Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Rant Regarding Them Gay Folk - Thank God I'm Not American

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for a legal/semi-political rant.

Those of you who follow American politics might have heard about the recent case of the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favour of gay marriage who were voted out of court by their fellow Iowans a few days ago.

This is balls crunchingly ridiculous.

Now before you moral guardians out there get on my case, my revulsion with this whole affair has nothing to do with gay marriage. For the record, yes, I do believe gay people have just as much right to be miserable as straight people. But that is not the issue here. Before I am a social liberal, I am both a positivist and a Dixonian legalist; part of what this entails is that I believe the rule of law must stand, regardless of any moral issues I may have with it.

My contention here is that America is the only country I've ever heard of where people vote for judges.

This is insane!

The judiciary is the last sanctuary from politics and special interests. It's very existence hinges on judges being able to make rulings without having to look over their backs to see if they've pissed off anyone. Similarly, the entire reason judges are appointed and not elected are so to keep the judiciary free (or as free as possible) of politics.

As I've mentioned prior, I'm a pretty big fan of the separation of powers. And to see one of the three arms of government metaphorically anally violated like that is kinda depressing.

Anyway, I think I need to veer this blog back into the realm of anime before Taikutsu Remedy gets renamed into Activism Remedy, so uh...dakimakuras suck. Go sleep on normal pillows. Yeah.


  1. "America"
    Did you mean USia, aka Kwa, aka Retardo Land ? There are dozens of countries in Americas, you uneducated buffoon.

    "the only country I've ever heard of where people vote for judges."
    On the other hand, many nations have jury courts which is equally ridiculous, and only serves that "people rule" delusion, while pushing JUSTICE further back.

  2. karry is gay.

    States fuck around too much. For example, California only requires a simple majority to amend its state constitution. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a constitution to subject it to the whims of the majority. However, the American take on federalism is to allow the states to fuck around as much as they want as long as they don't interfere with federal law, and thankfully federal judges have lifetime appointments. It usually works out, though some do get screwed in the process.

    In conclusion, karry is gay.

  3. As an Iowan, I can kind of explain the situation. Basically, every 8 years after being appointed (by panel, NOT by voting) judges in office in Iowa go under public "retention votes". They usually get retained, with the only people voting against them being a few crazies who think that judges need term limits.

    However, this time, a bitter anti-gay-marriage politician named Vander Plaats who tried to get the Republican gubernatorial nomination but failed because his disgusting single-issue campaign, suggesting that he could make executive orders to go over the judges' heads and re-ban gay marriage (yeah, he'd be going to jail if he tried that in America) pissed off even the Republicans enough for him to be defeated in the primaries despite his fanatic following and decided to get revenge. (Yeah, that was really long-winded, but I hate this guy)

    He started this big campaign trying to vote them out for "judicial activism" and raised almost a million dollars, most of it from out-of-state sources of a similar mind (which is probably the most disgusting part of all of it). Some groups formed to go against him, but they didn't raise nearly enough money to get the apathetic young voters out - they had a really bad turnout this election for some reason.

    My only relief was that despite this it was a fairly close vote and that voting them out will do absolutely nothing in the long run (that is, as long as this crazy running-a-campaign-against-the-judges doesn't happen again), especially since only 3 of the 7 judges were up for retention and the pro-gay marriage decision was unanimous.

  4. Agreed there has been way too much citizen involvement in everything regarding gay marriage. Leave it to the courts, and leave the courts alone.
    Also pretty much agreed with Baka-Raptor. Most states have done pretty much everything they can to not make gay marriage have legal standing. CA even put it to a popular vote with its stupid Props. Seriously, human rights issue determined by a simple majority?! Imagine they do that for civil rights, women's suffrage... etc.
    Good thing we still have the courts... kind of. It should be the thing that keeps things right, but people still find ways to mess with it.

  5. I recently had a verbal dispute with a friend who turned gay recently. Not because he's gay, but because he's a fucking pussy.

    I always thought that marriage was a religious thing, and never knew why courts ever got involved. Everyone's stupid. I'm moving to Antarctica.

  6. LOL I am never into politics or this stuff. (I'm so sorry I can't use any right words too)

    But even if I'm not into it, it's always interesting to at least know a it about it, like reading what you have to say. :)

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  10. Hi, I am owner of Internet connection. Line I like mostly is, what on earth are the last few posts and how on earth do you attract such bots?

    Anyways, politics are a good break from exams... I wonder if we would be as pissed off if we completely understood the situation (like anonymous above I think?).

    At least they don't have bumper stickers all over the state like here in Tasmania :/ The catchphrase is "Explore the Corruption". Yay.

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