Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So who is this asshole behind Taikutsu Remedy?

So I was reading Phossil's recent autobiographical post about himself, and I figured I'd follow suit and write up a post about me. I do this for two reasons. Firstly, the profile feature on blogspot sucks. And more importantly, I get off over talking incessantly about myself.

So here we go!

A Short History of Me
My name is Seb, and I live in Sydney. I've been into anime for an assload of time, though on a rather on/off basis. My first anime was UFO Robo Grendizer, which I suspect, gives me mad old school brownie points.

Brownie points.

Sadly however, Grendizer would not be followed by any other titles for quite a few years. It was only during my primary school years, during the height of the Pokemon craze, that I would watch anime again.

And somewhat unsurprisingly, it would be some time more before I saw any other titles. Nonetheless, with the advent of cable TV which came about during my early high school days, I was introduced to shows such as Sakura Taisen, You're Under Arrest, and a show whose name I've forgotten, about a school that transformed into a giant robot. This was the period in which my anime fandom would begin in earnest.

Over the years, a considerable number of titles such as Ghost in the Shell, .Hack//Sign, Excel Saga, Noir and others. However, anime hit another lull in my life as I spent my later high school years in a traditional boarding school, where internet access was severely limited, and where no dvd stores were in any reasonable distance. It was during this time that my interest in anime essentially dwindled to nonexistence.

My favourite .Hack//Sign character, Silver Knight. Mainly because he was a douchebag.

Fast forward to last September 2008, where my friends Seth, Gabby, Bridget and James invited me to attend the 2008 Sydney Animania with them. Now despite having zero interest in anime by this point, I decided that I may as well go along with the ride.

Me at Sydney Animania 08. Earning my title of World's Most Dedicated Cosplayer. (Note the sexy Kamina in the background)

Long story short; Animania was fucking awesome and reignited all the love of anime that I probably had bottled up inside me over the years.

Since then, I've watched a metric assload of anime both old and new, with standouts including Gurren Lagann, Ouran High School Host Club, Re: Cutey Honey, Dancouga Nova, Martian Succersor Nadesico, Bamboo Blade and many, many more.

Dancouga Nova featured a giant robot piloted by a crazy hotblooded chick, what more could I ask for?

And that brings us to this blog. It was after Animania that I started viewing anime blogs round the blogosphere. During this time, I came to a certain realization; that the blogs out there were missing a certain...something. And that something, was sarcasm, hatred, and self loathing. Which is what Taikutsu Remedy aims to offer it's readers.

So What am I Like?

Two words best describe me; arrogant, and asshole. Also, people who know me in real life will attest to the fact that I take great pleasure in reminding people of my genius level IQ of 180.

If I was an anime character, I'd be this guy. Except with a better haircut. And a better obsession then card games. Possibly bukkake porn.

My natural state is anger, and I do not exaggerate when I say I am driven by hate. Almost everything I do is motivated by hatred of something. For instance, as a university student, I push myself to study hard not because I want to do as well as I can do, but because I hate the thought of people dumber then me getting better marks then me.

Also, I swear a lot. Moreso in real life then in my blog. Generally, if I swear at you, it means I like you. Or at least don't hate you. As a general rule, I call all my female friends 'bitch', and all my male friends, 'slut'.

Aside from that, I am also a strong supporter of equal gender rights. I describe myself as both a feminist, and one who supports men's rights as well (apparently the term is Masculinist, but I refuse to call myself that until the term is rebranded with a cooler name. Might I suggest, 'Asskicker').

I also tend to support other socially liberal causes, ranging from more conventional ones such as gay marriage, to the more controversial such as the legalization of incestuous marriage and sexual intercourse between consenting adults.

And this seems to come as a surprise to most people, but I am a practising Catholic (most people assume that I'm an Atheist or Agnostic, which to be fair, I was for some time). My personal philosophy is that if God is the omnipotent, omniscient creator of everything, s/he/it probably has better things to do then stress about what kind of holes I put my dick into.

Should I ever lose my belief in God, I would be quite happy to believe in this MAN. It would, after all, be reciprocal.

Anime That Gets Me Hard

In no particular order, here are my five favourite animes:
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Dancouga Nova
  • Excel Saga
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • GaoGaiGar
There is a slight pattern that binds my favourites together. But it's a rather subtle connection, and I suspect that only the most observant of you would notice it. (Hint: it involves giant fucking robots. You could say, SUPER robots)

A hotblooded giant robot of a MAN.

