ferrets are cute. Is horny for Toga.

Unluckily for Leele, Sandman likes them young.

Klein Sandman
An enigmatic billionaire who owns a castle, Gravion, and employs an army of underage maids. Despite his rampant kiddylust, is easily the best character in the show thanks to his sheer over the topness. Takes a massive leap in awesomeness later in the series and levels up from a pedophile who lives in a castle with underage girls to a pimp in a white suit who wins the heart of the hottest adult woman in the cast.

To see a creepy pedophile grow... become a Pimp in a White Suit. It was a beautiful sight.

Sandman's personal assistant/bitch who wears a silly mask. Sadly never gets naked at any point in the series. Is horny for Sandman.

While Raven never technically disrobes, he wears some...interesting things under that suit.

The Operator Maids
A trio of maids of form the mission control for Gravion. They fangirl incessently over Sandman. They may, or may not be underage.

Gravion likes its status reports in moans.

...yeah. I don't know what the hell is going on either.

The girl to the right is an operator maid. She's meant to be the straight laced one. Well, as straight laced as you can get in this show anyway.

The head mechanic maid...yeah, you heard me right; she's a mechanic maid.

It's standard mechanic apparel. Don't ask questions.

The Loli Maids
A trio of ten year olds whose sole purpose in life seems to be raping Eiji. It's not pretty.

There you go you disgusting pedophiles, two naked lolis for you to wank to. Let it be known that Snark is fair to all, even to revolting childscrewers.

This was not a high point in young Eiji's life.

Faye Xin Lu
The commander of the G-Soldiers, a rival organization whose purpose is to supplant Gravion as the defenders of Earth. Has a mysterious past with Toga. May or may not be horny for Toga.

It's not rape! They were childhood friends! This is totally what childhood friends do!

The titular mech itself. Is formed by combining the Gran Kaiser, a smaller robot with five Gran Diva vehicles, each piloted by one of the pilots.

Tragically, there were no pictures of Gravion in any state of undress.


Sadly, this is not one of Gravion's strong points. It's not ugly so to speak, but it's rather obvious that Gravion was made on a budget, with quite a bit of stock footage and several obvious cost cutting techniques used throughout the episode.

Ladies, this is for you.

Eiji's pickup technique needed a little work.

That said however, the characters look pretty enough, and Gravion, whilst not the most visually distinctive giant robot out there, is well designed and looks great on screen.

She'll be back.

A special mention must also be given to Gravion's combination sequence, which is easily one of the best I've seen in any super robot show;


Put simply; Gravion is a show that knows exactly what it is and has no pretensions of being anything more. The story is simplistic and the characters likable but generic. Despite this, it remains a very enjoyable show that knows not to take itself too seriously, which results in some genuinely funny moments that poke fun at many established super robot tropes.

Gravion is fueled by the power of Mizuki's boobs.

The soundtrack is particularly deserving of praise; featuring two openings and two insert songs that comprise some of JAM Projects' best works, it elevates some of Gravion's most memorable scenes to a level that would have been impossible in the hands of lesser musicians.

A fall most gracious.

However, Gravion is not perfect; as mentioned before, the story is very light and the characters are derivative, which would surely put a damper on the enjoyment for some.

Mizuki making Eina feel all tingly inside.

Generally, I hesitate greatly to say that a show is for fans of the genre, because it sounds very much like a feeble excuse for the failings of a show. Gravion however, is a case which I believes warrants that description.

Sandman; billionair. Pimp. Master of Pingpong.

This is very much a show by super robot fans for super robot fans. It's well aware of the tropes of the genre, and gleefully pokes fun at them, and yet revels in them all the same. Gravion is Masami Obari's love letter to super robots, and like most love letters, non-recipients will find little of value.




    THANK YOU *__*

  2. Great review that doesn't oversell the show. I feel that I can watch it without making bad assumptions. But the images... @_@

    I guess Obari has a thing for hot-blooded types controlling feet.

  3. "Space monsters attack Earth and a bunch of kids have to pilot a giant robot to defeat them."

    Best Plot ever!

    There! You did it! You actually got me genuinely interested in a Mecha Show o.0

    So is that Eiji Dude running around naked all day or are you trying to cater to your female readership with some manservice?

  4. Hmmm, excessive fanservice for both males and females. Doesn't look like my type of show, really >_<

  5. LOL, this is my favourite Obari show. So bad but so good.

  6. I have to ask, though I'm slightly afraid. How much sex do the characters have, with one another, that we know?

  7. it seems like all the characters like to be nude all the time.

  8. Yeap.. Looks like you got everyone interested with this anime. :p

    I was reading and scrolling down as usual until I saw Gravion robot. Oh ShitZ! Looks Hot! This could very well be my first mech bonAr.

    After watching the Youtube. Can I presume that they don't reeaally go piloting Gravion naked every ep?

  9. This was one of my favorite Fanboy series. They really went the extra yard in second season.

    It was a blast when the whole crew had to dress up as maids and do chores when Eiji lost the poker game.

