Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something is rotton in the state of Jiiha

Look at the picture above. Something is wrong with it.

Can you tell me what it is?

The less perceptive amongst you might have said that Kamina is a woman. No. That is not what is wrong with this picture.

For generations, fans have drawn their favourite characters in the opposite gender, presumebly to satisfy some strange sexual fantasies.

No, this is a far more fundamental breach of universal laws;

Girl Kamina is hot.

Kamina is the manliest man in the history of manhood. This is a man so manly, that any other man in a 5 kilometre radius of him will instantly turn into women, so that the universe wouldn't be completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of masculinity and implode into a new point of singularity, specifically at where Kamina stood.

So then, the ultimate question must be asked; why is this finest specimen of manhood, this Hercules made flesh, this shining piller of what it is to have a penis between one's legs, so utterly and completely desireble as a woman?

I realize that other characters have often been feminized, and quite effectively too. However, most anime males are feminine looking girly men who probably already more developed mammary glands then they do prostates. For them, the transition is not so bizarre, some might even find it rather natural.

In Kamina's case however, he is such a walking definition of 'Man' that not even the sight of a hundred Hulk Hogans in evening gowns would be a suitable real life equivalant to this defiance of natural order.

And yet, despite all this, if I was a cartoon character, I would totally bone Girl Kamina.

My mind is blown.


  1. Last pic! My eyes!!!! noooo :P

  2. @ Acesan
    At least it's just your eyes. My entire brain has disintegrated into a hollow husk of a skull...

  3. ... I would totally run with pic3... No question.

    And if you replace every mention of Manlyness from Kamina's mouth with Humanity, or some such, it works...

    And imagine a Kamina PMS... God would hide and Chuck Norris would wet himself...

  4. Please erase my drawing ( or at least give me credit.