Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Katawa Shoujo - Cripple Fucking

Now I realize this isn't particularly recent news, but in the off chance you live under a rock and haven't heard of this yet, I would like to tell you about a little doujin game in the works called Katawa Shoujo.

In a nutshell; it's a porn game with cripples.

Ok, I'm sorry, that was rude of me. Let me try that again;

It's a porn game with 'differently abled' people. i.e. cripples.

To be honest, I am in two minds about this. The hippie in me thinks this can be a poignant and challenging experience, allowing the player to interact and emphatise with characters and situations that the player themself had never experienced before.

If that is the case, it could be quite an eye opener for some, and may yet fulfill my lifetime dream of seeing porn elevated to the status of art. My more cynical side however, thinks this may turn out to be a game about fucking chicks and then ejaculating over their deformed body parts and getting off over it.

Set in the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled children, you play some dude named Hisao Nakai, a kid suffering from a serious heart defect. From there, he meets new friends and gets to fuck a bunch of hot cripples. I don't my opinion, if you have a weak heart, the last thing you'd want to do is to get into a heart pounding situation, like say, hot, passionate sex.


Hisao Nakai
The new kid in school. Seems to be a fairly typical visual novel protagonist except for the fact he's got a heart condition.

Fear his anime blandness

Emi Ibarazaki
The typical overtly cheerful genki girl that infests like every anime, manga and hentai in none existence. Amputated from knee down following a horrible accident, she seems to be taking a page from that amputee sprinter guy who wanted to qualify for the Olympics, and has joined the track team. Unlike some of the other characters, she generally views her condition as a blessing.

"Waaaa, sugoi! Kawaii!!" Ugh, shut the fuck up.

Hanako Ikezawa
The quiet, reclusive girl. Lost her father to a house fire, which also permanently disfigured her. Best friends with Lilly, the refined girl.

You got nothin' on Dr. Blight, girl.

Lilly Satou
Impeccably classy and refined. Lilly is best friends with Hanako, and in contrast to her reclusive companion, is caring, responsible and friendly. Also, she's blind.

God I hate this, I'm filled to the brim with captions to use, but I don't know if they cross the line or not.

Rin Tezuka
The pretentious, quasi philosopher of the cast. Suffered from a severe birth defect that left her with tiny stumps for arms.

Is it just me, or does she look deadset like a red headed Fuuka from Persona 3?

Shizune Hakamichi
Strong willed and forceful, she generally has more balls then anyone else in the room, men included. A born leader, she does however have a little trouble communicating, being deaf and mute and all.

According to the game info, a close friend of hers acts as an interpreter for Shizune. That should make for interesting sex scenes.

Well now that's out of the way, let's explore Hippie-Me's opinion more thoroughly. Disabled people are a woeful minority in all forms of media. When they do appear, it's generally in two forms; where they and their disability is the subject of the piece, or where they are the wheelchair-bound politically correct poster girl.

In that sense, it may seem that Katawa Shoujo is much the same; the premise in a nutshell is a hentai game with disabled people. However, I think it is the hentai portion of the game that may actually allow this game to transcend other works featuring disabilities.

By allowing the player to engage in sex with these characters; they become a symbol of lust, desire and maybe even love. Most of us see disabled people in a sympathetic light, and in doing so, consciously or otherwise, we place them at a lower status then ourselves. One thing I've noticed is our propensity to mutter, "poor thing," or something along those lines. Which from what I've been told by some friends who are disabled, is utterly insulting and condescending.

With Katawa Shoujo however, whilst these characters are disabled, they are nevertheless desirable. I believe this levels the playing field, in that they are no longer seen as helpless, childlike and deserving of sympathy. Instead, these girls are seen as women who the player would like to establish a romantic relationship with, and this allows the game to both acknowledge their disabilities whilst not letting it define them.

If the game successfully manages this, I think it would be a wonderful achievement of storytelling. Furthermore, it will help to humanise a group of people who too often are left in the shadows of mainstream media. And for what it's worth, any game that manages to do that, is a wonderful thing.

Well, that was Hippie-Me talking. Personally, I hope Hippie-Me is right, but then again, Hippie-Me also smokes weed and masturbates to whale-songs.

Cynical-Me however, thinks the games nothing more then a lame attempt at appealing to some fucked up fetish. Personally, I've never really fantasized about banging a hot chick while her 20cm long stumps-for-arms flail about in the throes of ecstasy, but you never know, someone out there might find that hot.