Manga That Gets Me Hard

Again in no particular order:
  • Suikoden III
  • Sgt. Frog
  • Immortal Rain
  • Genshiken
  • Yozakura Quartet
  • Yotsubato!
Anime Related Likes and Dislikes

I am an ardent lover of three things; porn, super robots and english dubs.

I adamantly defend the English dubbing industry and greatly respect the oftentimes excellent work that they do.

Similarly, I greatly admire the porn industry, and the excellent work that they do. However, I realize the ethically questionable nature of pornography and do keep that in mind. Generally however, I have no problem as long as all involved are doing it of their own free will, and are not being taken advantage of.

As for super robots, c'mon! They're giant fucking robots with crazy ass powers! What's not to like!?

Now as for things I dislike; certain subsets of the sub favouring fan community, moe and those stupid shy girls who keep popping up in anime.

One of the easiest ways to piss me off and earn my ire is to suggest that true anime fans only watch subs, whereas it's only anime newbs who prefer dubs. Seriously, aside from being a fucking retarded opinion with about as much merit as a steaming pile of horseshit, it also makes you look like an elitist dickweed; another subset of people who need to be kicked in the face.

The guy on the receiving end of this tried to claim that English dubbing was inherently inferior.

And yes, I am an ardent hater of moe. Honestly, I don't understand as to how that shit appeals to people. I find it at best, stupid and cheesy, and at worst, just fucking sexist.

A specific subset of moe that I hate are what's known as Yamato Nadeshiko; the ideal Japanese woman. Apparently in Japan, the ideal woman is a fucking footstool with all the drive and ambition of a worker ant whose sole duty in life is to look pretty and cook good tasting shit for her husband. I'm sorry, cultural sensitivity can go fuck itself at this point; this is nothing but fucking chauvinism.

So let's get this straight; Shizuka is like fucking five times smarter then Nobita. So after they get married...she becomes a housewife, and Nobita the sole breadwinner. What the fuck? What the bleeding, mind bending fuck?

My Ideal Anime Woman

Now I've always been a fan of action girls, and anime is chuckfull with kickass warrior women such as Elle Ragu, Subaru Nakajima and Matoko Kusanagi.

But if I ever had to pick one lady of anime to declare my undying love to, it would be Katina Tarask of Super Robot Wars. For one thing, she and I share very similar personalities; we only have two moods, angry, and very angry.

Also, she's everything I would want in a woman; hot blooded and piloting a giant robot.

What more could I possibly want?

So yeah, this is me in a nutshell. If anyone would ever want to meet me in real life (I can't imagine why), chances are good that you'll see me round whatever anime conventions are happening round Sydney.

As an aside, if I ever were to have a theme song to my life, it would be this:


  1. Blogger profile is terrible. Anyway, for being a short story of you I think you did very well. Interesting combination of an IQ of 180 and anger.

    That reminds me of watching Pokemon too. I even did know the name of almost 250 of those little monters.

  2. Hi seb, you are no fan of dragonball?

  3. Wow that's a pretty concise autobiography lol~

    Interesting... XD

  4. LOL you're so amusing.

    it's funny that I never see the traits you emphasized about yourself, like being angry and such, hahaha. dunno, just thought you are more like that hajime saito ya know? sarcastic but deadly, mmmmmmm.


    THANK GOD your ideal anime girl is NOT Asuka. as much as how appealing her robot n costume is, I REALLY DISLIKE HER AS A CHARACTER.

    as for ideal anime soulmate, if I were a guy, oddly, it will be ayanami rei. that is so...hjhjhh huh. LOL

    also, I recently have no interest in doing an autobiographical post about myself. except if it's livejournal, heh.

  5. This post really tells a lot about yourself. I'm more of a fan of Macross, Gundam and knight fantasy. Not to mention Hentai with good drawing and plot. Hee! Hee!

  6. seb!!! YOU FORGOT A MOOD!!!


    as everyone here would know it is one of your more regular moods if not as frequent as your angry ones.
    also i would like to make an honourable mention to the words i have heard come out of his mouth the most times.

    fuck you!

    p.s. this post may seem rather aimless and pointedly not going anywhere. yeah. bye

  7. sorry to bump your post again but i must say...

    WATCH STAR TREK!!!!!!! (yup, the remake, new one)

    it's even geekier than transformers HAHAHAHA. gawd, I just dunno who to fanboy with );

  8. I kinda miss the inevitable "I have a Giant Penis and rock your socks" gag.
    So your names Seb?I think my greatest fear has become true and we share the same first name.