  10. Seems you like big robot series. ^^;

  11. Wow...I really took Aquarion gataigasm for granted, Naked piloting is the win!!

  12. @bluerakon

    LOL you don't say. when I wanted to catch sexy Eiji for season 2, the first thing I saw was the back of a hot maid...and when the maid's HIM. damn he's attractive as any sex, wtf. XD; *drool*

  13. @ Anna
    Go! Go and watch Gravion, and find out why I love it so! >=D

    And yeah, Eiji has a tendency to crossdress...a lot

    @ tsuzukusekai
    Yeah, Obari pretty much did the exact same hot blooded foot thing in Dancouga Nova. It is a pretty amusing set up though =P

    @ Blowfish
    Well, bit of both really; I figured the girls might like a bit of Eiji ass, and he also probably spends the most time naked compared to the rest of the cast

    @ Anon_Object
    Why not? There's a little bit for everyone! >;)

    @ Anon
    Bah! Gravion is ALL good! >=D

    @ Guy
    In all honesty, I think basically everyone in the cast except for maybe Sandman and Mizuki are virgins -_-;

    @ Phossil
    Yeah, pretty much.

    @ Blur
    Sadly, no. Naked piloting is reserved for special occasions =(

    @ Bluedrakon
    Yeah, the absolutely ludicrous things that the cast go through are absolutely hilarious in their shamelessness XD

    @ Reltair
    Damn straight I do! Though to be more specific, I only really like super robots, I'm not a big fan of the real robot genre

    @ GunStray
    Now we need to combine the two >=D

  14. nekkid guys are great. nekkid guys driving a giant robot are teh awesome!! makes me want to watch this although I know I'm gonna facepalm every two seconds when they start showing the boobs and the pedorapes. Just need to remind myself that Eiji and Toga are hot nekkid guys driving a giant robot every two seconds too,I guess XP

  15. Strange, I've never heard of this anime. Will have to look it up, though the amount of nekkid guys is worrying lol :P I wonder if they were trying to appeal to a female or "playing for the same team" audience with that?

  16. must admit this post makes me want to watch this..which is clever of snark, coz there's enough disclaimers in there so that ican't complain if it turns out i don't like it!

  17. OMgosh. I have never seen so many half naked shots before unless it was a full on hentai. Hahahaha, it amuses me. I think I'm gonna have to check this out sometime.

  18. lmao hilariously awesome review!i wanna watch it just to see Eina now!! XDDD

    lol no pictures of Gravion in a state of undress? what a rip!

  19. Is this show intellectually stimulating?

  20. So much male nudity... Actually, just so much nudity in general.
    Also, what's up with ferrets as pets in anime?

  21. lol the guy reminds me to the male lead in To Love-ru >.< nice review =) too much nudity for me though, so probably not gonna watch it O.O

  22. Wao. Tons of fanservice o.o This is definitely not something I'd want my mom to see me watching. LOL. I think it can be a source of good lulz though. Might check it out sometime XD

  23. @ Kluxorious
    Go then! Go and watch Gravion, and bath in its nakedness! And don't worry, Eiji probably spends the most time naked out of all the cast =P

    @ Acesan
    In all honesty, I have no idea who the hell they were trying to pander to or if Obari is just insane =P Either way, go watch Gravion and judge for yourself!

    @ Animekritik
    Damn straight it does! Now go watch it! >=D

    @ OneandonlyJem
    Don't check it out sometime! Do it now!
    And technically, you're correct; a couple Gravion characters make cameos in the Angel Blade hentai series ;P

    @ Rockleelotus
    I know; I was most disappointed that there were no scenes of Gravion naked! >=(

    @ Baka-Raptor
    Most definitely. It is a journey into the self, so profound that at journeys end, you will feel as if it was the first time in your life that you saw the world with unclouded eyes.

    @ Yi
    I don't know, we need cooler anime pets, like geoducks!

    @ Guuzen
    What!? There can NEVER be too much nudity!

  24. @ Ninjovee
    Sometime is not good enough! Watch it! Watch it now! >=D

  25. See, that's something I dislike.

    Naked all the time, sexual all the time. Never sex...

    Go all the way! Even if it's off-screen, like Kaji and Misato. Or even more off-screen, when Kim in RahXephon is pregnant.

  26. I used to see soooo many terrible previews for this show. Seemed like Mizuki Tachibana was in every single scene in the preview too, her ginormous boobs scared me and I didn't watch the series. I may watch it now (MAY), the fact that you said it doesn't take itself too seriously has me curious.

  27. @ Guy
    That's the thing though, very few people in the show are actually horny for anyone; they just happen to be naked for some reason -_-;

    @ Duckie
    Watch it! For the love of all that is holy, watch it! And besides, you'll be seeing a lot more naked Eiji then Mizuki =P

  28. LOL this is as funny as Aquarion!! i should get a copy of this XD

  29. Sadly, there is some misinformation here. Especially about Sandman and Leel's relationship, and Raven's true identity.

  30. lol mizuki should crucified naked on the public to trains her braveness more and more

  31. LOL this is as funny as Aquarion!! i should get a copy of this XD
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