Pictures and general information taken from

Note 2:
Just in case I came off as too negative (as I often do), I would like to clarify that as a whole, I am impressed by the premise of this game and really do hope it will live up to Hippie-Me's expectations.


  1. dare i ask where you source all this from?
    and what inspires you to find those sources in the first place?
    World Beware! SNARK IS ON THE LOSE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, this is an interesting anime that I would like to check out.

    About the link exchange, let's do it! I've added you to my friends list.

    Btw, I tried using the web message thing on your sidebar but it said "Error loading message". Not sure if it's just me.

  3. @ Snethx
    Bah! My sources are completely pg! I found it while going through other anime blogs!

    @ Colour Wheelz
    It's a game, not an anime =P

    But yeah, the stupid shoutbox doesn't always load up properly for some reason >_>

  4. Sounds kind of interesting, may have to check that game out, I'm a fan of eroge, but not sure about cripples, I will just have to see it for myself I guess.:)

    And thank you for the comment on my blog about Dolfie Saber,also.:)

  5. @ Riiana Doon
    Heheh, it's kinda the opposite for me; I'm not really big on eroge, but the concept is intriguing enough for me to want to try it =P

  6. Oh Finally able to comment. Anyways, that some porn game. I don't recommend that. LOL

  7. @ Andrei-kun
    Heheh, it might not sound all that appealing, but I'm still gonna try it once it's out. As I've written, I've got great hope in the games potential to humanise disabled characters, and for that reason alone, I will trudge through the drugery that is porn games!

  8. I like the burnt girl (hair over face is hawt) and in terms of which one is least phsyically disfigured, the blind one or the deaf one. THough you can communicate easier with the blind one. Am I evil for actually thinking seriously about the concept?

  9. @ Acesan
    Hmm, if I really do end up playing this game, I'd probably go for Rin, the armless girl. Though I'm rather curious on how the game will play out for Shizune, the deaf and mute girl. Should be interesting ^^

  10. O_O

    Dude.... You really do find some pretty 'interesting' anime's/ games.....

  11. @ Bridgey

    Hey, it's more fun then the boring stuff now ain't it? ;)

  12. This game seams like...
    spciy mustard
    Its great but you get to greedy and glob it on with 8 million games like it is going to turn in to some cultural sexuality fad...

    jokeing, ill probably pick it up.

  13. Uhmmm.... I like the way the Hippy you is thinking. Sex bringing people to equal ground :) Any more developement from this? What are the Japanese community's reactions?

  14. As an one of the editors working on the game, I'd like to just say that Synical-You has very little to fear. It may not be as happy sunshine roses and candy as Hippy You wants, but it'll be way the hell more like that than the other.

  15. @ J Hicks

    Heh, yeah, it should be worth picking up. Definitely more interesting then most porn games.

    @ Anon

    To be honest, I haven't been following Katawa Shoujo's development that closely, so I'm not too sure.

    But yeah, hopefully KS turns out deeper and more meaningful then the usual trash that the porn game industry is so fond of producing.

  16. There was a piture on an imageboard someone had made about a game he would play if it existed. The people on the imageboard saw it and decided to try their hand at making it.

    It's a visual novel love story, not some cheap porn game.

  17. Um brasileiro revoltado com uma arma !

  18. Fuck me dead! I lol'd so much!

    I mean, holy shit! Who would make this? A genius! Something along the lines of boning cripples is a surefire hit. The idea is really simple. When you have someone that is "differently abled", they have a harder time getting away from you. A chick with malformed stumps for limbs can't do much to resist your onslaught of perverse desires. A deaf mute can't call out for help. A blind girl is just all around fucked. So, with the production of this sort of media, a cash cow is born.

    Next we'll have players lurking in graveyards to dig up some fresh, recently deceased lolis! I'll be sure to preorder it! ;D

  19. Did you try this? it sound interesting but i need more reviews about it., i heard that bible black have also a game, and it quite popular.

  20. You do realise it is a game driven by a well thought out plot and excellent character development, there are basically no H scenes and when there are they are understated and tasteful

  21. Lol, worst review ever? I played this VN for the story in teh first place, and while i pretty much hate almost everything hentai and anime related, this story was beautiful, and most of all very well written. This VN isn't about cripple porn at all. It's about dealing with your problems and overcome then, and about not having prejudices. Hell, if there's one anime related product out there that i would recommend my motehr to play, it would be this. Excellent VN, most terrible review ever written, even if it's made back in 2008.