Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holy hell it's been ages

Attention! To the two people who might actually still care, I, Snark, have returned from the vast sea of obscurity!

And so, let this land be awash with cheering and dancing!


Anyway, so I'm back, it's been months since I've last posted, and for once, I've got a decent reason for that; it looks like I've entered the fabled burn out phase that every anime fan inevitably faces at some point in their life, where they simply don't have the same passion for stupid, big-eyed Japanese cartoons that they once had.

Over the past few months, I have essentially watched close to no anime whatsoever. For a while, I tried to complete Eureka Seven, but then gave up when I realized that I hated Renton, even after character development, and wanted nothing more then to see Eureka get run over by a truck.

But never fear dear readers! That isn't to say I've given up entirely on anime! For you see, rather then watching crap, lately I've been wasting my money on anime related crap of a different variety; childrens' card games.

Over the holidays I had been introduced by a friend to a Japanese TCG (trading card game) known as Weiss Schwarz. To the uninitiated, Weiss Schwarz is a shitty card game where two players command their legions of moe blob characters from shitty moe shows to do moe battle with one another.

Naturally, I was first repulsed by the idea of playing such a moe-fied card game with people who I could only assume were pedophiles. But then, I had an epiphany; this was probably the only avenue where I could beat moefans and not get arrested for it!

And so began my wretched journey into Japanese card games.

In order to make sure I wouldn't be ensnared by the dread tendrils of moe, I made a promise to myself to only play the Manliest cards I had. And so, I present to you, my deck of moe destruction; the Mighty Junpei Deck!

It is with this indomitably masculine deck that I lay waste to all other, lesser, school-girl infested, unmanly decks.

But yeah, aside from Weiss Schwarz, I haven't really been doing anything anime related to be honest.

Luckily, the manga side of things are looking a bit brighter as I've been closely following Legend of Koizumi and Hayate X Blades; both awesome manga that I'll hopefully be reviewing soon.

Overall though, I've been going very light on anime and manga in the past few months. Coincidentally enough however, my interest in pro wrestling has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance, with me watching a lot more of the WWE as well as independent promotions such as Ring of Honor and Shimmer.

So if anyone is curious about what I've really been spending my time on lately, I've been hunting down videos of the now sadly retired Rebbecca Knox.

In closing, I figured I might as well address something; some of y'all may be wondering how the hell I transitioned from anime to something so disparate as wrestling. Well...LuFisto here may help answer that;