Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creo the Crimson Crises - Review

Holy hell it's been a while since I've written anything to do with manga. Anyway, I was surfing round the anime blogosphere a few days ago when I came across Katherine's review of Creo the Crimson Crises.

Sadly, that excuse didn't sit so well with the magistrate.

Generally I'm not really one for romance manga, but this one had lesbians in it, and that sounded like something I might like. So I gave it a shot; and now, having read all available scanlated chapters, I present to you my own review!

It's so romantic!


Suou is an Ordinary High School Student. Well, sorta; she's pretty ordinary except for the fact that she inadvertently drenches the panties of every woman who even looks at her for no adequately explained reason. Also, most these women try to rape her at some point.

Just another day in Suou's life.

So anyway, one day as Suou is walking around the school, a magical lesbian demon thing named Creo pops out of the school pond (which appears to be a gate to another dimension or something, go figure) and pops a collar on Suou, claiming she now owns her.

What? You don't put collars on your loved ones? What are you, communist?

This obviously doesn't sit well with the lesbian army that are all already fighting each other for a chance at Suou's virginity, so naturally sparks fly. Oh, and there's also some supernatural stuff, but that's not important.

Lesbians - the best kind of rapists.


The main character, sorta. Suou's not really so much a character as she is a prop, who essentially alternates between two states; crying, and getting raped by lesbians. Oh, and she is also Creo's 'Sheravy', which is probably the manga's term for 'magic bitch'. Is possibly the only character who isn't actually gay, as she generally doesn't look like she enjoys getting fingered by pretty much the entire female cast.

Suou speaks the truth.

Suou in her natural state.

The titular Crimson Crises, whatever that means. Creo is a magical lesbian from the demon world who apparently has some past connections with Suou. She can use special lesbian magic by using Suou as a magical conduit or something, which is why she calls Suou her sheravy. Dresses in mens' cloths for inadequately explored reasons. Later transfers to Suou's school, where she wets the panties of all of Suou's female classmates.

Don't let her smile fool you Suou! All she wants to do is rape you!

Goddammit, why wasn't my highschool so thoroughly filled with lesbians!?

Suou's best friend, whose concept of friendship includes rape, french kissing and nipple fondling. Obviously doesn't like Creo very much, as she wants to be the first to plow through the Elysian fields of Suou's womanhood. Later sorta befriends Kiki, a lesbian oni.

It's what friends do.

This picture may or may not have been edited.

A lesbian oni, which is apparently the demon world equivalent of a country bumpkin. Was on the run from Creo at the start of the story, but later settles into an uneasy truce with her.

Holy jesus shit, that head is huge!

Suou's sickly older sister. Has a mysterious past with Creo. Is probably a lesbian.

Ok, I lied; Suou is probably a lesbian. And possibly an incestuous one too.

Creo's bodyguard or something, and not so secret admirer. Travels to the human world in search of Creo. The gayest member of a cast full of gays.

Wow you're gay.

And just in case you missed it the first 50 times she said it.

Creo's magical cat thing. Is probably a lesbian.

Gemini's lesbian harem.


One of the things that really impressed me about Creo was it's artwork. Simply put, it's beautiful. Backgrounds are detailed, characters are distinctive, and Suou's eyes are big as hell.

Nudity, lesbian rape and Suou's tears - Life is good.

One thing I wasn't too keen on however, were the sheer size of their heads. Now most anime and manga generally have characters with fairly large heads, but Creo sometimes borders on the absurd. Suou and Kiki in particular look like they have heads that are bigger then their torsos.

What foul secrets lie under that skirt!?


First, I need to get this out of the way; Creo is gay as hell. I know this is a yuri romance manga, but holy shit these girls are gay and horny! I mean I can understand being open about your sexuality, but all these girls ever seem to want to do is munch every rug in a 100 meter radius!

I had to photoshop a nipple out so that anyone reading this at work won't get into trouble; see what I go through for you people!?

But anyway, back to slightly more serious matters; Creo is a surprisingly fun read. Nothing about its story or characters come across as particularly innovative or original, but they are likable enough nonetheless.

Urara brought out the old dildo.

In fact, what really surprised me was the fact that I even liked Suou. As regular readers of my blog will know, I hate whimpering moeblobs with a passion, and Suou is such a wimpy blob of moe that she makes Asahina Mikuru look positively manly by comparison!

Ah Creo - this manga would be nothing without you!

And yet, instead of abhorring her, I'm rather fond of Suou. Mainly because wherever she goes, lesbian sex is sure to follow; and that makes her alright in my books.

Seriously, where can I get these lesbian classmates? I want them!

Ultimately, Creo does not, and probably was never meant to revolutionize manga storytelling. It is however a fun ride through the tropes and cliches of the romance genre that requires little brain power.

So in a sense, I guess you could call it the romance equivalent to Gao Gai Gar. Except instead of courage, you have lesbians. And instead of hot bloodedness, you have more lesbians. And instead of transforming giant robots, you have transforming robot lesbians. Ok, I lied about that part; robot lesbians don't transform.

