Monday, November 3, 2008

Enjoyeble Ass...?

Ass - Enjoy it

Amongst my vast and varried arsenel of blogging tools is Google Analytics, which I use to keep track of visits to my blog, and most importantly; find out if anyone actually reads this shit.

Anyway, I decided to look at where most visits were coming from, and unsuprisingly they came from blogging referrel sites. However, few hits ever came from google searches, though one in particular stood out; a single hit, from the seach, "Enjoyeble Ass".

Enjoyeble Ass.

I kid you not.

I can only imagine what the fuck enjoyeble ass is. But more importantly, what the bleeding shits does it have to do with a blog about anime???

Who the hell decided to look up enjoyeble ass in the first place? And for what demented reason did he see Taikutsu Remedy and think to himself, "Ah! This ass looks quite enjoyeble!"?

Perhaps if we gathered a conclave of the 20 most brilliant minds in human history, they might be able to work out a connection, so complex that it would melt a lesser mind in trying to comprehend it's magnificence. I however, must simply stare in bewilderment.

I would write more, but quite frankly, my mind has been so wrecked in trying to figure this out, that language and all other forms of communication fail me.

So in closing, always remember; enjoy ass.


  1. Enjoyeble your blog hits from image searches. You usually get the weirdest shizzles from them.

  2. @ Panther

    Heh, so it would seem...still, enjoyeble ass was an odd one =P

  3. Sorry, that was me. I needed something enjoyeable to do...

    ... just kidding

  4. Well...I hope you enjoyed it...whichever way that may be.


  5. look on the bright side, ur getting great hits. xD
    the classic one i got in one of my searches was "what's an optic?" lol

  6. @ Optic
    Heheh, guess that's a more positive way of looking at it =P

  7. Ever played the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game? One of the available commands is "enjoy." It's only needed to get through the Vogon poetry session, but it can be used elsewhere to...interesting effect.

  8. Ass enjoyed!

    When it comes to the rumps, nothing beats a well-detailed rendering of some luscious, youthful pooper. I like when they go into so much nut and bolt detail that every little fold in clothing sticking to orifices and stuck up in cracks is represented with flawless relief! xD

    Seriously, Japanophiles get off on some funky stuff! It never ceases to amaze me! All the most insanely dedicated nerds to be conceived gather round every day to animate their take on the festival-worthy goodness of high-quality hiney. When we see all the buxom beauties baring their barely-clothed bottoms, it makes all the agony in life worth while.

    Let us wave the flag of ass, my good people!