    While i cant agree with everything im happy that you are one of the few fellas out there who isnt totally brainwashed into a moe addicted Otaku.

    Excel Saga is in your Top 5? Let me hug you and let you touch my nonexisting moobs

  9. Man, you and phossil might be starting a trend now... I feel like doing a biography thing too now. Hmm, do I really want to do an essay though? Meh, we'll see. Good to know the person behind the blog after all this time. I think you were one of the first person to comment on my blog :D

  10. Yo asshole. We need to meet up. I share many personalities with ya minus the giant robots and moe but I understand where ur coming from. xD

    It's cool that ur open and free to speak out. High five slut. xD

  11. @ Phossil
    Heheh, I'm pretty sure there are other people out there with anger proportional to their IQ scores =P

    And holy shit, how the fuck did you manage to remember all those names??

    @ Leon
    Well, liked it when I was younger. But honestly, I wouldn't even think of rewatching it any time soon... -_-

    @ Coeli
    Ha! Fear my biography and it's conciseness!

    @ Anna
    Woot! Fellow worshiper of Kamina! We bow before the God of MAN!

    Yeah, for some reason I never really liked Asuka all that much...she seemed kinda bitchy -_- Jung Freud from Gunbuster is kinda similar to her, but much more awesome

    What!? Geekier then Transformers!? HOW CAN THIS BE!?!?!?

    @ Katsuden
    What!? Hentai with plots exist???

    @ Sneth
    Bah! Rantings not a mood bitch!

    @ Blowfish
    So...you are a fellow Seb?

    Oh holy shit.

    I'm sorry, but I have no choice but to kill you and absorb your powers.

    @ Lightning
    Haha! You should do one! It's fun! Was I among the first to comment on your blog?? Kinda surprising given the metric fuckload of comments your posts get O.o

    @ Optic
    I know! Are you going to SMASH!? I'm thinking of trying to organize some get together with as many Sydney anime bloggers as I can for that.

  12. So, we are the pioneers of Kamina-ism, huh? ^^

    LOL Phew. If there is another character to punch (slap is not my style) aside Shinji, it would be Asuka for me. XD; CLENCH YOUR TEETH, BRATS!!

    But Star Trek has always been geekier than Transformers, that's why I recommended you to watch. The same screenplay ppl also did TF, so yeah, that's why they're so awesome for maintaining the ORIGINAL generation while giving modernized epicness.

    LIVE LONG & PROSPER XDDDDD *does the infamous Jewish/Spock hand sign*

  13. Ooooo that makes me wanna do one..... Auuuu... maybe later after I've done with SUP and GA.

  14. I might do one of these type of things eventaully and put it on my about us page or something. I like your attitude, I'm quit the pissed off asshole myself, but I keep it locked inside when it comes to my blog, so far at least. I must admit, I don't know where to begin on Giant Robot anime, but if it's any credit to myself Gurren Lagann is one of the best anime of all time. I don't share your intense hatred of moe, but I totally agree with hating the stereotype connection of how women are just housewives and can't be gar. As much as I like some moe girls, I also love me a bad-ass woman who kills the stereotype. I need a healthy dose of your blog to remind me that life isn't all moe moe shit.

  15. I know theres a new serialisation, I noticed when I checked earlier today lol. Has yet to be scanilated though.

    lol, while I'm rewatching I'll keep an eye/ear out to see if she does mention the height regularly. (Though every 15 minutes would only be once an ep lol, not too much.)

  16. Maybe someday, when I don't have some weird project that going on in my head, lol. Well when I just started I didn't get many comments, so I kinda remember the people who leaves one. "Metric fuckload of comments"? *Goes to check comments*. Ah well there's a few, I suppose ^^; Some of them are my own after all XD

  17. I should have discovered this earlier!

    Inspired me to redo my profile, though not as aweinspiring as yours!

  18. Was indeed nice meeting you at Adun's lunch! ...even though I missed out on it ;_;


    thank you for creating such a blog so damn great i forgot what i was supposed to do right now. AW YEAH. i have to go and wipe my MELTED FACE of my keyboard now- ahh the screens getting to bright too look at, too much win D: *turns away and puts head down in shame for not being able to handle it*

  20. Yay, more people for me to worship Kamina with.

  21. Hey, I was wondering if you'd like to do a link exchange?

  22. So you'd fuck your sister and/or brother? Genius Catholic my white ass.

    Nothing's going to stop me from seeing the third foot growing out of your child's groin, though. That'd be better than the 5-buck entry Chupacabra exhibit at the County Fair.