This is what I do to my female friends too. In unrelated news, they've recently filled a restraining order on me. I can't imagine why.


For those too lazy to read the review, here are my comments and observations in easy to digest, bullet point form;
  • Everyone in this comic is gay as hell.
  • Despite observation #1, I want to see them gay it up ever more; I wanna see lesbian orgies on the street!
  • The best way to get me to like a moeblob is to make other women want to rape her.
  • It would be hilarious if its revealed at the end that Suou is actually straight.
  • I actually would want to watch an anime about transforming robot lesbians.

Creo the Crimson Crises - where consent is optional.

As an aside, I have a question for my female readers; Creo is serialized by Yuri Hime, which is from what I understand, a manga anthology that primarily targets women. Now from a male perspective, the appeal of sexually aggressive lesbians is pretty obvious. What would the appeal be for you girls?


  1. There is no such thing as rape in yuri.
    Anyway, I like yuri a lot, but Creo the Crimson Crises actually is kind of blatant for my tastes, so I never really finished it.

  2. Transforming Super Robot Lesbians or Transforming Real Robot Lesbians?

  3. I have to say, this doesn't strike me as a romantic manga. No more than a porn movie strikes me as a romantic movie, you know?

    Also, because Souo's head is too big, in the first two scans for example, I thought she was the daughter of the other. Her head and the way it's drawn make it seem, when we only see the head, that she's 9, at best.

    Creo and Kiki's faces are _identical_ in the opening shot for each, and both look like Lelouch Lamperouge, with how pointed their chins are, and Ridda doesn't exactly look like a female in all the shots either.

    Romantic? Seriously? :P

  4. As for me, not interested at all, but nice manga art. ^^

  5. this is classified as hentai in my manga dictionary. I have no problem reading such material but too much massive tits, rape and occasional dildo proved to be hazardous for my state of horniness.

  6. I love the SPEED LINES in some of the panels.
    You can never have too much rape in yuri manga.

  7. Hmmm, that's a bit different than most manga I tend to read xD

  8. LOL - usually I don't mind a little yuri, but this seems to be a 24/7 account. Normally any guy would like this, but if it gets too pushy, might as well call it hentai.

    Maybe I get shoot this over to my wife to review - hummmm

  9. The difference between hentai or not is simple:

    Does it happen on-screen or off-screen, so to speak?

    Though to be honest, if it's all about the sex, then even if it doesn't happen on-screen, it's not really really about a lesbian relationship, and is just smut without seeing it, and boring.

  10. So I get it, Moeblob + Yuri is ok? I guess I can't say no to that either >.>;

    I get the robot lesbians part, I wouldn't mind that a single bit, but where is the transforming part coming into play? Perhaps combination robot would be better?

  11. ...Damn, those lesbians makes regular raepist look like a bunch of wussies, with all that frontal attack^^;

    >> Wolfheinrich: Symmetrical docking, eh?

  12. "Now from a male perspective, the appeal of sexually aggressive lesbians is pretty obvious. What would the appeal be for you girls?"

    OMG. Please, Do answer this. I am terribly curious now too! -.-"

  13. I think you'll find its the hair thats huge, not the heads. LOL. Those are some giant heads lol. Giant eyes too, but thats normal for manga lol.
    Yuri... I'd gladly take yuri over yaoi anyday.

  14. @blur: don't be surprise but if I ever want to read it, it is for the same reason as you guys.

  15. @ Yi
    No such thing as rape in yuri!? Being raped is like the entirety of Suou's existence! It's like, she walks to the local store then BOOM! Nipple in her mouth!

    @ Baka-Raptor
    Hmm...tough choice. Real robot lesbians can be mass produced, by super robot lesbians are cooler.

    Still, I think I'm gonna go with real, no matter how awesome the lesbot, it still can't beat an army of transforming lesbian robots.

    @ Guy
    Eh, there's some genuine romance in the manga. It's just not quite as fun to write about as lesbian rape.

    @ Anna
    Hey, you might just like it; you never know =P

    @ klux
    Well, it's just a step away from full blown hentai, so you've definitely got a point there =P

    @ bokunobible
    Speed lines for EPIC lesbian maneuvers.

    @ Anon_Object
    Then you sir, do not read enough lesbian manga!

    @ Bluedrakon
    ...your wife likes lesbians? =P

    @ Wolf
    I know! How bout they can combine AND transform? Like Tenryujin, whom I'm pretty sure was hot for herself.

    @ GunStray
    Damn straight. Never stand in the way of a horny lesbian demon and her moeblob.

    @ Blur
    Heheh, still no answers yet =P

    @ Meimi
    Even so, Suou's eyes are fucking HUGE! They could probably rival fucking Tohra's >_<

  16. Snarky, could you sometimes, maybe as a P.S., also address these other things, so we'd know whether to actually watch the show or not? ;)

  17. Lesbians? Will watch...I mean read. Will read.

  18. So apparently, according to you, we're all communists since none of us put collars on people we love XD

    Gemini: a pussy that likes pussy... Go figure.

    On a serious note: I NEED TO READ THIS NAO!